Draggin' In Dragonair
VS Ptera II
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 7
Round number 80
Location Cerise Island
Previous Round Airing Out Aerodactyl
Next Round Aerodactyl Redux

Draggin' In Dragonair (Japanese: VSプテラII VS Ptera II) is the 80th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Blaine orders Mewtwo to lift off the barrier, and Yellow find themselves charging towards Lance and Aerodactyl in the form of an energy ball. Mewtwo thrusts its arms forward all of a sudden, and knocks Lance off Aerodactyl with a blast of psychic power. Lance lands on the ground, releases his two Dragonair and orders them to summon a combined thunderstorm. The Dragonair spin the turbulent currents around with an Agility.

Blaine tells them that Dragonair are one of the rare species that can change the weather, and says Lance has reinforced the effect by using two Dragonair with different climatic abilities. The Cinnabar Gym Leader tells Yellow to stay strong, as he is going to remove the barrier to unleash their counterattack, and the young Trainer climbs onto the shoulder of Mewtwo. Lance laughs at Mewtwo's foolish choice of removing the barrier, and orders his Dragonair to attack. Mewtwo launches a Psywave. The two Dragonair fasten themselves onto each other like a circle, then start spinning towards Mewtwo through the hollow center of the tornado. However, Mewtwo gets out of the way.

Lance uses the close-up attack strategy next, and orders a Take Down from his Aerodactyl which aims its sharp wings straight for them, but Mewtwo pulls out a psychic spoon just in time to counter the attack. Blaine explains to Yellow that Mewtwo can create weapons with its psychic powers.

Blaine orders Yellow to distract Aerodactyl while he takes care of Lance's Poké Balls. Aerodactyl swiftly strikes at Pika with its wings, and Blaine makes use of the time to work with Mewtwo. The DNA Pokémon's psychic spoon starts changing into a fork, and all of a sudden extends all the way behind Lance and strikes the Ultra Balls on his belt.

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