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Omega Alpha Adventure 18
Episode 18
Collected in Vol. 3
Chapter number 18
Location Route 120
Team Rocket airship
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Previous Chapter Omega Alpha Adventure 17
Next Chapter Omega Alpha Adventure 19

Omega Alpha Adventure 18 (Japanese: EPISODE 18 Episode 18) is the 18th round of the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.



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Major events

  • Ruby, Sapphire, Maxie, and Archie continue attacking the small meteoroid, but are unable to fully destroy it, causing pieces to crash into Groudon and Kyogre.
  • Maxie and Archie's bodies begin breaking apart.
  • Blaise and Amber go to help their leaders, only to find their bodies crumbling away.
  • Maxie and Archie reveal how they returned from their supposed deaths.
  • Sapphire tells Ruby that Rayquaza needs power in order to Mega Evolve and destroy the meteoroid.
  • Zinnia attacks Ruby and Sapphire.
For a list of all major events in the Pokémon Adventures manga, please see the timeline of events.
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Pokémon debuts



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