Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (Japanese: ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 赤の救助隊 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team) and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (Japanese: ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 青の救助隊 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team) are a matched pair of Pokémon games for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, respectively. These games are the first two entries in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, an adaptation of the Mystery Dungeon games for Pokémon. These two games were developed by Chunsoft and were published by Nintendo. They were released in Japan on November 17, 2005, in the United States on September 18, 2006, in Europe on November 10, 2006, and in Australia on September 28, 2006.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 赤の救助隊
MD Red EN boxart.jpg
Boxart of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team drawn by Ken Sugimori
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 青の救助隊
MD Blue EN boxart.jpg
Boxart of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team drawn by Ken Sugimori
Basic info
Platform: Game Boy Advance, Wii U (Virtual Console)R
Nintendo DS, Wii U (Virtual Console)B
Category: Dungeon crawler
Players: 1
Connectivity: Dual-slot mode, Game Link CableR, DS WirelessB
Developer: The Pokémon Company/Chunsoft
Publisher: Nintendo/The Pokémon Company
Part of: Generation III spin-off
Release dates
Japan: November 17, 2005 (GBA, DS)[1]
March 23, 2016 (Wii U VC)
North America: September 18, 2006 (GBA, DS)[2]
June 23, 2016 (Wii U VC)
Australia: September 28, 2006 (GBA, DS)[3][4]
February 12, 2016 (Wii U VC)
Europe: November 10, 2006 (GBA, DS)[5]
February 11, 2016 (Wii U VC)
South Korea: August 30, 2007 (Blue Rescue Team only)[6]
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: November 17, 2005 (Blue Rescue Team only)[7]
Japanese: Pokémon.co.jp
English: Pokémon.com (US)
Pokémon.com (UK)
Nintendo.com (Red Rescue Team)
Nintendo.com (Blue Rescue Team)
Japanese boxart
MD Red JP boxart.png
Japanese boxart of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
MD Blue JP boxart.png
Japanese boxart of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

In South Korea, Blue Rescue Team was released on August 30, 2007; Red Rescue Team was never released, because the Nintendo DS was the first console released by Nintendo of Korea. Nintendo of Korea also released a demo version of Blue Rescue Team for PC, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gold Rescue Team.

Both games were released for the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe on February 11, 2016, in Australia on February 12, 2016, in Japan on March 23, 2016, and in the United States on June 23, 2016. The Virtual Console was discontinued on March 27, 2023. A remake of the games, titled Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, was released for the Nintendo Switch on March 6, 2020.

All Pokémon from Generations I, II, and III are available in this game; all may be encountered and recruited as the player ventures across the land and through various dungeons.

The games have received adaptations in other formats through the anime episode Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate! and the manga series Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team.


Like the main Pokémon RPGs, it has two gameplay modes; unlike the main RPGs, battle mode and dungeon mode are not distinct. It is a semi-turn-based game, with each step, attack, or item use being counted as a single turn.

The size of a party is limited to four in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, compared to six in the main RPGs; furthermore, players are only able to directly control one Pokémon: their own character (or, later in the game, any other befriended Pokémon). The player's teammates are essentially autonomous, with player control being limited to general strategy such as avoiding Pokémon battles or not moving and staying in one place.

The games use level-up movesets from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. The weather-inducing moves, Double Team, Rock Tomb, and Snatch are not contained in TMs, instead having corresponding Wonder Orbs.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Main story

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon starts with the player as a human who is turned into a Pokémon. A series of questions at the start of the game determines what Pokémon the player becomes.

When the player first discovers that they are a Pokémon, they will first meet their partner who happens to be there. The journey begins with the player going out to find a lost Caterpie. Once this first quest is done, the journey begins in earnest. The partner explains that the world is suffering an imbalance in nature, with natural disasters occurring everywhere.

