These are Nemona's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Cabo Poco
"Are you these three's Trainer?"
"Buenas! We haven't met, have we?"
"Hang on, Director... Is this who I think it is?"
"So you're that kid who moved up in the road! I've been dying to find out more about you!"
"I'm Nemona! Normally I live in the school dorms, but home is here. Whaddya say, new neighbor—wanna be friends?"
Yes: "Love that enthusiasm! We're gonna get along just fine!"
No: "Huh? What's wrong—did I scare you off? Maybe I came on a little strong!"
"I absolutely love Pokémon battling! In fact, we should battle right now—you and me!"
"We're gonna be neighbors AND classmates? Nice! We'll be able to battle all we want!"
If spoken to: "Oh my gosh, your very first Pokémon. I'm getting chills just watching you pick!"
If the player tries to leave without choosing: "Wait, <player>! You gotta choose a Pokémon!"
Interacting with Sprigatito: "That's Sprigatito, a Grass-type Pokémon! It can use its plant powers to soak up whatever water you throw at it!"
Interacting with Quaxly: "That's Quaxly, a Water-type Pokémon! It may seem quiet, but its mighty streams of water can put out any fire—you'll see!"
Interacting with Fuecoco: "That's Fuecoco, a Fire-type Pokémon! The burning-hot sparks it scatters will fry any and all plants in a flash!"
"<player>... I can't believe you actually chose Sprigatito/Quaxly/Fuecoco... I mean, like, way to make the perfect choice for you! You two make such a good combo!"
"Can I choose one of these Pokémon too, Director Clavell?"
"Not back then, no! I had other Pokémon I was focused on raising at the time. But now I want to raise a new Pokémon alongside <player> while he raises his own new partner!"
"Since <player> chose Sprigatito/Quaxly/Fuecoco, I'll go for this little one!"
"Nice to meet you, Quaxly/Fuecoco/Sprigatito! Welcome to the team!"
"All right, then! Now that we've chosen our Pokémon, we HAVE to battle!"
"I'll be waiting for you down at the beach. Come join me when you're ready!"
  • At the private beach
"Over here!"
"Anyone can be a Pokémon Trainer as long as they have Pokémon by their side! And it's our duty as Trainers to help our Pokémon grow stronger through battle!"
"So, you ready to battle me, <player>?"
Yes: "Perfecto! I'm so excited! For this battle, I think I'll use—"
No: "Oye! Don't get cold feet on me now! I wanna see what you've got!"
"Heh, whoops... Good call, Director. I was about to send out one of my usual partners right off the bat.. I guess I'll take this chance to try out my new buddy instead!"
"C'mon, <player>! Let's have us a fruitful battle!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "I know this is your first Pokémon battle, so let's just have some fun!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "You must've been studying up! Smart move—Grass/Water/Fire is strong against Water/Fire/Grass!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "Oooh, lucky! Landing a critical hit makes your move do more damage than usual!"
Upon being defeated: "Wow! Not bad, neighbor!"
  • After battle
If the player won: "Look at you, winning your first battle ever! You've got even more potential than I thought! You're gonna be a strong Trainer for sure!"
If the player lost: "Hey, if you can battle like that on your first try, you definitely have what it takes to be a Trainer!"
"But now I want to try a different strategy! Let's go again—just one more battle!"
"Ah, sorry! I got kinda caught up in all the excitement... I'm really sorry, <player>. Same to your Sprigatito/Quaxly/Fuecoco, too."
Don't worry about it: "Heh... All right! Thanks, <player>!"
Let's battle again soon!: "Oh, definitely! We'll definitely battle more!"
"You bet, sir!"
"Oh, that reminds me! since you're new to training Pokémon, there's an app you definitely need! You have a smartphone, right? Lemme see it for a sec."
"The Pokédex will automatically register any Pokémon you catch. It's a must-have for Pokémon Trainers! Our homeroom teacher, Mr. Jacq, actually made it himself!"
"Oof! Filling out a Pokédex by hand? I can't even imagine how much work that would take!"
"Of course! Leave it to me!"
"Maybe I oughta make a little more time to work on my Pokédex along with all my battling..."
"Oh! Right! Speaking of Pokédexes, <player>, you've probably never caught a wild Pokémon, right? I'll show you the ropes before I take you to the academy. Come with me!"
  • After leaving the private beach
"That's right, ma'am. Leave it to me!"
"Your mother's so nice, <player>! Oh! But I was going to teach you how to catch wild Pokémon! C'mon, vamos!"
"This way!"
Poco Path
"All right! This here is Poco Path! It's the path that leads to adventure for you and me!"
"Out here, things are different than in town. You're gonna see wild Pokémon out and about. They'll be on the path and in the grass and such!"
"Get too close to one, and you'll have to battle. But you've got Sprigatito/Quaxly/Fuecoco for that, right?"
"And if you want to try to catch a Pokémon, you gotta use... a good ol' Poké Ball!"
"I've got tons. Have a few!"
"Oooh, what luck! Time for some learning by doing! Try battling this Lechonk, <player>!"
If the player captures the wild Lechonk: "Hala! That was awesome! You caught the very first Pokémon you went for! I'm crummy when it comes to actually catching Pokémon. Maybe YOU should give ME tips!"
If the player defeats the wild Lechonk: "Nice! Defeating a Pokémon in battle will help Sprigatito/Quaxly/Fuecoco grow and get stronger! Next time, try throwing a Poké Ball when a Pokémon's riiight on the tip of being defeated. You'll have a decent chance at catching it then!"
If the player retreats: "Good call! If you know you can't win a battle, tactical retreats are what's up! When you've got the edge though, you can try catching the wild Pokémon in a Poké Ball!
If the player loses against the Lechonk: "Aw, you lost! Were you hesitating a little when it came time to attack? Sometimes seeing how strong you are will make wild Pokémon accept you. So don't be shy—battle hard and throw those Poké Balls!"
"Anyway, have some more Poké Balls just in case. Not every catch works out!"
"Weaken the Pokémon, then throw the Poké Ball! Remember that, and you'll be fine!"
"Now go battle those wild Pokémon and catch some of 'em!"
"Let's meet back up at that lighthouse over there! You can see our school from the top!"
If spoken to again: "If your Pokémon are getting tired out, I can heal 'em for ya! Oh, and if you get real good at catching Pokémon, gimme some advice! I'm not great at the actual "throw the Poké Ball" part."
  • After the catching tutorial
"Hey, <player>! You getting the hang of how to catch Pokémon OK?
"Let me see. So far you've caught—"
"Whoa! What was that?!"
"I've never heard that kind of cry before! Could be some strong Pokémon or something!"
"I say we find whatever made that cry! Let's take a look around, <player>!"
"Just be careful—there's a kinda unsafe cave not far from here, so steer clear!"
"And I know your Rotom Phone can help keep you safe, but watch your step by these cliffs anyway!"
Inlet Grotto
"Oyeee! <player>! There you are, <player>! You OK?! You're not hurt, right?"
I'm fine!/I'm managing!: "Thank goodness. I was really worried!"
"If you'd gotten hurt because I said we should go looking for whatever made that cry..."
"No, never mind that! Right now we've gotta focus on getting you back up here!"
"You've just gotta find some way to climb out of there! If you can get close enough, I'll try pulling you up with one of my Pokémon's moves!"
"Hey, what's that Pokémon in front of you?! It looks SUPER strong! Kinda seems like it's waiting for you... Does it want you to follow it?"
"Whoa! That was amazing! That Pokémon might be as strong as mine! Maybe stronger!"
"Hey, heads up—some pretty rough and rowdy Houndour live in this cave! I'm glad you've got your bodyguard, but watch your back! They're strong!"
"Oh my gosh, it straight up pulverized that rock! How powerful even IS it?! I wonder what that move was. Man, I wanna see it up close!"
"<player>, look out! Something's coming! Behind you—it's behind you!"
"Heeeeeey! Up here! Quick!"
"Way to go! For a second, I thought you were both goners!"
"Whoa?! What's wrong?!
"Maybe it used up all its power?"
"What is this Pokémon, anyway? It kinda looks like a Cyclizar, but I've never seen one quite like this before... And now it looks so different from a minute ago. You think it's OK?"
Hard to say/I don't know: "You can't tell either, huh, <player>?"
"Well, all that aside, I'm seriously glad to have you back up here in one piece!"
"You know...that battle down there was really something. You and this fella looked perfectly in sync facing down that Houndoom!"
"What?! You didn't even tell it what to do?"
"I guess it's not like you're this Pokémon's trainer yet, huh...
"Oh good! Looks like it perked up a little!"
"Do you think this fella was the one making that mysterious cry we heard before?"
"Oh man, oh man, oh man! The more I look at this Pokémon, the more mysterious it seems! If you do become its Trainer, you gotta let me battle against it!"
"Let's exchange numbers so we can get in touch if we somehow get separated again! And here—this'll let you teach your Pokémon a move to help it battle stronger opponents! Think before you use it, though! TMs can only be used once."
