Nikki (TCG GB)

クニミ Kunimi
Club Master Nikki
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Trading Card Game Islands
Trainer class Club Master
Generation I
Games Pokémon Trading Card Game;
Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!
Leader of Grass Club
Badge Grass Medal
Specializes in Grass Grass

Nikki (Japanese: クニミ Kunimi) is the Club Master of the Grass Club (Japanese: グリーンクラブ Green Club). She plays using the Flower Power Deck (Japanese: はなのおてだまデッキ Flower Juggling Deck) and gives away the Grass Medal to challengers who defeat her. In Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!, she uses the MAXエナジーデッキ MAX Energy Deck.

Her club is a beautiful greenhouse, although she's not in it when the main character first enters it.

Pokémon Trading Card Game

The player must defeat Nikki's club members in order to learn of her location at Mr. Ishihara's House. She gives out two Laboratory booster packs and a Grass Medal when the player defeats her.

Flower Power Deck

Main article: Flower Power Deck (TCG)
Quantity Card Type Rarity
Professor Oak T  
Bill T  
Pokémon Breeder T  
Energy Retrieval T  
Switch T  
Potion T  
18× Grass Energy   E
Psychic Energy   E


"I am Nikki, the Grass Club Master. What? You were looking for me? Oh my... I'm very sorry to keep you waiting. I was doing a little research here. I assume you would like to duel? I only duel at the Club. I'm sorry, but could you meet me at the Grass Club? I will head back to the Grass Club and I wait for you there."
"I'm Nikki, the Master of the Grass Club. I'm sorry I kept you waiting. Shall we duel?"
"My duel with you was... quite fun! Please allow me to duel you again!"

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!

MAX Energy Deck

Main article: MAX Energy Deck (TCG)

MAX Energy Deck (Japanese: MAXエナジーデッキ) is the only deck played by Nikki. She will battle a 6 prize card battle when challenged. Defeating Nikki gets the player two Island of Fossil booster packs.

At the beginning of the game, Nikki is not present at the Grass Club. Players must duel with and defeat Brittany in order to cause Nikki to appear at Mr. Ishihara's House. When found here, Nikki gives the player the Give In! Anti-GR2 Deck and the Oddish Coin. She will return to the club after GR2 is defeated, but will only battle the player after the GR Coin is completed.

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Energy Retrieval T  
Professor Oak T  
Pokémon Center T  
Pokémon Breeder T  
Bill T  
Poké Ball T  
Double Colorless Energy   E  
20× Grass Energy   E


Sprite from Pokémon
Trading Card Game
Main sprite from Pokémon
Trading Card Game 2
Win sprite from Pokémon
Trading Card Game 2
Loss sprite from Pokémon
Trading Card Game 2
Overworld sprite from
GB1 and GB2

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese クニミ Kunimi Possibly named after Kunimi Kawamura, one of the staff of Creatures, Inc..
English, German, Italian Nikki
French Julie
Spanish Nuria

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