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Yellow arc
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Double Dragonair
VS カイリュー
VS Kairyu
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 86 in Vol. 7
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 46 in Lance's Charge
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 86 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Cerise Island

Double Dragonair (Japanese: VS カイリュー VS Kairyu) is the 86th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Lance tries to push Yellow into the lava, flying overhead on his Dragonite just in time to see Pika save Yellow with its surfboard. They then use Surf to move through the lava. Lance's Dragonite flies closely to Yellow and Pika in order to read its thoughts, revealing that both Pika and Yellow grew up in Viridian Forest. Angrily, Pika fires off an attack at Lance, but Lance counters with a powerful Hyper Beam, taunting it while also revealing that he too came from Viridian Forest. After realizing that Lance not only came from the same place, but also has the same power as her, Yellow tells Pika to use Thunderbolt on Lance's Dragonite, while Lance commands Dragonite to use another Hyper Beam. Pika's ability to hold its own against Dragonite causes Lance to admit that Yellow is a good opponent despite her age. He also reveals that he has used four of the powers of his Dragonair: one for travel, one for reflecting attacks, one to control the weather, and one to fight. Normally, he only has to use the first and second ones with the third one being saved for stronger opponents. After his reveal, he decides to go at her with full power.

Yellow, unable to stand up against Dragonite's attack any longer, remembers Blaine's advice to watch Mewtwo's battle and decides to imitate its fighting style. She runs into the lava, instead of continuing to attack Lance. Instead of an escape attempt, however, she has led Lance into a trap. She uses Pika's ability to surf in order to create a whirlpool around Lance, attempting to trap him inside. She demands that he surrender and that he promises never to attack people again, but Lance uses Dragonite to fly through the lava, seemingly alarmed, and he rams into Yellow and Pika. Yellow and Pika land safely, but Lance is nowhere to be found.

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PS085 : Gimme Shellder
Yellow arc
PS087 : Rhyhorn Rising
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