"You've both been through enough for a minute! I think we better take a breather. Let's just get to the lighthouse—that'll be a good spot to relax."
Poco Path
"Wait, I know you... Aren't you Arven? You're enrolled in the humanities track, right? And aren't you the son of that Pokémon researcher—Professor SadaS/Professor TuroV?"
"See, we heard this strange cry, and we tried to investigate, but <player> fell off a cliff..."
"That Pokémon saved him/her, but it seems like it wore itself out in the process. It got kinda... slumpy afterward. But you shoulda seen it before! It looked totally different—it was unbelievably strong!"
"KoraidonS/MiraidonV? Is that this Pokémon's name? How'd you know it?"
"Special how? What sort of Pokémon is it?"
If Arven defeated the player: "<player>... Were you going easy on him? You could have won that."
If the player defeated Arven: "Wow, <player>! That was awesome!"
"So why'd YOU have it?"
"What? Oye! Can you not hear me or something?"
"Fine, be that way! But you better actually show up for school!"
"What a weirdo... That Arven guy definitely knows more than he's letting on. Next time, he and I are battling! I'm gonna wring some answers outta him!"
"But oh, right—we gotta climb the lighthouse! Can't wait to show you the view of our school!"
  • After ascending the lighthouse
"Look, <player>! That's Mesagoza! And that huge building with the Poké Ball on it is our school!"
"It's gonna be so great having you in the same class, <player>!"
I'm looking forward to it!: "Right? I can't wait to get back. We're gonna learn so much...and battle so, so, SO much!"
But all that schoolwork...: "Don't think of it as schoolwork—think of it as tons of chances to learn about Pokémon battling!"
"Isn't it awesome what you can see from up here?"
"Mountains! Forests! Grasslands! Beautiful nature stuff, as far as the eye can see! And you know what's waiting for you all over these natural spaces? Tons of Pokémon! Consider this me officially telling you: welcome to Paldea!
"But anyway, like you can see, it's kind of a hike to get into school from here. Let's make it to Los Platos for starters. That's right on the way!"
"Vamos! C'mon!"
Los Platos
"Oye, <player>! Over here!"
"This here's a Pokémon Center!"
"You can come here to take care of a lot of things related to your Pokémon."
"But I'll leave the explanations to the pros here."
"LP comes in handy both at these machines and at stores! I've got a lot—here, have some!"
"Oh yeah, and some of these too!"
"And at the Union Circle, you can connect with other Trainers to find yourself some adventuring companions!"
"We will. Thanks!"
"Remember: "Had a rough adventure? Get to the Pokémon Center!" Sometimes you have to know this sort of stuff for quizzes at school. But mnemonics help out! Here's another one: "'R' you ready? Then Let's Go!" Goofy, sure, but it helps you remember you can send your lead Pokémon out with the R button!"
"That way, you can have the Pokémon that's walking with you go pick up items lying around or go battle on its own or other stuff like that!"
"Now, time to go. Once we leave Los Platos, we'll hit the best-known spot in the South Province's Area One: the massive hill on the way to school!"
"You'll usually find Trainers there who are just itching to battle. Good luck!"
South Province (Area One)
"Oyeee! <player>!"
"Didja battle some Trainers on the hill? Bet your Pokémon are getting stronger!"
"How about you show me how much you all have a battle?"
Sure thing!: "All right! Nothing like having a friend around!"
I don't know...: "If you're not sure, all the more reason to give it a shot! A nice battle will help us get to know each other better, too!"
"Come on, <player>! Let's have us a fruitful battle!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "You seem like you're getting better at this, so I'm comin' at you with TWO Pokémon this time!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "You really work your type matchups! I can tell how badly you wanna win!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "A critical hit?! Wow, nice one—I have a hard time landing those even when I try!"
After the player defeats her first Pokémon: "Wow, doing even better than I expected! You're legit, <player>!"
Upon Terastallizing her Pawmi: "Battling you is a blast! Think I better pull out my ace in the hole!"
After Terastallizing: "Terastallizing is always a solid strategy! It gives moves of the Pokémon's Tera Type more power!
After attacking the player's Pokémon with a not very effective move while Terastallized: "Terastallizing gives a real boost, see! Even when a move isn't very effective, look how hard it hits!"
After attacking the player's Pokémon with a super-effective move while Terastallized: "Terastallizing gives a real boost, see! Especially if a move was already super effective!
Upon being defeated: "Man, I can't believe how fast you're improving!"
  • After battle
If the player won: "Amazing! Look at you, taking on a Terastallized opponent and winning, no problem!"
If the player lost: "I guess the hill wore you out a bit, huh? Still, even if I did take the win this time, your moves weren't bad. Not bad at all!"
Either way, if Nemona Terastallized Pawmi in battle: "Come to think of it, you can't Terastallize your Pokémon yet, huh? Don't worry—I'll get you taken care of! You're so good with Pokémon battles, I forget how new you are to this stuff sometimes!"
"Anyway, it was fun to battle you! Here, have some Revives as thanks!"
"Now, Mesagoza's waiting just past this gate! At last, the city where our school is! There's a ton of hills and stairs and stuff in the city, so I'm gonna take a quick breather and then catch up with you soon!"
"All right, here I am! We finally made it, huh?"
"This is Mesagoza! The biggest city in Paldea! It's been a big trade hub since a long time ago."
"Lots of folks come here to learn about advances in technology and all kinds of other stuff."
"There's a hair salon where you can change your look, plus places with tasty food and fixings..."
"What do you want to see first, <player>?"
The hair salon!: "Oh, you're a fashionista, are you? Or maybe you just want a practical 'do that won't get in your eyes when you're battling!"
Tasty food!: "Hah! I didn't have you pegged for a big eater! But that's smart. You can't battle well with a growling tummy, right?"
"Oh, and speaking of battling..."
"I wanna be sure you'll be able to Terastallize your Pokémon too, <player>! There's a few things that gotta get done for that to happen, but I'll take care of 'em!"
"Meanwhile, you just have fun looking around the city a bit!"
"There's so much to do—grab a bite, buy some accessories to spice up your uniform..."
"If you want my personal recommendation, you've gotta see Delibird Presents! They sell handy items for Pokémon to hold."
"Once you've seen your fill, we can meet up again in front of the school! ready. The stairs up to school are no joke."
"Later, then! Get pumped for some Terastallizing!"
"Pero bueno! What do you think you're doing?!"
"I can't believe you, <player>! You don't have to go find randos to battle! You'll have all the battles you'll ever need...with me!"
That's really not what happened.../It was those Team Star punks...: "Wait—THEY picked a fight with YOU? Wow, I read that way wrong! Sorry!"
"I get it now. You two have got Team Star written all over you for sure! I bet you were trying to pressure people into signing up again, weren't you?"
"Well, that explains it. As head of the student council, stopping this type of nonsense would normally be MY job... But this is also the perfect chance for you to try my amazing and ultra-rare gift to you!"
"With this Tera Orb, you can Terastallize your Pokémon during battle!"
"Let's see. After it Terastallizes, I'm pretty sure your <first party member> will beee...a <first party member's Tera type> type!"
"Normally you've gotta take special classes to be able to get one of these Tera Orbs, but I put in a good word for you!"
"Now, time to give it a whirl! You'll learn to use it faster in battle than if I just explain it to you!"
"Got a problem? You wanna battle me instead?"
"Then take your places, and...battle!"
If the player defeated the Star Grunt without Terastallizing: "Nice, <player>! You didn't even have to bother Terastallizing your Pokémon!"
If you defeat the Star Grunt via Terastallizing: "Nice, <player>! You pulled off Terastallizing no problem!"
"Moves of your Pokémon's Tera Type will hit even harder when it's Terastallized, y'know! Sometimes you'll find a Pokémon whose Tera Type is totally different from its usual type. That difference can open up your strategic options!"
"Gotta charge your Tera Orb at a Pokémon Center after every use by healing up your team, though."
"So, yeah—Team Star is basically a group of students that like to kick up trouble. They hardly ever show up to class, and when they get together in groups, they're a real headache. Even the teachers don't know what to do with 'em, from what I hear..."
"Awww, look at you, <player>! Already becoming a big hero around campus!"
"I don't think I've seen that girl around. Maybe she's a new transfer, like you... That Eevee bag, though! Love that fluff!"
"Anyway, seems like the trouble's died down, so we'd better book it up to school!"
"Get ready to climb the worst staircase in the world!"
Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV
"Here we are, <player>! Welcome to Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV!"
"This here's the entrance hall!"
"You can sign up for all kinds of classes at the desk behind me, and those halls off to the sides lead to all different parts of the school."
"It's totally big enough to let loose and battle in here, but for some reason, they banned Pokémon battling in the main entrance..."
"Well, I know how to look after my friends! Right, <player>?"
"Oh! But speaking of which...we saw some of those Team Star kids in town, Director!"
