The Last Battle IX
The Last Battle IX
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 14
Round number 175
Location Magnet Train
Previous Round The Last Battle VIII
Next Round The Last Battle X

The Last Battle IX (Japanese: 最終決戦IX The Last Battle IX) is the 175th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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On the three carriages of the Magnet Train that are accelerating towards a dead end, Chuck, Jasmine, Janine, and Sabrina, along with Clair after she had battled Blaine, continue to fend off Team Rocket grunts. Blue, along with Erika and Brock, are in the driver's cab. They panic as they can do nothing about the out-of-control train.

Suddenly, someone appears on the tracks, sending out his Snorlax. Snorlax pushes against the train with all its might, sending it to an abrupt stop right at the dead end. The Gym Leaders look outside to see Red, equipped with all three of the fully-evolved Kanto starters. Blue jumps off the train to join his former rival, who is fully-healed. Red explains to Erika that he followed the direction of the spoon left to him by Sabrina. Erika tries to find Misty, only to realize she had been on the other half of the train which went back to the Indigo Plateau.

Blue suggests heading back there immediately. Chuck, peeking out from one of the train doors, tells Blue that he and the other Gym Leaders will also be at the Indigo Plateau once all remaining enemies in the train are eliminated. With that, he wishes Blue luck. Blue sends out his newly-trained Rhydon to burrow underground to reach their destination, because the enemy may still have laid traps above ground. Before they do so, Erika lends Red her Pokégear after finding out that Red doesn't have one.

Rhydon starts spinning its drill to burrow underground. Just as it starts to burrow across, the spoon that Red is holding changes direction. Blue decides to follow the spoon's direction. As Rhydon continues to drill through, Red and Blue find that they are heading to the Ilex Forest. They then notice a presence behind them.

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