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This article is about the Pokémon leagued based in Mexico. For the official game with similar name, see Pokémon UNITE.
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PKMN United is an unofficial Pokémon league based in Mexico City. It was created in February 4, 2004.

PKMN United logo

The league specializes in the competitive side of the Pokémon games, and participate in local tournaments and Online competitions over Nintendo Wi-Fi.

There are tournaments all the year for PKMN United members only, to determine who is the current champion, such as the Campeonato PKMN United 08/09 that just begun on December 22, 2008.

Other activities of the league include meetings of the members, soccer games and other video games.


The league began with an invitation on the Atomix magazine forums and soon after that some people were interested and Pokemasters was created as a clan, but most of the members were from different cities, so a lot of them had to drop out because the Generation III games didn't have online play, and it would be difficult to play between members.

The remaining members from Mexico city wanted to create a Pokémon League with the rule of accepting only people from the same city in order to make meetings in a regular basis, they decided to change their name and "PKMN United" was the winner of the poll. They decided to make their first tournament to determine the champion, that was (LinkGold)which is currently an ex-member. Soon after the league members determined that after certain amount of time there would be a new tournament to have a new Champion.

Although initially training their own Pokémon, the league soon acquired knowledge of GameShark and Action Replay. In order to use Pokémon to their full potential.

Soon after, they decided to challenge other leagues including Pokemex, Nekenio and Dark soul and taking on public tournaments, and organizing their own both on Netbattle or in the city (such as the copa PU I and II, Ampharos Cup and Miss pity & Pikitri cup) which were ruled by the alternative tier list made by the league.

A new branch was opened in the north (Sinaloa), but it didn't last long, the sister "PKMN United Norte" didn't had enough members.

The league was successful for some years, winning some tournaments (not as many as their rival league: Nekenio) and having both good and bad reputation, criticism existed towards PKMN United for not winning the Pokemex tournament and the ways the league members expressed over Internet forums (such as Pokemex) to their rivals. But at the time Diamond & Pearl were released, many Trainers had to quit the game due to other occupations and so the league had to find new members, the tournament to determine a new champion was canceled for a time until now.

Recently the league returned to tournaments, most of them over Nintendo Wi-Fi and accepting the first member outside Mexico city (Neoth). They opened their own YouTube channel to record some of their battles.

Actually, the league consists of 14 members.


  • Nesgamer/leader-founder
  • Alex/co-founder
  • 16/core member
  • Zoleil/core member
  • PiLoKo
  • Neoth
  • Aioros
  • Mako
  • Deydoss
  • Jafret
  • Vulva
  • Shakka
  • FL
  • Zidane


The list of champions of PKMN United league

Champion Runner up
Link Gold NESgamer
Max Zoleil
NESgamer Jafret
Alex Jafret
Jafret Alex/NESgamer(tie)
NESgamer -16-
16/FL (tie) Alex

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