National Ash Ketchum Day

Ash after winning the Manalo Conference

National Ash Ketchum Day is an annual celebration held on September 15 to celebrate Ash Ketchum's first Pokémon League Conference victory, first held in 2020 on the one-year anniversary of the Japanese premier of Enter the Champion!, the episode where Ash won the Alola League Manalo Conference.



Ash won the Manalo Conference and became the first Champion of Alola in Enter the Champion!, which premiered in Japan on September 15, 2019. The hashtag #NationalAshKetchumDay was first used on Twitter, but received little attention.


The day became official in 2020, when the hashtag further gained traction and was recognized by Pokémon's official Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts, and Ash's current and former English voice actors Sarah Natochenny and Veronica Taylor, respectively, on Twitter.

The Official Pokémon YouTube channel officially acknowledged the hashtag by releasing a series of commented battle videos for each of Ash's final battles in the League Conferences he participated. The channel also stated that the National Ash Ketchum Day would be celebrated on September 15 every year from then on.

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