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VS ラフレシア
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Series Pokémon Adventures

Meanwhile...Vileplume! (Japanese: VS ラフレシア VS Ruffresia) is the 20th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Red bursts into the Celadon Gym with Bill on his heels. He shouts for Erika to come out, but gets no response. As Red puts Eevee back into its Poké Ball, he wonders what kind of person would do this to a Pokémon. Red places Eevee in a nearby machine, as Bill stumbles on a book titled "Eevee Reconstruction". He quickly flips through it, and begins reading a passage aloud. The book states that Eevee is a very rare Pokémon capable of evolving into any of three other distinct, extremely powerful Pokémon. Bill continues, but is suddenly cut off by Erika, who finishes the sentence, saying that if Eevee could be modified to be able to rapidly transform between any of its evolutions, it would prove to be an incredibly powerful weapon.

Her sudden presence shocks both of them as she begins to applaud, impressed that they actually managing to acquire an Eevee. She restates the promise she made to Red earlier, saying that since Red has successfully proved his worthiness, she will accept the Gym battle. Red is no longer concerned with just a Gym battle, accusing her of using him to gather up the Eevee that they experimented on. He denies the battle, saying he doesn't need her Badge. Erika prepares for battle anyways, sending out her three Pokémon, Tangela, Bellsprout, and Vileplume. In response, Red sends out Poli, Saur, and Pika, and the Gym Leader chuckles at the even match.

Erika attacks with Tangela first, to which Red responds with Saur's Vine Whip, attempting to pull it in, but Tangela tosses Saur away with little effort and defeats it. Red switches in Poli, while Erika sends Bellsprout out, chastising him for already making a substitution. Red confidently thinks that Bellsprout can't handle his Poliwrath, and commands Poli to use Double Slap. However, Bellsprout surprises him by catching Poli's final blow, and delivering a Double Slap back by means of Mimic, causing Poli to faint.

Red sends out Pika as Erika sends out Vileplume, both providing their Pokémon with words of encouragement. Pika dodges Vileplume's Petal Dance attack, but Vileplume switches to Swords Dance and sends its petals flying straight for Pika, wrapping him up firmly and reducing his health to dangerously low levels.

As Red worries over Pika, Erika taunts him for his subdued arrogance, then smiles and says that Red can challenge her again without conditions since he has already captured the Eevee. With a startled look Red remembers Eevee, and as he looks at the restoration machine, Erika remarks that Eevee is near its end; and the least she can do is put it out of its misery. Aghast at Erika's apparent attitude about experimenting on Pokémon, Red yells that it's simply not right, and that he can't let her get away with it, or this will just keep happening to more Pokémon.

Red calls on Pika to help him stop Erika, and through the petals binding its body, Pika releases an energy clone from Substitute. Erika is pleased that Red had more fight in him, as it will make her victory feel even better. Vileplume effortlessly destroys the clone, and Erika elaborates on the weaknesses of Substitute, as it requires a quarter of the Pokémon's max health to create. Red smugly explains that the distraction caused by the Substitute clone gave the real Pika enough time to make it to the machine holding Eevee, ensuring she'll never be able to open its Poké Ball.

Erika suddenly changes demeanor, kneeling down and pets Pika, admiring that he had Pika use the last of his strength to defend another Pokémon instead of fight. Erika holds Pika to her chest and pulls on a lever connected to the machine, as Red and Bill look on, shocked. She explains the machine was set to full restoration, meaning Eevee will completely recover. She apologizes for testing him, but after Brock and Misty spoke about his virtues, she had to see them for herself. The Eevee was from a certain organization that used it as a test subject, and some months prior, they had received the reports on the "Reconstructed Eevee" who had escaped. Now that Eevee was recovered by Red, it will live safely in her care.

Red pauses for a moment, wondering out loud about the organization, and Erika confirms it was Team Rocket. As she kneels down to pin the Rainbow Badge on his shirt, she gives Red a short talk, saying that if there's any hope in defeating Team Rocket, they must learn everything there is to learn about their technology and fighting strength, and that they also need a Trainer with inner strength and immense compassion, just like Red. He agrees to help in the fight, and Erika introduces him to the citizens of Celadon City, all united in the fight against Team Rocket.

A few days later, Red begins to head out with Eevee alongside him. Bill stops him, wondering if it'll be safe when the enemy is looking for it, reminding him that even the Gym has already been attacked by Psychic-type Pokémon. Red marches off in spite of Bill's warnings, looking determined. Off in the distance, a sinister woman sitting on her Kadabra watches them from above, and as she notes that Eevee has now been passed on to Red, she vanishes.

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PS019 : Blame It on Eevee
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS021 : Long Live the Nidoking!
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