"It was down the stairs from the front gates. They were hassling this kid with an Eevee backpack..."
"Actually, <player> flexed on 'em and ran 'em off."
"Uh... Right! Yes sir, Director!"
"You got it, sir!"
"We're in class 1-A, <player>! C'mon, I'll show you the way!"
  • In Class 1-A
"Me! I have a question!"
"You went to all the trouble of enrolling here, so spill, <player>... What do you hope to get out of it? You must have some kind of dream, right?"
I want to complete the Pokédex: "I'm glad I got you set up with that Pokédex app if you like collecting that much!"
I want to be a strong Trainer: "You will be! Oh, I just know it! You and me—we're going to get so strong battling together!"
I don't actually know: "Fair, I get it! The possibilities are endless, right? Who can decide!
  • In the staff room
"Sure thing! You can count on me. In fact, I bet this is gonna be fun!"
"Oh, <player>! Hey!"
Who was that?: "Piqued your interest, huh?"
She looked awesome!: "Good eye! She sure is!"
"That lady is... Well, they call her La Primera! She's strong, she can do pretty much anything, she's got cool practically coming out of her ears... She's basically everything I wanna be—or that any Pokémon Trainer would wanna be, really!"
"Oh! Which reminds me! Remember in homeroom when I asked you what your dream is?"
If the player chose "I want to complete the Pokédex": "Now, I know you said you're all about completing the Pokédex! But hear me out..."
If the player chose "I want to be a strong Trainer": "Well, since your heart's already set on becoming a really strong Trainer...I've got an idea for you!"
If the player chose "I don't actually know": "If you're still trying to decide what it is you're looking for...I've got an idea for you!"
"You should try to reach Champion Rank like me!
Yeah, I will!: "Oh wow! Hang on, though—I've got a whole spiel I wanna give you. Here goes..."
I don't know...: "Aww, but talent like yours deserves to be used! Hear me out..."
"The Trainers who reach Champion Rank are the ones who raise their Pokémon really strong. They're pro-tier battlers. Their moves keep crowds absolutely on the edge of their seats!"
"You have to prove yourself to the Pokémon League to officially get the title of Champion. And to do that, you have to do more than just take classes here."
"You've got to take on eight Pokémon Gyms and win so you can collect their Badge! Once you've done all that, all that's left is a special test—the Champion Assessment. And once you pass THAT, then at long last you'll be a Champion!"
"It's every Pokémon Trainer's dream! The coolest title anyone could ever hope to get! Not to brag or anything!"
"I reached Champion Rank during our last Treasure Hunt, you know!"
"Oh, the Treasure Hunt is a special independent study thing we've got here. Should happen soon! Our last one started not long after the beginning of this school year!"
"It's great! You get to leave school to go have an adventure and learn however you want!"
"I guess you could say my journey to becoming a Champion was the treasure I found...maybe? I dunno yet if that's the answer I'm looking for..."
"Anyway, I've got a feeling I'd be able to get even stronger if you and I were both working at it..."
"Lemme go ahead and save the Gyms' locations in your map app in case you decide to go for it!"
"Give it some thought!"
  • In the director's office
"Hellooo! 'Scuse me!"
"Oh! You're still here, <player>!"
"Oof. Getting called into the director's office? How'd you land in that much trouble already?! ...Naw, kidding! I know it wasn't like that."
"Mr. Jacq wanted me to show you the way to your room in the school dorms."
"Your very own private room, <player>! Let's go check it out!"
If the player attempts to go anywhere else: "Not there, you goofball!"
  • In the player's dorm room
"Ta-ta-tachán! From today on, this is your room, <player>!"
"Actually, it's as new to me as it is to you. Never been in here before."
"Maybe check out your new bed? Looks comfy. And you must be pretty worn out from all this stuff happening on your very first day, huh? A quick rest on a bed is all you need to get yourself and your Pokémon healthy again!"
"I'll see you tomorrow, when you've rested up. Then we can battle even more! Take care!"
  • The next day
"It's TIIIME!"
"I've been waiting FOREVER for this! C'mon, let's go out to the schoolyard!"
"We gotta go to the schoolyard! Director's orders!"
"What're you waiting for, <player>? Let's go!"
"<player>! <player>! The Treasure Hunt—it's finally starting!"
What do they mean by treasure?/What're we supposed to do?: "Yeah, fair question, since it's your first time! C'mon, let's walk and talk..."
"The Treasure Hunt is a huge part of the ;Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV school year. The point isn't to get us all looking for some actually hidden treasure, necessarily... We're more just making our own adventures to see what experiences Paldea's got to offer! You could try to beat Pokémon Gyms, you could help out people in need... You could hunt for real capital-T treasure if you wanted, even! There's stuff we'd never learn sitting in a classroom, y'know? This is our chance to learn it!"
"Plus there's so many chances to battle, which is obviously perfect for me!"
"You and me for sure gotta battle if we run into each other out there! Hope you're ready!"
Yes/No: "Oh yeah—battling can wait. I meant to tell you..."
"Did you know your phone's map lets you set yourself destinations? You could try setting one of the Gyms as your destination! That'd get you on your way easy!"
"Ay! A-Arven?!"
"Insider advantage? Sheesh, you make it sound like we're cheating or something! All I did was suggest that he/she check out the gyms. It's up to <player> whether he/she goes."
"En serio? Don't go filling his/her head with weird stories!"
"Wait one second! Who are you supposed to be?! And Team Star—those punks are a serious hazard! They're not <player>'s problem!"
"How do you know my—?"
"<player>... I'm glad you're making plenty of friends here, but try not to get dragged into anything dangerous."
"Anyway! No more weird vibes—we've got a big adventure to start! I'm gonna battle every single Pokémon Trainer I meet!"
"If I just keep trying to become the strongest, I bet that experience will be the thing I treasure!"
"Guess I'll start by heading to a Gym and training up some new Pokémon! Here, I'll send you a pic of what the Gym buildings look like!"
"Oh, and... I know we've been running our mouths, but it's your call what to do, <player>. Go where you want, and do what it is you really wanna do the most!"
"Oh my gosh! Did it just come out 'cause you said "sandwich"? Hahaha! It seems like it wants to start moving... Is it telling you to get on, <player>?"
"Whoa, it transformed! Now it REALLY looks like some kinda weird Cyclizar! Long as you've got KoraidonS/MiraidonV, you can go pretty much anywhere. Paldea's your Cloyster!"
"But since <player> is ACTUALLY headed to take on some Gyms, I'd say go for the west gate! Besides, it's way too easy to get lost out east!"
"I'll head to a Gym. See you around, <player>!"
If the player approaches the west exit of Mesagoza: "Hey! It's me, Nemona!"
"We should call and catch each other up on how things are going from now on!"
"You decided to set out heading west from the school, right, <player>? Starting from there, you'll be pretty close to Cortondo. That's where you'll find the Bug-type Gym! You can go take on the Gym leader if you want! I'm sure you can beat her, <player>!"
"Good luck! I'll call ya soon!"
First Gym
"Oh, hey! <player>!"
"Came to see this Gym, huh? That can only mean one thing... You're out to earn some Gym Badges and take on the Pokémon League, aren't you?!"
Yes: "Yesss! I knew it! I'm so glad I asked you to do it!"
No: "Yeah, sure you're not! Just came to the Gym for some sight-seeing, right? Hah! You fibber!"
"Before you can battle the Gym Leader, you've gotta pass a certain challenge set by them—their Gym Test. Every Gym's test is different. If you ask the lobby staff about it, they'll tell you what's up!"
"Here, have these! When you use 'em, consider it me healing up your Pokémon!"
"Ahhh, I'm so glad you're aiming to be a Champion, too! This is the best news ever! Man, I'm so excited, I can barely stand still... Guess I'll just go battle every Trainer I run into!"
  • After defeating the first Gym Leader
"Hey hey, <player>!"
"Just had to tell you—my Pokémon are learning some pretty cool new moves! Be ready!"
"How'd it go at the Gym, by the way?"
I passed!: "Yesss! Hah haaa! I mean, it was obvious you were gonna pass, but congrats!"
Pretty rough...: "Pfft! Sure, you big joker! I bet you walked out with a badge, didn't you?"
"I'm so glad I encouraged you to take on the Gyms. Nice job, past me!"
"I'm training hard too, by the way—day and night! Going all over the place to boot!"
"Thank goodness we've got the map app. It helps a ton with figuring out where to go next—especially in a huge place like Paldea! After all, the path to getting stronger usually has some strange stops and detours!"
"Hm. Speaking of going strange places, I wonder what Arven's up to..."
"Anyway, catch you later! I hope you know I'm gonna want a battle if we run into each other!"
Second Gym
"Vaya! <player>?!"
"It's so wild that we ended up randomly visiting the same Gym at the same time—again! What a weird coincidence..."
"I swear I'm not just sneaking ahead of you so I can lie in wait and go, "Oh wow, weird, might as well battle now that you're here! No, seriously! Look, to prove it, I won't even challenge you to a battle this time! Much as I'd like to..."
