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The Life-or-Death Magic Duel!!
The Life-or-Death Magic Duel!!
Collected in Vol. 2
Chapter number 12
Location Celadon City
Manga series Pokémon Pocket Monsters
Previous Chapter Finish Off Team Rocket!!
Next Chapter The Legendary Pokémon Appears!!

The Life-or-Death Magic Duel!! (Japanese: マジック勝負は命がけ!? The Life-or-Death Magic Duel!!) is the twelfth chapter of the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga.

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The group go to a castle and Sabrina appeared. Clefairy touched Sabrina's crystal ball in which Kadabra came out. Clefairy gets challenged to a magic game by Sabrina in which Kadabra became Clefairy's opponent. Using a magical box, Clefairy went inside with a cat but it doesn't work out. He then uses a safe and some fire-wood. Clefairy has Kadabra light up the fire wood. Unfortunately, the act did not work out as the dynamite were lit and blew up the whole castle. For punishment in doing so, Red had Clefairy swim in the water while he had Pikachu rode on a bicycle-shaped boat.

Major events

  • Clefairy defeats Sabrina's Kadabra in a magic contest.



Pokémon debuts



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