Airing Out Aerodactyl
VS Ptera I
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 7
Round number 79
Location Cerulean City
Cerise Island
Previous Round Victim of Venusaur
Next Round Draggin' In Dragonair

Airing Out Aerodactyl (Japanese: VSプテラI VS Ptera I) is the 79th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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One of the Haunter in Cerulean City spots Misty's Starmie rotating in the sky and throws giant boulders at it. It, however, gets tossed away by a Krabby. Erika tells Misty that the Pokémon are destroying certain cities. Misty thinks it's over and comes to realize that the Pokémon are destroying cities with Gyms.

Inside Cerise Island, Blaine wakes up and awakens Yellow. Yellow remembers that she has lost Red's Pokédex in the cave.

Suddenly, a tremble courses through the cave, and the ground suddenly jags up and pushes Blaine and Yellow out onto the island surface. Lance laughs that the cave is too small a battle arena for Mewtwo, and proceeds to command a Supersonic from his Aerodactyl. Mewtwo quickly creates a Barrier to fend off the giant sound waves, and Yellow starts to get worried. Blaine tells her to relax, and says they should first learn of the enemy's power by taking a defensive approach. Mewtwo continues to deflect the Supersonic with its Barrier, and Blaine secretly wonders how much longer his body can stand commanding Mewtwo.

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