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Sigh for Psyduck
VS コダック
VS Koduck
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 13 in Vol. 1
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 13 in The Gastly Ghosts
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 13 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

Sigh for Psyduck (Japanese: VS コダック VS Koduck) is the 13th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Red arrives in Lavender Town in the middle of a rainstorm with his Pokémon and is looking for somewhere dry to stay. He tries to ask people for help, but they completely ignore him. Mr. Fuji approaches Red from behind, remarking that the people of Lavender Town aren't very friendly. He passes him by and crouches down at a grave. Red asks him what he's doing, and Mr. Fuji explains he's simply paying respects to his deceased Doduo. Red pauses for a moment, and crouches down next to him, also paying his respects. Mr. Fuji appreciates Red's fondness for Pokémon and invites him to his house for a warm drink.

At Mr. Fuji's house, the old man explains the origin of the Pokémon Tower, a cemetery built to respect the souls of Pokémon that had gathered in Lavender Town. Red wonders why Mr. Fuji's Doduo was not buried in the Tower, and Mr. Fuji tells him that there are ghosts in the Tower, and as a result no one dares to go there anymore. Red pretends to not be scared, and feigns believing that ghosts aren't real. Mr. Fuji elaborates that the ghosts are the reason everyone in the town is so cold to each other, they're so scared that they've forgotten how to trust or even make eye contact with other people. Mr. Fuji pulls out several photos as he tells Red he can choose to believe him or not.

The photos show Mr. Fuji's Doduo, as he quietly wishes he could give his Pokémon a proper resting place instead of an alley filled with weeds. He passes the photos to Red, who notices Blue in one of them. Mr. Fuji asks if he knows him, and Red explains that he's his rival on his journey to fill out his Pokédex with information on every Pokémon. Mr. Fuji says he passed through town just before his Doduo passed away, similarly laughing off the idea of ghosts. He ran off to the Pokémon Tower, but that was two weeks prior, and he never came back. Mr. Fuji isn't surprised, knowing that in recent times, no one who tries to explore the Tower ever comes back.

Later, Red begins to approach the Tower, wondering if it could really be haunted if it could incapacitate a Trainer as strong as Blue. Determined, he refuses to back away from a challenge that Blue has also attempted, and runs the rest of the distance to the Tower, promising to find out the truth behind the rumors of ghosts.

Red enters the Pokémon Tower, a dark, thick fog permeating throughout the room, filled with row upon row of gravestones. He stumbles and falls backwards after getting scared by the sound of dripping water, recovering back to his feet as he catches sight of a Psyduck a little ways down the room, enveloped in a bright glow. More Pokémon seemingly come out of nowhere, and Red is suddenly face to face with Psyduck, now showing itself as nothing more than a skeleton. Red realizes these Pokémon are zombies, almost losing his footing as he calls out Saur. He commands out a Razor Leaf, which harmlessly embeds itself in Psyduck's forehead. He then tries Sleep Powder, which similarly has no affect on them.

Red begins to panic more as he gets further pushes into a corner by the zombies. Psyduck lunges at him, and in a last ditch attempt, Saur wraps his vines around the Psyduck in midair, stopping its movements. The corpse is crushed by the vines, collapsing into a limp pile on the ground. Red inspects it and still wonders about what was making it move, and looking at the crowd of zombies still surrounding him, wondering who is controlling them.

More zombies lunge for Red and Saur, but as they start to run away, they notice that none of them will follow them out of the fog. With this realization, he concludes that the purple mist itself must be controlling them. Red now has a plan of action, but before he can make his next move, a blast of fire comes out of the fog, hitting a gravestone behind him as he's barely able to dodge it in time. Suddenly he spots Blue's silhouette, cheerful that he's still okay. He tries to talk to him, but another blast of fire rips through the room, noticing that Blue and his Charmeleon are standing among the zombies, seemingly under the influence of some other force.

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  • A picture that Mr. Fuji has of his Doduo is of it hatching from an Egg, even though the concept of Pokémon Eggs had yet to be created. This could be because it was a birdlike Pokémon, however.


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