"But look at you and your Pokémon! It's/They've definitely gotten stronger since last time!"
"Add these to the mix, and you'll be 100 percent set to go, no problem!"
"I'll be cheering for ya! I'll go train, like, maybe 20 Pokémon or so while you tackle the Gym!"
Third Gym
  • Before starting the Gym Test
"Hey, <player>! It's meee!"
"How's the Gym journey? Which one are you going for now?"
"Wait, seriously? I'm close by! Hang on, I'll come say hi."
"Hey hey! There you are!"
"Look at you with two Gym Badges already. Awesome!"
"And this is the Gym you chose to be number three, huh?"
"Well, you're up to the challenge for sure! But, like, just to be safe... you probably better have a pre-Gym warm-up battle with me!"
Yeah, let's!: "Yeeeah! There's that enthusiasm!"
Maybe not: "I reeeally think you'll be glad you had some practice. This Gym Leader's tough!"
"Now, let's go!"
"C'mon, the field of battle awaits!"
"Before you take on a Gym, it's good to see if you can find the battle court in town and check it out. It helps to see where the court is, what it's made of—stuff like that. Those things might affect how the battle goes!"
"Y'know, <player>, one look at your face, and it's obvious that you're getting even stronger!"
"I think it's time I started introducing you to some of my harder hitters!"
"All right... Ready?"
"Let's have us a fruitful battle!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Think of this as a practice run for your next Gym battle. Come at me with everything you got!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "Oooh, nice moves! Your skills sure are ripening!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "Maybe people who can throw Poké Balls better are better at landing critical hits, too..."
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "Don't pat yourself on the back just yet! My next Pokémon's gonna turn the tables!
Upon Terastallizing her starter: "Since you have a Tera Orb too, we can both Terastallize our Pokémon fair and square!
Upon first using her starter's same-type move: "Let's try out that new move of yours!"
Water Pulse: Use Water Pulse, Quaxwell!"
Incinerate: "Use Incinerate, Crocalor!"
Magical Leaf: "Use Magical Leaf, Floragato!"
Upon being defeated: "Hahaha! Yup, your skills are ripening quick!"
  • After battle
If the player won: "Man, you sure battle like someone with more than two Gym Badges!"
If the player lost: "Oof, sorry! That's my bad for sending out such strong Pokémon."
"Well, that was a great battle! Fruitful for sure!"
"Here, take these as thanks!"
"I'd challenge you again literally right now...but Champions have to be understanding. So I'll hang back and respect your time!"
"Keep on collecting badges for now, and let's battle next time we run into each other at a Gym!"
"And, <player>? I hope you get even stronger. Like, way...way...WAY stronger! And once you do, you and me can just battle our hearts out!"
"All right, time for you to whup that Gym Test. Thanks for this!"
Fourth Gym
  • After defeating the fourth Gym Leader
"Oh, <player>! Hola!"
"Caught you just as you finished up in here, huh? Nice work!"
"That puts you four badges in now, right? Man, that's awesome!"
"I can't believe you're halfway through your Gym journey already! Your efforts are bearing so much fruit so quickly!"
"It makes me wanna just challenge you to a battle right here, right now!"
"But...I'm gonna have to wait. 'Cause I put together my team of Pokémon specifically to take on the Gym Leader... Dang it!"
"When I battle you, I wanna do it under the best possible conditions! Which means this time, I've gotta ask for a rain check."
"Guhhh, this is the worst timing ever! Sorry, <player>! Forgive me! Forgive meee!"
Fifth Gym
  • Before starting the Gym Test
"Heeey, <player>!"
"I saw you going into the Gym and came running!"
"Listen, I'm really sorry I couldn't battle you last time we ran into each other."
"Wait—don't get me wrong! I didn't chase you down just to battle you!"
"Then again...I guess I wouldn't MIND a battle or anything, if you wanted to... What do you say?"
Sure!: "Yesss! Battle tiiime! You and me, <player>!"
Maybe not: "C'mon! It'll just be, like, a really short battle! I'll only use four Pokémon! I promise!"
"Wait, hold on... I wanna be sure to pick the right Pokémon for where you're at in your journey."
"Sorry, gimme a sec to fine-tune my team! Then we can battle!"
"In fact, while you're waiting, go ahead and take on the Gym!"
  • After defeating the fifth Gym Leader
"Hey hey, player! I've got my team all picked out!"
"And I saw you battling the Gym Leader! You just keep getting better!"
"Whoa! Wait! La Primera? With <player>?"
Why do you call her that?/Is that important?: "Wait, did I forget to give you the full explanation?!"
"Everyone calls Ms. Geeta "La Primera" because she's just that—she's the real number one, even higher than us regular Champions... She's the Top Champion!"
"I thought you were too busy to spend your time checking in on Gyms!"
"Whoaaa. I look away for one second and you're famous, <player>?!"
"But hey—I found <player> first!"
"You may be La Primera, but you can't go stealing him/her from me!"
"That's right! C'mon, <player>. Time for our battle!"
"Quick, let's gooo! The battlefield's callin'!"
"Huh? What is it?"
"Oooh, haha! Totally fine by me!"
"Sounds fun, right, <player>?"
"You remember how it all works, right? Once you get badges from all the get to throw down against the strongest Pokémon Trainers around!"
"Collecting eight Gym Badges sets you up to take the Champion Assessment. If you can face the challenge of the final examiner and win, you'll become a Champion!"
"Just imagine how that moment would feel. Try getting into that Champion mindset!"
"Now, set your sights on reaching that big, important stage...and let's battl—"
"Sorry! Got a little caught up in my battle hunger."
"Well, you should all be in great shape now thanks to La Primera!"
"OK, <player>. Time to put our game faces back on!"
"Let's have us another fruitful battle!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "I know La Primera's watching, but no need to get worked up. Just stay cool!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "Oof, that was a good one! Your move really had some zing to it!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "Whoa—a critical hit, right when it counts! Luck's on your side for sure!"
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "Haha, wow! You seeing this, Primera? I'm getting backed right into a corner!"
Upon Terastallizing her starter: "Time to Terastallize! Watch—I'm gonna make La Primera's eyes light up!"
Upon first using her starter's same-type move: "OK, I'm pulling out all the stops! Get ready—I wanna see you stand up to this!"
If the player defeats Nemona: "People are gonna start paying more and more attention to you—I just know it!"
  • After battle
If the player won: "Now even La Primera thinks you're one to watch. You've got so much potential! The way you're going, I better watch my back!"
If the player lost: "Did battling in front of La Primera give you the jitters, maybe? Well, I might've won, but it was obvious how much you've bonded with your Pokémon!"
"Y'know, since the first time we met, I've been weirdly sure of one thing..."
"You're gonna become a Champion—no doubt about it, <player>!"
"The rest of these Gyms? You can take 'em! Hundred percent, no problem!"
"One day, <player>, you and me are gonna have the greatest battle of all! I know it!"
"I'm gonna go train up—even more than I already have been!"
Seventh Gym
  • Before starting the Gym Test
"Hey, I heard the good news! Congrats on Gym Badge number six! Not even a tenth of the Trainers who take on the Gyms get this far, y'know!"
"But I'm not surprised that you made it. I just KNEW there was a reason you caught my eye!"
Thanks!: "Oh please! I should be the one thanking you!"
I don't know...: "Well, trust me—I could tell from our very first battle you were gonna grow seriously strong!"
"Aaanyway...I bet you could use a little warming up before you take on the Gym, huh?"
"C'mon! You know the drill by now!"
"Ta-ta-tachán! Here's our battle court for today!"
"OK, right... Mm-hmm! Always important to check what environment your Pokémon'll be battling in!"
"The battlefield can have these teeny effects on your Pokémon's balance and stuff, y'know?"
"Anyway, sorry I sorta dragged you here. But a little pre-Gym warming up should do you good!"
"Now c'mon, <player>! Let's have us a fruitful battle!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Show me the battle skills that got you six badges!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "That stung...but you're not the only one who can hit hard when it counts!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "That's the thrill of battles—you never know what's gonna happen next!"
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "Trading attacks on the brink of winning or losing gives me chills! Let's see who gets the win!"
Upon Terastallizing her starter: "Here comes the fun part! Time to make this Tera Orb shine!"
Upon first using her starter's same-type move: "Get ready—this move is gonna hit with the force of all my training!"
If the player defeats Nemona: "I knew I was right to believe in you!"
  • After battle
If the player won: "That's an L for me! Man, you've gotten so good!"
If the player lost: "That's a W for me! You battled real well, though!"
"I think that should be enough of a warm-up!"
"You and your Pokémon should be all set now. Here—take these as thanks for the battle!"
"There's just two Gyms remaining. Then all that'll be left is to try out to be a Champion! Give it all you got!"
"Now let's get you back to the Gym lobby!"
