PS293 : Down-for-the-Count Deoxys
FireRed & LeafGreen arc
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Mewtwo and Mew Too
End of the Illusion
Mirage is Far Away
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 294 in Vol. 25
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 294 in Vol. 25
Series Pokémon Adventures

Mewtwo and Mew Too is the 294th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 27th chapter of the FireRed & LeafGreen arc. It is subtitled End of the Illusion (Japanese: 幻は最果てに Mirage is Far Away) in the VIZ Media translation.


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Ultima reveals the Old Sea Map she stole from the Trainer Tower. While the Sailor looks for Blue and Green, Ultima decides to call a friend of hers that has been looking for the map. Ultima digs in her sleeve for a phone, but she immediately causes it to rip, dropping a large number of stolen items onto the ground. After stuffing the items into her other sleeve, Ultima calls Mr. Briney on her Pokégear.

She tells him that she found the Old Sea Map, but he tells her that he has already made it to Faraway Island. Briney tells Ultima that she should have told him ten days earlier, as he found it after a long search. Ultima asks if he managed to find the phantom Pokémon, Mew. Briney said that he did, but they startled it and caused it to run away. Lorelei, who was listening in on the conversation, asks if everything she heard was correct. Ultima states that she is, and that Mr. Briney is just a has-been who was appointed captain by a mistake. This angers Briney, who notes that the both of them are the same age.

When Ultima asks if he is going try and capture Mew again, Mr. Briney notes that they managed to track its energy and know where it will go next. According to his radar, Mr. Briney reveals that Mew is currently passing over the Sevii Islands and will reach the Kanto mainland soon. The Sailor comes out of the tower with Blue, Green, and Professor Oak.

On the Team Rocket airship, Red tries to get Mewtwo to get back up. Deoxys prepares a Psycho Boost and fires it. Mewtwo jumps in the way of the attack, damaging it and knocking Red backwards. The attack sends Mewtwo flying towards a wall. Red tries to send his team out to battle, but Mewtwo reminds him that it's a one-on-one battle. Mewtwo states that if they break the rule, the battle will be meaningless regardless of whether they win or not.

Mewtwo states that it can still fight and manages to get back up. Mewtwo weakly throws a punch, which Deoxys retaliates by kneeing Mewtwo in the stomach. Deoxys continues attacking Mewtwo relentlessly. Giovanni tells Red that he has no choice but to surrender. Red states that although he knows that Deoxys is stronger because its team-uped with Giovanni, he cannot back down until he stops Giovanni and finds out why Deoxys causes the pain in his chest. Red begins running towards Giovanni and claims that he will never surrender. Elsewhere, Blue, Green, Professor Oak, Ultima, Lorelei, and Green's parents sail on a boat while Mew flies past them.

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PS293 : Down-for-the-Count Deoxys
FireRed & LeafGreen arc
PS295 : Double Down Deoxys
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