Team Dim Sun
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 3
Location Altru Tower
Manga series Darkrai Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger Vatonage - the Comic
Previous Chapter Altru Inc. Mystery
Next Chapter Mission Complete!

Team Dim Sun is the third chapter of the Darkrai Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger Vatonage - the Comic manga.


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A Rampardos bursts in and rushes in to attack. Barlow and Crawford protect Professor Hastings by using their Makuhita and Budew to hold it in place. They wonder if the Rampardos is wild, but Heath appears and reveals that it belongs to him. Heath introduces himself as a member of Team Dim Sun's Sinis Trio, revealing that the team is back under new leadership.

Barlow tells Kellyn, Kate, and Professor Hastings to go on ahead while he and Crawford stay behind to face Heath. Kate refuses, but Barlow reminds her that he's the leader of the Vien Base. Kellyn reluctantly agrees and tells Professor Hastings and Kate to come with him. They head towards the elevator, but it doesn't work. Kate uses her mechanical skills to fix the elevator, and the three quickly run inside. While they wait inside, Kate worries about Barlow and Crawford's safety while Professor Hastings expresses surprise to Team Dim Sun's return. Kellyn asks the Professor how he got trapped in the steel frame.

Hastings reveals that when he arrived, something pulled him up into the air which caused him to get stuck in the frames when he tried to resist. Kate realizes that the culprit must have been Darkrai, much to Hastings's confusion. They arrive at the tenth floor and tell the Professor to stay put. They enter the director's office, which is where Blake Hall commanded Team Dim Sun. Kellyn recites an article of the Almia Times that describes how Team Dim Sun controlled Pokémon with the Shadow Crystal, which was turned into the Luminous Crystal by the Tears of Princes. Kate notes that despite what happened, the Pokémon inside the fish tank are being controlled by darkness. Two voices reveal that the reason that the Pokémon are being controlled is because they simply removed the three gems.

The voices introduce themselves as Ice and Lavana, who make up the Sinis Trio with Heath. Ice summons his Froslass and has it freeze Kellyn and Kate's legs and Stylers. With their legs and Stylers frozen, Ice confidently claims victory and states that the two Rangers shall be left there. He adds that another one had tried to stop them and points to Darkrai weakly floating from behind the window. Ice reveals that Darkrai considers itself the Luminous Crystal's guardian and tried to stop Team Dim Sun, only to be defeated. Kellyn guesses that Darkrai grabbed Professor Hastings because it was trying to tell him something.

Lavana confirms Kellyn's theory and sets up the next stage of their plan. Lavana presents the Pokémon-controlling Gigaremo and Miniremo units that were pulled out of the destroyed Oil Field Hideout and activates them. Kellyn tries to figure out how get out of the ice and begins thinking of an Almia Times article to help him. Kate tells him to forget the Almia Times and just use his Styler to eject the Capture Disc. Kate reveals that the day before, she made Kellyn's ejection mechanism stronger, which makes it strong enough to break through the ice. In his head, Kellyn notes that he wasn't completely sure that his attempt to capture Togekiss would have worked and attributes it to Kate's skills.

Kellyn looks for a Pokémon to capture and turns to the Huntail in the fish tank. Kellyn makes sure to prevent Ice and Lavana from seeing him while he releases the Capture Disc. In her head, Kate notes that unlike a regular Styler, which uses an antenna to control a Capture Disc, a Vatonage Styler uses a Ranger's finger as the antenna instead. Kellyn maneuvers the Capture Disc into the fish tank and successfully captures the Huntail inside. Kellyn commands Huntail to use the Crush Target Clear to smash the Gigaremo and Miniremo.

Kellyn calls the Capture Disc back and uses it to free himself and Kate from the ice. With Ice and Lavana dazed from the attack, both Pachirisu take the other two Gems. Kellyn and Kate immediately head to the top of the tower. They look for Darkrai, only to find it has disappeared. Kate's Pachirisu notes Darkrai hiding behind the elevator and points the two Rangers towards it. Kellyn and Kate immediately rush over to help, only to find their teacher, Kincaid dressed in a Team Dim Sun uniform with Darkrai right beside him. Before they can even say anything, Kincaid scolds the two for running in the halls and threatens them with expulsion.

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