Behold The Phantom Thief Of Justice!
正義の怪盗 、見参!
Meet the Phantom Thief of Justice!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 1
Location Watch stealer's house
Manga series Phantom Thief Pokémon 7
Previous Chapter None
Next Chapter Seven's Real Identity In Peril

Behold The Phantom Thief Of Justice (Japanese: 正義の怪盗 、見参! Meet the Phantom Thief of Justice!) is the first chapter of the Phantom Thief Pokémon 7 manga.


Inside her home, a woman is gloating to herself that she has tricked a man into giving her a precious diamond. Suddenly, however, part of the roof collapses, revealing the mysterious thief Pokémon 7 and his Lucario.

The next day, employees at the bakery Sun, Sun discuss the latest news headlines about Pokémon 7. Nazuna, the bakery owner's daughter, believes that while Pokémon 7 steals back items that were wrongfully taken from their original owners, he is still a thief himself. Hiori, a boy working for the bakery, quietly agrees with her.

Nazuna and Hiori get challenged to a Pokémon battle, despite Hiori's objections. Hiori uses a Lucario, which is quickly defeated by the challenger's Cranidos. Hiori leaves, with Nazuna chasing after him. Nazuna tells Hiori that his Pokémon will never get stronger if he doesn't battle, but Hiori insists that he doesn't like battling and that "being strong isn't everything". Exasperated, Nazuna leaves.

At home, Hiori's Mime Jr. delivers a new mission to him. He transforms into Pokémon 7 and brings Lucario out of its Poké Ball, apologizing that it had to pretend to be weak and lose, explaining that it helps conceal his identity. Flying away to complete the mission, Hiori unwittingly drops the mission note, falling into the hands of Nazuna.

Arriving at the house, Pokémon 7 realizes he forgot the note. He remembers that the stolen item was a timepiece, but to his dismay, he discovers the house is full of clocks. An old man comes into the room, revealing that he took the note from Nazuna.

Determined to take the watch back, Pokémon 7's Lucario battles the man's Machoke. After being hit with Aura Sphere, Machoke goes flying, getting knocked out and knocking the old man unconscious as well. Hiori realizes that if the man is unconscious, he is unable to get the watch back (since the old man burned the letter) but Nazuna reveals that it is a pocket watch with Milotic on it, as she read the letter. Pokémon 7 disappears into the night, with Nazuna thinking that he may not be as bad as she originally thought he was, and gets a feeling that she has seen him before.

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