Official Pokémon Pokédex: Gold Version and Silver Version

Official Pokémon Pokédex: Gold Version and Silver Version
Brady Games Official Pokémon Pokédex Gold Version and Silver Version.png
ISBN: 0744000564
Published: January 2001
Publisher: Brady Games
Author: Brady Games Staff
Preceded By: Pokémon Gold Version and Silver Version: Official Pocket Guide
Succeeded By: Pokémon Crystal Version: Official Pocket Guide

Official Pokémon Pokédex: Gold Version and Silver Version is a strategy guide published by Brady Games. This guide covers only the Pokédex - only containing listed Pokémon movesets and base stat totals. It is 112 pages long.


BradyGames Pokémon Gold & Silver Official Pokédex includes everything from the previously classified data for every Pokémon in Gold and Silver plus all the new updates! A complete Pokédex with entries from both Gold and Silver and a stats listing for every character is included. Tips on how to find and catch the new Pokémon. Techniques tables detail the moves each Pokémon learns, including level, type, and power! Full evolution coverage-Pokémon that evolve through trading, taming, stones, and more. Plus, expanded coverage of TMs, HMs, items, types, daily events, taming and more!




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