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Normal Pokémon Part 2

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うたうポケモン図鑑 ノーマルポケモン Part2
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Utau Pokémon Zukan Nōmaru Pokémon Part 2
Singing Pokémon Encyclopedia Normal Pokémon Part 2
Artist 藤沢秀樹、岩崎元是
Hideki Fujisawa, Motoyoshi Iwasaki
Lyrics 田尻智
Satoshi Tajiri
Composer 渡部チェル
Cher Watanabe
Arrangement 渡部チェル
Cher Watanabe
Pikachu Records single
Title うたうポケモン図鑑
Singing Pokémon Encyclopedia
Catalog no. TGDS-112

Normal Pokémon Part 2 (Japanese: ノーマルポケモン Part 2) is a song performed by Hideki Fujisawa and Motoyoshi Iwasaki. The song is collected in the album Singing Pokémon Encyclopedia and features various Normal-type Pokémon.


Japanese English
Singin' encyclopedia, comin' up "NORMAL-POKEMON Part2"
Here we go!

キバは 長くて 鋭い。
一生 伸び続けるので 硬い モノを かじって 削る。

後ろ足の 指は 3本で
小さな 水かきが ついている。 川を 泳いで わたる。

メスは おなかの 袋に 子供を 入れて 育てる。
れんぞくパンチ 攻撃が 得意。

たいあたりしてくるとき 2本の しっぽで
自分の 体を ビシビシと たたく。

昼間は 寝てばかりいる。
夜になると 目が 輝き 縄張りを 歩きまわる。

気性が 激しく しっぽを まっすぐ 立てたら 要注意。
とびかかって かみつく 前触れだ。

舌が 身長の 2倍もある。
エサを取ったり 攻撃をしたりと まるで 手のように 動かせる。

最高の 科学力を 使い
ついに 人工の ポケモンを つくることに 成功した。
Singin' encyclopedia, comin' up "Normal Pokémon Part 1"
Here we go!

Its fangs are long and sharp.
Since they grow for its whole life, it gnaws on hard things to wear them down.

Its hind feet have three toes each.
They are webbed, enabling it to swim across rivers.

The females raise their children in a pouch on their stomachs.
Her favored mode of attack is a volley of punches.

When it is about to tackle,
it whips its own body relentlessly with two of its tails.

During the day, it does nothing but sleep.
When night comes, it paces around its turf with glowing eyes.

It has a violent temperament. Take care if it points its tail straight up,
as that is a signal that it is going to pounce and bite.

Its tongue is twice as long as its body.
It can use its tongue instead of its hands to grab food and to attack.

With the power of science,
The first successfully man-made Pokémon has been created at last.

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