Nia (Pokkén)

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ニア Nia
Pokken Nia fullbody.png
Nia in her default outfit
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Ferrum
Generation VI, VII
Games Pokkén Tournament
English voice actor Ananda Jacobs
Japanese voice actor Marina Inoue

Nia (Japanese: ニア Nia) is an advisor and battle trainer that assists players in Pokkén Tournament.


Nia explains Ferrum Battles through tutorials in Practice Mode and gives advice on various game mechanics. Additionally, she cheers the player on during battles, boosting their Support and/or Synergy Gauges.

Cheer Skill Activation Effect
Standard From second round onward If you lose, Synergy Gauge will increase, and both Support Gauges will be pushed to MAX! The effect is much smaller if you win, but this is still a great fallback to have!
Synergy Focused Every round Your Synergy Gauge will increase each round, regardless of whether you win or lose. Worth noting that this has no effect on Support Gauges, however!
Pressure Focused Final round Greatly increases Synergy Gauge for the final round, regardless of whether you just won or lost! Comes highly recommended for Pokémon that have trouble building Synergy Gauge.
Support Focused From second round onward Support Gauges increase to MAX regardless of whether you just won or lost! Worth nothing that this has no effect on Synergy Gauge, however!
Special From second round onward Increases Synergy Gauge if you win, and pushes Support Gauge to MAX if you lose! You'll need a solid strategy to make good use of this extreme effect!
Whimsical Every round The Cheer Effect you receive will change every round. You might win big! Or no! Are you feeling lucky?





Original outfit from
Pokkén Tournament


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