Orichalcum Pulse (Ability)

Orichalcum Pulse ひひいろのこどう
Scarlet Pulse
Flavor text
Generation IX
Turns the sunlight harsh when the Pokémon enters a battle. The ancient pulse thrumming through the Pokémon also boosts its Attack stat in harsh sunlight.

Orichalcum Pulse (Japanese: ひひいろのこどう Scarlet Pulse) is an Ability introduced in Generation IX. It is the signature Ability of Koraidon.


In battle

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Orichalcum Pulse summons harsh sunlight in battle as soon as a Pokémon with Orichalcum Pulse enters the battle. Its effects are the same as the move Sunny Day, which lasts for five turns. This can be extended to eight turns if the Pokémon is holding a Heat Rock.

Orichalcum Pulse also boosts the Pokémon's Attack stat by roughly 33% (or more precisely, by a factor of 5461/4096) in harsh sunlight. This boost will occur even if the Pokémon is holding a Utility Umbrella.

Orichalcum Pulse displays a message when the Pokémon enters the battle, even if there already is harsh sunlight. However, if harsh sunlight is summoned while a Pokémon with Orichalcum Pulse already is in battle, no message is displayed (contrary to Protosynthesis).

Skill Swap fails if either Pokémon has Orichalcum Pulse. Orichalcum Pulse is affected by Simple Beam, thus allowing its ability to be replaced by it.

Orichalcum Pulse will fail if overworld weather is present.

Outside of battle

Orichalcum Pulse has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Orichalcum Pulse

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
1007   Koraidon
Fighting Dragon Orichalcum Pulse None None
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In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 緋紅脈動 Fēihùhng Mahkduhng
Mandarin 緋紅脈動 / 绯红脉动 Fēihóng Màidòng
  French Pouls Orichalque
  German Orichalkum-Puls
  Italian Ritmo d’Oricalco
  Korean 진홍빛고동 Jinhong-bit Godong
  Spanish Latido Oricalco

Variations of the Ability Orichalcum Pulse
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