Eighth Gym
  • Before starting the Gym Test
"It's finally time for your last Gym, right? I heard from Rika!"
"But I'm zero percent worried about you. I know you got this!"
"Even La Primera seems like she wants to keep an eye on you..."
"Maybe I'll go find her so we can cheer you on together when you battle the Gym Leader!"
"So go have a battle that's fruitful for you AND for the crowd!"
  • After defeating the eighth Gym Leader
"<player>! <first party member>! You did it! Aaah, I'm so happy for you! This is the best!"
"I know I said I wasn't worried, but my heart was still pounding the whole time!"
"Seriously. Pat yourself on the back—you beat every single Gym!"
"Which means..."
"Yeah—hurry up and get to my rank! I'm itching for a battle of equals!"
"I've gotta take the time while you're facing the Pokémon League to fine-tune my Pokémon's moves and revamp all my tactics!"
"Well, good luck, <player>! And wish me luck, too!"
Pokémon League
"<player>! <player>!"
"Oh man, I can tell just looking at you! You did it, right? You became a Champion?"
No: "Ha, you've got jokes! But seriously—you did become a Champion, right?"
No: "C'mon, it's me! You don't have to lie! Just tell me—you became a Champion, right?!"
No: "OK, wait! You DID become a Champion, though, didn't you?!"
No: "You! Champion! Yes?!"
Yes: "Ha haaa! I knew all along!"
"I got word from La Primera when you cleared the Elite Test!"
"Oh man, <player>! I'm a Champion, and now, you're a Champion! Which means we're true equals! You and me, both Champion-ranked Trainers! This is amazing!"
"Now that you've made it here, I've got one thing to say."
"Let's you and me be best rivals for life!"
No: "Oops! Couldn't hear you! I'll say it again: let's you and me be best rivals for life!"
No: "Sorry, not going to stop until I hear a yes— let's you and me be best rivals for life!"
No: "OK, wait! You WILL be my rival, won't you?!"
No: "You! Me! Rivals! Yes?!"
Yes: "YESSS! Toma ya!"
"All right! You know what rivals do? Battle their absolute hearts out! I'm gonna hit you with EVERYTHING this time! You ready?!"
"Huh? What's the matter, Primera?"
"Urk. Right... There I go getting overexcited again! Sorry, <player> and <first party member>."
"Hmm... Now that you mention it, that's a good point."
"In that case, can we use one of the Pokémon League battle courts?"
Out behind your house: "Haha! Our beach out back, huh? Yeah, the place where we had our first battle might work. But on the other hand, to me it's just kind of... my backyard, y'know? A little ordinary. Anyplace else come to mind?"
Mesagoza: "Mesagoza? Oooh, good call! The place where we set out on our journey!"
The Treasure Eatery: "Ah, are you thinking of it 'cause it's got the Medali Gym's battle court? I guess it does bring back memories...of Larry..."
"That reminds me, <player>...Remember back when Director Clavell explained the Treasure Hunt? Y'know how he told us to go in search of our own treasure?"
"Well, I know what treasure I got out of all this: I found a true rival—someone who can stand up to me at my full capabilities. That's right—I mean you! I'm so glad I got to meet you, <player>!"
"Anyway, that being said... I'll be waiting for you at the battle court in Mesagoza's central plaza! See ya there!"
"Any second now...Ah! There you are, <player>!"
"You ready for a battle between Champions? 'Cause all these folks here seem ready to watch. Word got around, I guess!"
"And out of every single person gathered here...I'm the most excited by a mile!"
"The stage is set! It's my all-out power...versus your strength in full fruition!"
"Let's see who comes out on top!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Finally, the thing I've waited all this time for! Time to begin our greatest battle of all!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "To think I helped teach you type matchups— and now you're using 'em to put the hurt on me!"
After first landing a super-effective move on the player's Pokémon: "How do you like my REAL hard hits? Man, it feels good to finally let loose!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "A critical hit at a critical moment! That goes beyond luck—you've got some kind of gift!"
After first landing a critical hit on the player's Pokémon: "See that crit? I clinched that through sheer determination to win!"
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "It's all down to this—my last Pokémon. We're gonna fight with everything we've got!"
Upon Terastallizing her starter: "Shine blazingly bright, my greatest treasure!"
Upon ferst using her starter's same-type move: "Get ready to see how strong Quaquaval/Skeledirge/Meowscarada has grown since the day we all met!"
  • After battle
"This is legit incredible! You're the strongest out there, <player>!"
"I mean, you knocked me flat, and I was giving you absolutely everything I had!"
"Everything I...I...Ha haaa! Hahaha!"
"Oh man. Pokémon battling, am I right? It's so much better—so much more fun than I ever even knew!"
"Thanks for that incredible match. You beat me for real this time!"
"Now let's give ourselves a minute and have a quick break, <player>...before round two!"
"Which Pokémon should I bring out this time? Decisions, decisions!"
Zero Gate
"Hola, <player>!"
"Arven said there'd be tons of strong Pokémon, so here I am!
"Spoken like a guy who wants to get beaten in a battle!"
"But more importantly—why's it so dark? And where're the awesome Pokémon?!"
"Well, NOW the lights are on!"
"Oh! It's you—the kid with the fluffy Eevee bag!"
"Well, hey! We never got to actually talk! I'm Nemona! I'm in class 1-A! You must be some kind of tech whiz! Do you like Pokémon battling too?!"
"What? That's Professor SadaS/Professor TuroV?!"
"Of course, Professor! Oh my gosh, it's such an honor to meet you in person! I mean, maybe not "in person" exactly..."
"Must not be..."
"I wonder if the professor's any good at Pokémon battling..."
"Oooh! It opened for us automatically!"
"I can't wait to see what Pokémon live down in Area Zero! Let's go!"
"Whoa-ho-ho! Look, <player>! This is even higher up than looking down from the top of a lighthouse!"
"What's the matter with it?"
"Well, no wonder! But no need to be scared if we go together!"
Area Zero
"E-everyone! You have to see this!"
"Area Zero is AMAZING! Come on already!"
"Aw, you were worried about us? That's so sweet!"
"Yesss! Let's disable the four locks and get into that lab!"
"Sounds kinda video-gamey when you say it out loud, huh?"
"Come on, time to find our way to the deepest part of Area Zero!"
  • While walking
"Normally we'd never be able to get in here to see it for ourselves!"
"Huh...? Wait, where'd KoraidonS/MiraidonV go?"
"En serio? That's not good."
"OK, come on, you two! This is an adventure! Let's just have a good time!"
"So, Penny! How'd you wind up friends with <player>, anyway?"
"Guau! So he/she helped you out too while he/she was tackling all the Gyms? That's awesome!"
"<player> and I are classmates! Neighbors back home, too!"
"Plus, I said he/she should aim to be a Champion, and he/she did it! So now I've got a Champion bud!"
"Hahaha! Guess we're all in the "buds with <player>" club!"
  • Approaching Research Station No. 1
"Oh! I bet that's what we're looking for!"
"That must be one of the buildings the professor was talking about!"
"Wow, you have such a great memory, Penny!"
"That's a Pokémon La Primera uses! I didn't know that species could be found in the Great Crater!"
"Come on, <player>! Let's take it on together!"
After the player and Nemona defeat a wild Glimmora:
"Are there gonna be a lot more of these rare Pokémon down here, you think?"
"Easy, you two! Let's just head inside the research station."
If the player tries to walk away from the building: "Hey, <player>! Don't you think this might be one of those research station things? We should see if we can get in!"
  • At Research Station No. 1
"Wow! Are these ancient ruins?!"
"So that's why there's a bed!"
"Looks like we can use this place to rest up if we need to!"
If spoken to again: "Looks like you could get a decent rest on the bed here if you and your team get tired. Although it looks kinda...mildewy..."
If the player tries to leave without disabling a lock: "Where're you going? Don't we still need to disable that lock?"
  • While walking
"Penny! Shhh!"
"That's the spirit, you two!"
"Really? What kind of Pokémon was it?!"
"You sure it wasn't just a Pokémon that's a little more, I dunno, rampageyS/robotyV than average?"
"It was that strong, huh?"
"Then I really hope I get to see it!"
  • Approaching Research Station No. 2
"Phew! Let's... Let's head in and...take a breather..."
"Heh heh... Hoo... I'm just full of surprises!
"It was definitely kinda...ferociousS/mechanical-lookingV for a JigglypuffS/DelibirdV, wasn't it?"
  • At Research Station No. 2
"Well, this looks pretty much the same as the first research station."
"Seems like wild Pokémon don't come in here. We should be safe to catch our breath!"
"So they...aren't actually Pokémon?"
"What do you think, <player>?"
I don't think they're regular Pokémon: "Hmm, maybe... They definitely do look different, at least. And I've never seen any of 'em in a Pokédex, either."
I think they really are just Pokémon: "Yeah, same! I mean, they LOOK different, sure, but they use moves and battle just like the Pokémon we know!"
