Pinsir Changes
Kailios, Change
Collected in Vol. 5
Chapter number 30
Location Route 18/Anistar City/Route 19
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Previous Chapter Hawlucha Attack
Next Chapter Zygarde Appears

Pinsir Changes (Japanese: カイロス、化わる Kailios, Change) is the thirtieth round of the X & Y chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • Tierno and Shauna search for the Mega Stones for Rute and Solsol.
  • Y battles Essentia on the rooftops of Anistar City.
  • Essentia uses her suit's Poké Ball Jack function to try and take control over Xerxer.
  • Essentia, disguising herself as a Nurse, knocks Y out and steals Xerxer.
  • Tierno and Shauna come across a large pile of Pokémon drained of their life energy.
  • Essentia attempts to trick X while disguised as Y, but her plan is easily seen through.
  • Tierno and Shauna return with a now-conscious Y.
  • Tierno and Shauna hand X and Y their Mega Rings back and give them the Mega Stones they found.
  • X and Y Mega Evolve Rute and Solsol into Mega Pinsir and Mega Absol, respectively.
  • Essentia prepares to use Xerxer to battle X and Y.
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