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The Official PokéShippers is a PokéShipping club established in 2000 on the UPN forums with roots in a sig club created by Parastoice in 1999. Founding members included Ben the Pokémanic (President), Archaic (Founder & Vice-President), Parastoice, The Mysterious Blue Hiker, SSJupiter1981 (Secretary), Dark Cloud (Minister of Defense), Venusaur003 (Director of Flaming).

The OPS, as it is more commonly known, together with the PalletShippers International, was one of the biggest driving forces behind the (in)famous Shipping debates of 2000-2001. While largely inactive in the Shipping arena since the incidents surrounding the General Rebuttal of PalletShipping, the club still exists as something of an "old boys network" of veteran PokéShippers, with a number of prominent moderators and administrators of major Pokémon forums holding membership.

The current leadership of the club includes Archaic as President, and Blue Hiker as Vice President, though no election has been held since 2001. Their holding of these positions is more due to inertia in PokéShipping since the end of the debates than anything else, all the more so after the passing of several years has worn away at their unofficial status as figurehead representatives of Shipping.

In 2006, the OPS has made efforts to re-establish itself, going as far as the peaceful takeover of the SPPf PokéShipping Club. Due to high levels of activity in Shipping circles at the time, thanks to renewed interest generated by the Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station special episodes and LuckShipping, the club grew to its former level of prominence in debates.

Prominent members

Prominent members, past and present, of the OPS include:

  • Archaic
  • Murgatroyd
  • Yami Ron
  • Barb
  • Mozz

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