"What?! That's AWESOME!"
If spoken to again: "I can't believe I get to battle Pokémon from a whole different era! This is incredible! I'm so glad I came here with you!"
  • While walking
"My parents? Normal, I guess."
"Wait, how do you know that?!"
"Ugh! No! No way! That's so not my thing."
"Though, yeah..."
"I guess you could say Mother and Father were, like...hands-off but in a good way?"
"My big sister'll probably take over the business, so they pretty much let me do what I wanted."
"Gaah! Cállate, Penny! What, is your family super normal, then?"
"Like super overprotective, you mean?"
"Uhhhhhh...<player>! How 'bout you? Your mother seemed super nice."
"Yup! Got a glimpse of an amazing-looking sandwich she made, too!"
  • Approaching Research Station No. 3
"Nice! We get to chill for a minute!"
"Ha! Oh, Penny. Such a worrywart!"
"Whoa, you've battled one of these before, Arven? It looks seriously strong!"
"You two got to meet one of these Pokémon before our crater get-together? Jealous!"
  • At Research Station No. 3
"Aaand made it to station number three!"
"How we doing after all that walking and battling and whatnot? Anyone need a rest?"
"You feeling rough, Penny?"
"Huh... I think you're onto something! It is kinda giving off ancientS/futureV vibes. Even its name sounds...past-yS/future-yV!"
"Wait a sec—I totally forgot! Hey, Arven! You had Koraidon'sS/Miraidon'sV ball! And you told us about its forms in the first place! You must know something about it, right?!"
"What if they're family?! The other one could still be somewhere in Area Zero, waiting to finally be reunited with our KoraidonS/MiraidonV!"
"Exactly! Imagine how thrilled they'll be if we can get the family back together after all this time!"
"You can leave any wild Pokémon up to me! I'll have 'em beat in no time so we can march on!"
  • While walking
"So Koraidon'sS/Miraidon'sV an ancientS/futureV Pokémon... No wonder no one's seen it before!"
"<player>! You've gotta let me battle KoraidonS/MiraidonV right now!"
"Oh. Right..."
"So that's why you knew so much about it!"
"You should be sorry! Shoot—that's, like, the coolest thing ever, and you didn't tell any of us!"
"So KoraidonS/MiraidonV came to our age through the time machine..."
"Then it lived here awhile with the professor? Along with another one of its kind?"
"So we...brought it back home, kind of! Or to its second home, at least!"
"Awww, that's great! A chance to unwind and bask in the familiarity!"
"Really? I thought it was just scared 'cause we were so high up."
"Aw, Penny..."
"But that's so sad! We gotta do something to make it feel better!"
"And no, I'm NOT just saying that 'cause I super badly wanna battle KoraidonS/MiraidonV myself!"
  • Approaching Research Station No. 4
"Oh my gosh, look at all these huge, gorgeous crystals! They go all the way to the bottom!"
"Oh, good call! Watch your step!"
"This place looks unreal. Maybe there really is treasure down here like the stories say!"
  • At Research Station No. 4
"Whoa, what happened? This place is a mess!"
"Why is everything in here all busted up?"
"The professor must be having some...some weird connection problems or something, huh?"
"Looking at the damage, I have a feeling...maybe some ferocious Pokémon battled here..."
"What do you mean, Arven...?"
  • While walking
"Maybe it was just a little dramatic flair to get us all jazzed for more adventuring!"
"Yeah! Maybe even big-time jazzed!"
"What's wrong, Arven?"
  • Outside the Zero Lab
"We made it! Ready to see if those legends of treasure down here are for real?!"
"That's where you are, right, Professor?"
"You've got me and <player> here! Doesn't matter what we're up against. We'll be fine!"
"Huh? Why? We're finally on the cusp of getting into the lab!"
"Yeah, if KoraidonS/MiraidonV were like how we first saw it in the Inlet Grotto, that'd be a huge help!"
"I wanna see it battle!"
"That's pretty sensible by your standards, Arven!"
"Go on, <player>! Let KoraidonS/MiraidonV out!"
No: "C'mon, it'll be fine! Even if KoraidonS/MiraidonV can't fight, I'll protect it! OK?"
"The family reunion! It's happening!"
"Huh? What's wrong?"
"Are you bummed that your heartwarming family reunion got cut off so quickly?"
"Wait, for real?!"
"But didn't the professor say the dangerous Pokémon would come out from inside?"
"We're surrounded!"
"Then I guess it's my turn! I've been waitin'!"
"C'mon, <player>! Let's do this together!"
"Wow, they're strong! Now THIS is a worthwhile challenge!"
"Oh no! They're running away!"
"If those Pokémon get out, we're gonna have a gigantic mess on our hands!"
"We gotta go after 'em, Penny!"
"Waaaiiit! Hah... Hah..."
Zero Lab
"Did you already beat all the baddies without me?!"
"Is another army of Pokémon on its way here?!"
"Wait, what?!"
  • When the player is in battle against the Paradise Protection Protocol
"It's true—our Poké Balls won't work! How are we even supposed to battle?!"
"It changed into its battle form! Let's go, KoraidonS/MiraidonV—you got this!"
"Oh man, can we really not pull off a win here? This doesn't look good..."
"Go for it, <player>! Time to Terastallize and use Tera Blast!"
  • After the player has defeated the Paradise Protection Protocol
"What?! You can't just leave now—right when we finally reached you!"
"Arven... You OK, bud?"
"I guess KoraidonS/MiraidonV is sad, too... Oh, but that battle form! How cool is that? It's so strong!"
"Hey now, let's not skip over the big win here! <player> and KoraidonS/MiraidonV just saved all of Paldea!"
"What should we do now, <player>?"
Let's go home: "You said it! C'mon, everyone! Let's make our way home!"
Let's head on out: "You said it! C'mon, everyone! Let's get outta here and make our way home!"
  • Leaving Area Zero
"OK! Everybody, listen up!"
"Let's take the long road home...and get a little more fun out of this adventure!"
Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV
  • In the director's office
"Guess we'll find out soon enough!"
"Heh. You've got us there."
"Oooh! I know how we should celebrate! We should hold a Pokémon battle contest!"
"La Primera?!"
"Whoaaa! We'd get to battle the TEACHERS! You'd compete too, right, Primera?!"
"Awww! Can't you free up some time somehow?"
"You get to have all-out battles with the Gym Leaders?! Man, I'm jealous..."
"This is awesome, <player>!"
"Show this inspection thing who's boss so that La Primera can join our tournament, OK? And enjoy taking another swing at the Gym gauntlet while you're at it!"
"I'll take care of filling out the forms and other administrative stuff so the ball gets rolling on the tournament in the meantime!"
  • In the player's dorm room
"Hey, <player>!"
"I'm so glad we juuust managed to get everything ready for the Academy Ace Tournament."
"Oh yeah—that's what we decided to officially name the tournament! It's a good name, right? Fitting, memorable?"
"But then Arven went and said we should call it the "School Battle Brawl"...And then even Director Clavell got into calling it that, so now I'm just like...agh!"
"Anyway, how you feelin', <player>? In the mindset to do some winning?"
Yes: "There's that enthusiasm! Show us what a Champion's made of!"
No: "Pffft, ha! The old "nooo, I'm still sleepy" routine? Good joke!"
"It's so cool that La Primera's gonna make a guest appearance, thanks to your hard work!"
"I wish I didn't have my hands full with all the behind-the-scenes admin stuff."
"I won't even get to do any battling myself...But I'll seize the chance to do some objective research into what makes YOU so good!"
"Anyway, let's get going. I'll meet you at the front desk in the entrance hall! No stalling!"
  • In the entrance hall
"There you are, <player>."
"You've gotta go through the application process with a staffer before you can actually participate in the tournament!"
"Ready for that explanation now, mister!"
"Thanks very much!"
"We hashed out the tournament rules with help from Director Clavell."
"Based on the number of entrants so far, you'd probably have to win four times to take it all!"
"Don't forget you might go up against the faculty, too. They're tough good luck and go be even tougher!"
"The only person allowed to beat you is me!"
Academy Ace Tournament
  • First time
"<player>! You did it! You DID it!"
"Oh my gosh, YES! This is everything I wanted!"
"Absolutely! I wouldn't miss it for anything!"
  • Before battle
"Yesss! You and me, bringin' it home for the finale, <player>! I'm so psyched! Time for us Champions to let loose!"
  • In battle
Upon sending out last Pokémon: "You're doing awesome! But my last Pokémon is gonna clinch us the win!"
Upon Terastallizing: "Time to Terastallize! Get ready for a bright, shiny beatdown!"
When Nemona uses her starter's same-type move: "I'm about to hit you with all I've got! But I know you're ready for it, rival!"
If the player defeats Nemona: "Well, that stinks, but I still had fun! I'll getcha next time!"
  • After battle
Upon being defeated: "That battle was the best! Thanks—I mean it. And hey, you went and won it all! Felicidades!"
Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV
  • In the entrance hall
"<player>! You DID it! Congratulations on winning it all!"
"I'm so happy, it almost made me forget the pain of everyone using Arven's stupid "School Battle Brawl" name!"
"Oh yeah—here's your prize! Director Clavell told me he got caught up in all the excitement and forgot to give it to you!"
"So I guess you get the strongest-in-the-school throne for now, <player>. Keep it warm for me!"
"I'm gonna be in the tournament next time, and I'll be coming right for ya!"
"Whenever you feel like entering the tournament again, just talk to the staffer at the front desk."
"Y'know, <player>... I've relished every day since you moved here to Paldea and became my rival. I'm so glad I met you. I mean it!"
Me too—I mean it!/It's been great!: "Heh! C'mon. Don't make me blush!"
"Anyway, I'll be seeing you on the battle court... for a good long time to come!"
  • In the schoolyard
"Oooh—hey, <player>!"
"Great timing! I've been having the hardest time lining up opponents to battle! But now I found you—in the schoolyard, no less! It'd be silly NOT to battle! Whaddya say?"
Sure!: "I knew I could count on you!"
Well...: "Pfft, haha! You kidder, pretending like you're not itching to battle! C'mon, let's get down to it."
"Ahhh, good stuff!"
"Gotta step up my game so I'll be ready anytime for that Academy Ace Tournament!"
"I know I sprang my battle fever on you out of nowhere. Thanks for being up for it!"
  • In the cafeteria
"So you're good for a battle, right? Great! Meet you at the schoolyard in a minute?"
"Yep, that's me!"
"<player>! Hola!"
Who was that?/Friend of yours?: "Oh, him? Dunno who he was!"
"I was just munching my sandwich and I heard him bragging about his tough Pokémon, so I invited him to battle!"
"I wonder what Pokémon he's gonna use? Can't wait to see!"
"Wait, I forgot to get his contact info! How are we supposed to plan when we'll face off?"
"Oh well. I'll make sure we battle next time I run into him!"
"Anyway, guess you came to get some grub, huh?"
"Well, I'm not one to stand between someone and their meal! Catch you later!"
  • In the school store
"Better stock up real good on Poké Balls while I'm here..."
"Oh my gosh, listen to this. Remember that guy from the cafeteria?"
"I ran into him again in the entrance hall, so I asked him to battle...but he said no!"
"He was like, "What's the point? You're a Champion and a battle whiz—you'd wreck me!" I don't get what he meant! I mean, you can have fun battling even if you lose, right?"
Yeah, you can: "For real! I mean, sure, no one loves losing, but it's definitely not pointless. It teaches you stuff!"
Winning's nice, though...: "Yeeeah, I guess so... Obviously I'd rather win than lose, but I just think it's better to go into things with a "losing can be fun, too" attitude!"
"Man... Pokémon battles can get so complicated sometimes."
"Oh, and I wish he hadn't called me a whiz! I work hard at this stuff. It's not like it all just comes naturally to me! Like, throwing Poké Balls obviously doesn't come naturally to me, for one thing..."
"I think I need a mental reset. I'm gonna go find someone to battle!"
"See you soon, <player>!"
  • In Class 1-A
"There you are, <player>!"
"I had a feeling you'd turn up if I hung out here for a while..."
"And lo and behold, I was right!"
"Well, now that I've found you, we should swing by my room and have a chat!"
  • In her dorm room
"Ta-ta-tachán! Welcome to the Zona Nemona!"
It's so tidy!/It's very you!: "Aw, thank— Wait a sec... I know we've been to YOUR room before...But have I never had you over here? Wild!"
"Anyway, uh... Listen, <player>. You know how I, well..."
"You know how I really like Pokémon battles? Like, really, REALLY like 'em?"
Yeah, you sure do/I noticed: "Cool. And yeah, you know how when you really like something, you dive in deep?"
"That's what I did with Pokémon battles, and I... just kinda became a Champion?"
"But then I found out that's pretty special—that normally, it's not so simple for most people."
"People would tell me to my face that I'd only managed it 'cause I have some innate gift, or 'cause I was raised differently, or whatever. And suddenly I started to feel like there was this invisible wall between me and everyone else."
"So I started going easy when I'd battle my friends. I just wanted everyone to have fun."
"Oh, but don't worry, I'm not doing that anymore! I'm going 100-percent all out!"
"Especially since I'm lucky enough to have an opponent around who can beat me even when I'm in full hard-core mode!"
"So just promise me one thing, OK, <player>? Promise you'll always stay my equal! You and me, true rivals!"
You know it!/That's what friends are for!: "Heh heh. You're the best, <player>. Thank you!"
"Oof, that got pretty personal! Little bit embarrassed over here..."
"Anyway! Since we're equals, I gotta start having you over as much as we hang out in your room!"
"Feel free to burst on into the Zona Nemona whenever you want!"
"And get ready for the Academy Ace Tournament, 'cause I'm gonna stomp ya this time!"
If spoken to again: "I'm making my Pokémon some food! Y'know, I think "a tablespoon" means different amounts to different people..."

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Nemona (Masters)
Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited
"I'm Nemona! I absolutely love Pokémon battling! Nice to meet you!"
  • Sync pair viewer
"Oh, man. Pokémon battling! It's so much better—so much more fun than I ever even knew!"
"Go where you want, and do what it is you really wanna do the most!"
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"I'm coming too! C'mon, let's battle already!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Penny)*
"Penny! Let's put the "Vee" in victory!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"See you soon!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"A new kind of power?! Oh, man! SO exciting!"
  • Upon leveling up
"Ha! Guess I've improved a bit!"
  • Upon reaching max level
"Training's done. Let's go find someone to battle!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"I can definitely get even stronger!"
  • Receiving EX style
"We've got tons more battles ahead!"
  • During conversation
"Hmm-hmm! ♪"
"Ehahah, huh."
"Not bad!"
"Good luck!"
"Not cool!"
"Uheh, huh."
"Aw, man."
"Leave it to me!"
"That was amazing!"
"Eheheh, uh."
"See you soon!"
"You've gotta let me battle right now!"
"I'm about to hit you with all I've got!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Buenas! Taking it easy in the morning is nice and all, but you better not be late!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I'm having a sandwich for lunch today! I'm gonna wolf it down so we can get to Pokémon battling!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"With all the things that happened today, you must be tired! Make sure to rest this evening!"
  • During special gift conversation
"Here, have these!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • VS screen
"Let's have us a fruitful battle!"
  • Sending out Pokémon
  • Using Pokémon move
"Right there!"
"Get 'em!"
  • Using item
"Let me try!"
  • Using Trainer move
  • Using sync move
"I wanna see you stand up to this!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill
  • Uh-oh!
"You've gotta let me battle right now!"
  • Switching in
"Finally! My turn."
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"Great job!"
  • "Nice" emote
  • "Watch out" emote
"Watch out!"
  • "Let's do this" emote
  • "Thanks" emote
  • Defeat
"I won't lose again!"
  • Victory
"Well, that was a great battle! Fruitful for sure."
  • Victory (with Penny on the team, speaks first)*
"Right! Next battle!"
Main Story - Mysterious Stones Chapter
  • Similarities to Sync Stones
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Professor Bellis!"
  • After appearing, as Nemona
"You know those mysterious stones that everyone's been talking about? We found some, too!"
"Erm... Well, I found them by coincidence when I was battling in town..."
"Hmm... I'm not an expert or anything, so I'm not too sure..."
"but the energy these stones give off kinda feels different to me."
"Yup yup! It's different, all right—though these stones are pretty, too!"
"Will do!"
Story Event - We Should Battle!
  • Right Person, Right Place
"Come on, let's battle already! Who's next?"
"(This person is different from the other Trainers I've battled so far...)"
"(This is gonna be so fun!)"
"Sure... Let's battle!"
"Wow! Another strong-looking Trainer!"
"Wait, does that mean we're gonna have a three-way battle? That sounds fun!"
  • Full of Excitement!
"This is legit incredible! You guys are both so strong!"
"I see!"
"That sounds kinda like the Pokémon League in Paldea."
"Well, in it, if you pass a special test called the Champion Assessment..."
"you're awarded the qualification of "Champion Rank"!"
"In fact, I reached Champion Rank myself!"
"Struggled? Well...yeah, a little!"
"But I did find someone! Someone I can battle on equal ground with..."
"And they're a precious treasure to me!"
"So tell me—there are other strong Trainers on Pasio, right?"
"Awesome! I'm so excited!"
"A team?! Oh, of course! Sure am!"
"Blue! Bede! Please team up with me!"
"That means..."
"Please team up with me!"
"Aw, seriously? You're a Champion like me, right? Let's battle against even stronger opponents!"
"C'mon! Let's team up! Pretty please?!"
"I'm not gonna fold until you say yes! I want you to team up with me!"
"Yay! That's what I'm talking about!"
"Let's do this, Bede!"
"We need one more person for our team, but..."
