Official Pokémon Stadium 2 Perfect Guide

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Official Pokémon Stadium 2 Perfect Guide
Versus Books Stadium 2 Perfect Guide cover.jpg
ISBN: 0-9706468-1-X
Published: March 19, 2001
Publisher: Versus Books
Author: J.Douglas Arnold, James Yamada, Mark Elies

Official Pokémon Stadium 2 Perfect Guide is a strategy guide published by Versus Books. Out of all of Versus Books' strategy guides, it is volume 24 overall. It has 128 pages.


The Only Guide You Need!!

Comprehensive, master-level strategies for both rounds of the Stadium Battles!

Classroom student battle analysis!

Teambuilding tactics & battle-ready sample teams!

Train your Pokémon with every move it can learn!

Defeat your rival in both rounds!

Complete, 251-Pokémon PokéDex with full statistic listings, all HMs, and all TMs!

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