Big Struggle with the Powerful Opponent Venusaur!!
Big Struggle with the Powerful Opponent Fushigibana!!
Collected in Vol. 2
Chapter number 010
Location A Jungle On The Way To Saffron City
Manga series Pokémon Pocket Monsters
Previous Chapter Pikachu Was Kidnapped!!
Next Chapter Finish Off Team Rocket!!

Big Struggle with the Powerful Opponent Venusaur!! (Japanese: 強敵フシギバナに大苦戦!! Big Struggle with the Powerful Opponent Fushigibana!!) is the tenth chapter of the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga.

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Red, Clefairy, and Pikachu were on a boat on their way to Saffron City. Green and his Charmander come by and for some unknown reason, Charmander burned Red's boat and he, Clefairy and Pikachu were stuck on an island. On the island, the trio go in a house where they rest up for the night until it was interrupted by Erika and her Venusaur who accuse the trio of being part of Team Rocket. Venusaur took on Clefairy and started with Poison Powder which was deflected by Pikachu waving around a fan. Pikachu used an electric attack on Venusaur which was ineffective. Venusaur then insulted Pikachu about his electricity being weak.

Clefairy defeated Venusaur when Red reminded him to use Barrier to deflect Solar Beam and it worked. After the battle, Erika shared her boat with Red and Pikachu. Clefairy went on her flying ship as he could not go on the boat. At first, he had trouble controlling it since it took him around the world quickly.

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