"Hm? And you are...?"
"A teacher?! This is the first time I've met one outside of the academy!"
  • A Fellow Battle Enthusiast
"Yeah! Battling's the best way to get to know each other, right?"
"I'm so glad I found someone I don't have to hold back against!"
"That's not true!"
"You don't have to be strong to enjoy battling!"
"The most important thing is to go all-out and give your opponent all you've got!"
"Yup! Everyone can enjoy battling!"
"Great! Now let's all battle together!"
"Oh, I forgot! Hey, Hilda!"
"Please—team up with me!"
"Yay! We have three people now, Bede!"
"So this is a three-on-three battle... It's so much fun!"
"Let's go battle more teams!"
  • The Best Stage Ever!
"Who's Lear? Does everyone know him?"
"What?! Someone that important wants to talk to us?!"
"Have we been battling too much or something?"
"A tournament?!"
"Of course—count me in! I'll join no matter what!"
"I'm so hyped! We definitely have to win!"
"I'm so excited!"
"It's finally started! Our first opponents are..."
"I wonder how strong they are... I wanna find out!"
"If we win the next match, we'll be in the finals! Our opponents are..."
"What?! The organizer can battle, too?"
"No problem at all! But..."
"we're gonna win! We can't lose!"
"Yay! We made it to the finals! Let's go for the win!"
  • Opponents, Friends, Rivals
"Oh! Our opponents are here!"
"Are the two next to you...?"
"Both our team and Blue's will give it their all..."
"So let's have ourselves an awesome, fruitful battle!"
"That stung...but you're not the only one who can hit hard when it counts!"
"We lost..."
"We gave it our best..."
"And fought seriously..."
"Ha haaa! Hahaha! That was, like, the best match ever!"
"Thanks for the battle, everyone!"
"So, when's the next tournament?!"
"... ... ..."
"No way! Never!"
"After all..."
  • Off-screen
"I've got so much excitement ahead!"
Solo Event - Let's Have a Fruitful Battle!
  • Nemona's Request
"I was waiting for you, <player>!"
"What? No, I don't want to battle just yet..."
"There's something I need your help with, and it's gotta be you!"
"You know how a lot of strong Trainers from different regions come to Pasio, right?"
"I thought it'd be nice if we could gather 'em all together and have tons of battles!"
"I bet it'll be a fruitful experience for the both of us!"
"So <player>—can you help me gather people?"
Yes.: "Ha haaa! Perfecto!"
No.: "Oops! Couldn't hear you! I'll say it again: you wanna battle Trainers from different regions, right?!"
Yes.: "Ha haaa! Perfecto!"
No.: "Sorry, not going to stop until I hear a yes! I wanna battle against Trainers from different regions!"
Yes.: "Ha haaa! Perfecto!"
No.: "OK, wait! You WILL battle, won't you?!"
Yes.: "Ha haaa! Perfecto!"
No.: "You! Me! Battle! Yes?!"
"You have a lot of strong Trainers as friends, so I'm really excited!"
"OK then, let's get started!"
"I'll go talk to as many strong-looking Trainers as I can!"
A Lively Trio!
  • A Paldean Nice to Meet You
"I have wonderful news, <player>!"
Pokémon from Paldea?!: "Aha, I knew you'd be interested!"
"Let me introduce you to the Pokémon that will hatch from the Eggs!"
"That's Sprigatito, the Grass Cat Pokémon! It can use its plant powers to soak up whatever water you throw at it!"
"That's Fuecoco, the Fire Croc Pokémon! The burning-hot sparks it scatters will fry any and all plants in a flash!"
"That's Quaxly, the Duckling Pokémon! It may seem quiet, but its mighty streams of water can put out any fire—you'll see!"
"They're all cute, dependable, and strong!"
"Which Pokémon do you like, <player>?"
"You should partner up with Pokémon from Paldea and go exploring!"
Story Event - Veevee on Pasio!
  • Have Confidence!
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Huh? Penny?"
  • After appearing, as Nemona
"You're here too?! I'm kinda surprised!"
"Hilda and I have been challenging people to Pokémon battles since this morning!"
"Now then! Since our eyes met, we have to have a Pokémon battle! Let's get it going!"
Story Event - Let's Go in Search of Wonder
  • Let's Ask Professor Oak!
"Oh, Penny! What're you doing here?"
"I came to battle Blue!"
"Did you know? Blue is a former Champion, and Professor Oak's grandson!"
"Erm, and you're Elaine?"
"If Blue thinks highly of you, then you must be very stro—"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Nemona
"W-wait up, Pawmot! Let's take a little break..."
What are you up to?: "Oh, <player>! All right, let's battle..."
"Actually, hold on a sec... Let me catch my breath..."
"So, to answer your question..."
Were you running?: "Oh, <player>! You're on a run, too?"
"I guess not, huh?"
"But as you said, <player>..."
"I've been running around the beach with Pawmot today."
"The weather's nice, too, so instead of going for a walk, I figured I'd work out instead!"
"Pawmot is tough, but I'm not as confident in my own abilities."
"I need to conquer my weakness in order to get stronger, and..."
"if I ever get as fit as Pawmot..."
"we could go all over Pasio and have loads of battles!"
"There've been many times when Pawmot could keep battling but I was too exhausted..."
"But as I am now, it's gonna take a while for me to reach Pawmot's level..."
"But I guess that's natural."
"You always loved going on runs and walks, even back in Paldea."
He did?: "Yup! I'd just shout "Let's go!" and let him out of his Poké Ball!"
Paldea?: "Yup. Paldea—where I'm from—is so big!"
"So maybe he just naturally got stronger and evolved into Pawmot!"
"How he used to be a little Pawmi but kept growing and growing... It makes me feel so many emotions."
"... ... ..."
"After remembering all the battles I had with Pawmot, I'm feeling pumped!"
"Ahh! I can't stay still anymore!"
"Talking so long helped me regain some energy, so let's battle, <player>!"
"Huh? Whoa!"
"Wh-where are you going?! Pawmot!"
"H-haha... Seems he's in the mood to run today."
"Oh well. When you're part of a sync pair, you gotta prioritize what your partner Pokémon wants!"
Good luck with your training!: "Yup! Thanks, <player>!"
I guess we can battle another time...: "Yeah, sorry..."
"But next time we meet, we'll definitely battle!"
"See you later!"
"OK! I've gotta give this my all and catch up with Pawmot!"
Pokémon Center
  • During sync background preview
"That's the thrill of battles—you never know what's gonna happen next!"
  • Random conversation
"The school I go to is in Paldea!"
"You can learn about tons of things other than Pokémon, so that's fun!"
"Getting to school can be really tough if you're not in the dorms 'cause there's so many stairs!"
  • Random conversation
"There's so many Pokémon on Pasio that you don't see in Paldea!"
"Any Pokémon's fun to battle!"
  • Random conversation
"When you wanna have a Pokémon battle with someone, approach them cheerfully and ask!"
"That's the way we do things in Paldea, but..."
"apparently, there's places where making eye contact means a Pokémon battle has to start."
"Isn't that just the best?!"
  • Random conversation
"I learned how to use my sync move as soon as I came to Pasio."
"So now I have to see how much I can hone it!"
  • Random conversation
"No fair, <player>!"
"You were having loads of battles with someone I don't know, weren't you?"
"If you're gonna battle, let me join you!"
"Promise me!"
  • Random conversation
"If I'm being honest, I'm not that good at catching Pokémon."
"But there aren't any wild Pokémon on Pasio..."
"So I'm kinda relieved. No one here will see that uncool side of me..."
  • If spoken to again
"But I can't be bad forever!"
"Let's have a Pokémon-catching training session sometime, <player>!"
  • Random conversation
"It's impressive when someone gets really good at something because they were passionate and spent a lot of time on it!"
"That's not an easy thing for everyone to do..."
"I don't think I'm incredible or anything, but I felt set apart from everyone else."
"Sometimes I'd go easy on my friends in battle so we both could enjoy it."
  • If spoken to again
"But I don't do that anymore. I always give it my all now!"
"I'm also rivals with someone I might lose to, even if I do go all out!"
"And there's so many Trainers like that on Pasio!"
"I'm having so much fun now because I can have fruitful battles where both my opponents and I go all out!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hey hey, <player>! I've been waiting for you!"
"Let's make today another fruitful day!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Buenas! Taking it easy in the morning is nice and all, but you better not be late!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I'm having a sandwich for lunch today! I'm gonna wolf it down so we can get to Pokémon battling!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"With all the things that happened today, you must be tired! Make sure to rest this evening!"
  • Special gift conversation
"Here, <player>!"
"I've got lots, so I'll share with you!"
  • After giving out item
"Use them well so your efforts quickly bear fruit!"
  • Special We Should Battle! story event blurb
"There are loads of strong Trainers!"
  • Special We Should Battle! story event conversation
"Pasio's amazing! So many people I could have a serious battle with!"
"I... This is just the best!"