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The Winged Legends
VS 伝説の鳥ポケモン
VS Legendary Bird Pokémon
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 33 in Vol. 3
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 33 in Saffron City Showdown
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 33 in Vol. 3
Series Pokémon Adventures

The Winged Legends (Japanese: VS 伝説の鳥ポケモン VS Legendary Bird Pokémon) is the 33rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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As the Silph Co. building blazes with the fire set off by Blue's Charizard, Team Rocket Grunts are pouring out, trying to escape. Blocked by Brock and his Onix, it's revealed that he, along with Misty, Erika, and the townsfolk of Celadon City have secured all four gates of Saffron City, leaving it surrounded. Having planned the siege from the very beginning, she puts all her faith into Red and Blue as their unknowing allies, wishing them luck.

Inside the Silph Co. building, Red watches in horror as the energy from the Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier combines Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres into a monstrous hybrid. From nearby, Green enters the room only to scream at the sight of the fusion and faints in terror.

Sabrina orders a combined attack of Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire Spin, narrowly missing Red and blasting a hole into the wall. She explains that this is Team Rocket's greatest achievement, produced by the knowledge collected by experimenting further on Red's Eevee. Casting him aside, she says they have no use for Vee anymore, which is the fate of all lab creatures. Red attempts to attack with Saur, who is effortlessly knocked aside. Sabrina revels in the power of the new Pokémon and explains they've long known they needed all the Badges from the Gym Leaders to combine Pokémon together, but it was too difficult battling for them, even resorting to stealing didn't work, so they decided to let Red and Blue collect them all for them.

Red is struck with consecutive attacks as Sabrina brags about how Pallet Town with its pristine environment and friendly inhabitants will finally serve a useful purpose. Fighting back, Red sends out Pika, pledging to protect his hometown from anyone who wants to disturb it. Blue arrives on his Charizard through the hole in the wall, proud of Red's determination to keep fighting. He lets him know that his grandfather and the citizens of Pallet Town are safe, and their only goal now is to deal with the fused legendary birds.

Sabrina taunts the boys as the fusion knocks them to the ground, and orders a finishing Gust, laughing loudly as the attack surrounds them. Red quickly tries to think of a way to escape, and after glancing up at the moon through the hole in the wall, remembers that Green must have wanted the Moon Stone for something. As Blue holds back the harshest part of the attack, Red holds the Moon Stone up to the open night air, reacting with the light of the moon, and uses it to evolve Green's Clefairy, Clefy, into a Clefable.

Clefy launches into a barrage of powerful attacks on the fusion, Blue explaining that Metronome can release any other attack at random, all of which have been boosted in power as a result of his evolution. Planning to use the diversion to escape, Sabrina commands a Sky Attack, launching the three Trainers out of the building, leaving them to plummet down to the ground below. Sabrina watches them fall, content that there's no way they can survive, but is left surprised after Saur's vines are able to create a web beneath them to break their fall. As another Sky Attack approaches them from above, Red, Blue, and Green counter with Saur's Vine Whip, Charizard's Flamethrower, and Blasty's Hydro Pump, respectively, with Saur evolving into a Venusaur as the attacks collide in an explosion.

As the building begins to crumble, they order one last attack, causing the fused Pokémon to separate, leaving them free to fly away. As Blue and Green begin to escape, Red catches a glimpse of a familiar face behind them, leaving Red confused as the man puts on a smile and walks out of sight behind the building.

The next day dawns, with the citizens of Pallet Town safe, the members of Team Rocket apprehended, its elite agents underneath the collapsed Silph Co. building, and the Pokémon they used all confiscated. Red is surprised to find Green gone, who is lamenting her failure from behind a nearby tree, and expresses her irritation at the presence of Professor Oak. As Blue turns to leave, he tells Red that he'll be looking forward to challenging him at the Indigo Plateau.

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PS032 : A Little Kadabra'll Do It
Red, Green & Blue arc
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