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An orphaned card is a card that has little or no practical use due to restrictions placed on the pool of legal cards by the tournament format. Often these are evolution cards whose Basic Pokémon or Stage 1 Pokémon is not available, though occasionally Trainer cards and Energy cards will fall into this category as well.

Name Reason TCG Set Picture
Dark Crobat The only Dark Golbat at the time was out of rotation. Neo Destiny DarkCrobatNeoDestiny2.jpg
First Ticket The rule change which took place on November 8th, 2013, made it so that the player who goes first is decided before cards are drawn. Dragon Vault FirstTicketDragonVault19.jpg
Ampharos The only Mareep and Flaaffy cards from the Black and White series went out of rotation in the 2015 Standard Format. BW Black Star Promos AmpharosBWPromo67.jpg
M Gengar-EX The only Gengar-EX card went out of rotation in the 2017 Standard Format, which happened before this card was released in English. XY Black Star Promos MGengarEXXYPromo79.jpg
Crobat BREAK This card was released before the Sun & Moon expansion was released and entered rotation during the 2017 Standard Format. XY Black Star Promos CrobatBREAKXYPromo.jpg
Lucario Spirit Link This card was released when there was no Lucario-EX in the Standart Format. XY Black Star Promos LucarioSpiritLinkXYPromo211.jpg
Hydreigon The only Deino and Zweilous cards in the Standart Format went out of rotation in the 2019-2020 Format. Dragon Majesty HydreigonDragonMajesty33.jpg
Machamp The only Machop and Machoke cards in the Standart Format went out of rotation in the 2019-2020 Format. Detective Pikachu MachampDetectivePikachu13.jpg
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