  • The player and their partner form a rescue team.
  • Soon after, they rescue two Magnemite from Thunderwave Cave, one of which joins the team.
  • The player and his friends save a Diglett from a Skarmory on Mt. Steel.
  • Team Meanies steal the requests for help from the player's mailbox. The team rescues a Metapod who is stuck at Sinister Woods.
  • A Jumpluff is stuck at Silent Chasm. Shiftry is asked to go. When he doesn't return the team goes down to rescue Shiftry.
  • After Zapdos kidnaps Shiftry, the player must fight it at the top of Mt. Thunder.
  • The player consults Xatu for an explanation of their presence in this world as a Pokémon at Great Canyon.
  • The player learns of the legend of Ninetales: one day, a human angered a Ninetales and was cursed, however, the human's Gardevoir took the curse upon herself to save her master. However, the human selfishly deserts the cursed Gardevoir. Ninetales prophesises that the selfish human would be reborn as a Pokémon, and when that happens, the balance of nature in the world would collapse.
  • Gengar convinces the Pokémon that the player is the selfish human in the legend of Ninetales, and they decide to run them out of town.
  • To escape their pursuers the team pass through Lapis Cave and then Mt. Blaze, where they encounter Moltres.
  • The team enters Frosty Forest and is attacked by Articuno, who blames the player for bringing natural disasters to its forest. An Absol steps in and stops the fighting, then joins the rescue team.
  • The player reaches Mt. Freeze and meets the Ninetales of the legend. The player discovers that while part of the legend is true, and the selfish human from the legend is alive, it is not the player.
  • The player returns to the town, and Gengar is discredited. Meanwhile Team A.C.T. goes to the Magma Caverns to defeat Groudon.
  • Wynaut and Wobbuffet ask the player to go defeat the Mankey gang in the Uproar Forest. In return, they offer a peeled Chestnut, which is in turn used to convince the Mankey gang to help renovate the Team Base.
  • Team A.C.T. does not return, and a new team—Blastoise, Octillery and Golem—is formed to go rescue them.
  • The new team is also defeated. The player goes to Magma Cavern themselves to rescue Team A.C.T.
  • After defeating Groudon, Xatu announces that a falling star is headed towards the planet, and that it is the meteor that is causing the imbalance in nature.
  • Gardevoir reveals to the player, in a dream, the true reason for their transformation: the player was destined to be the savior of the Pokémon world; the player decided to erase the memories of being a human in order to cleanse the heart and mind.
  • The player goes to find Rayquaza at Sky Tower in order to convince it to destroy the falling star.
  • Rayquaza's Hyper Beam destroys the meteorite. However, the player ends up in the netherworld in the aftermath of the explosion; Gengar helps them return to the Pokémon world.
  • As the Pokémon celebrate the end of the calamities, the player says farewell and leaves to return to the human world.
  • After the credits roll, the player decides to remain in the Pokémon world, and reappears at the Team Base.


  • The player gains entrance to Luminous Cave.
  • After talking to Medicham, Lombre and Whiscash in order, the player goes to Stormy Sea and defeats Kyogre.
  • After getting mail about a new dungeon, the player talks to Lombre. Then Shiftry will let the player go to Buried Relic.
  • Southern Cavern, Wyvern Hill, and Howling Forest open up after receiving specific Friend Areas from jobs.
  • After getting HM Surf in the Solar Cave, Spinda walks into Pokémon Square and collapses. The player and their partner take him back to their rescue base.
  • Spinda reveals he was looking for the mirage Pokémon, but doesn't know what it is. He gives the player the Clear Wing, then leaves and stays in Pokémon Square for a while.
  • The player's partner suggests that they go and speak to Xatu.
  • Upon reaching the top of the Great Canyon, Xatu reveals that the player must first go to the three fields and face the Lords of those areas (the Legendary beasts).
  • After clearing the Fiery Field and defeating Entei, Entei turns the Clear Wing into the Red Wing.
  • After clearing the Lightning Field and defeating Raikou, Raikou turns the Red Wing into the Sunset Wing.
  • After clearing the Northwind Field and defeating Suicune, Suicune turns the Sunset Wing into the Rainbow Wing, and Mt. Faraway is unlocked.
  • Once the player clears Mt. Faraway and defeats the Mirage Pokémon, the player can go back to the Fields and Mt. Faraway to recruit the legendary beasts and Ho-Oh (if their Friend Areas have been opened).
  • If the player goes back to Pokémon Square and talks to Spinda, it will leave, encouraged to go exploring again.
  • After getting the Southern Island Friend Area and obtaining Surf from Solar Cave, a flying Pokémon steals the TMs from Kecleon Wares and flees to the Northern Range. The player follows it and defeats the Pokémon, revealed to be Latios.
  • Latios is revealed to have stolen the TMs because of losing Latias in Pitfall Valley. The player saves her there using the Teleport Gem. Both Eon Pokémon may join the player's team afterwards.
  • Medicham and Ekans go to the Wish Cave to try to grant wishes for themselves.
  • Ekans is defeated and places a rescue request for Medicham, who is still stuck in the cave.
  • After rescuing Medicham, the player is rewarded with the Wish Stone, which can be used to make Jirachi grant a wish.
  • Medicham and Ekans reveal that Gengar is trying to climb Mt. Freeze.
  • Gengar asks the player to escort him up Mt. Freeze.
  • Gengar reveals himself to be the selfish human in the legend of Ninetales, and is the master of Gardevoir.
  • Ninetales gives Gengar the Nine Tail Crest, and sends him to Murky Cave.
  • The player and Gengar go rescue Gardevoir. Gardevoir then offers to join the player's rescue team, but it has lost all its memory relating to Gengar.
  • Once the player goes back and recruits Ho-Oh, a cutscene will be shown showing Blastoise and Charizard being KO'd by an incredibly strong Pokémon in an extremely tough dungeon.
  • When the player goes through the dungeon, the Pokémon is revealed as Mewtwo.
  • If the player has the Friend Area Cryptic Cave, Mewtwo will ask to join the player's rescue team second time through the dungeon if the player defeats Mewtwo.
  • After recruiting all of the legendary birds, the player talks to Alakazam. The player then goes to Legendary Island and Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres will grant access to Silver Trench.
  • After recruiting Lugia, Xatu will appear outside the Team base. After that, Blastoise will come and say that he saw a cave and saw "weird things". Xatu will then name the place Meteor Cave. Then, the player will gain access to it. The player may recruit Deoxys in the Meteor Cave.


What if you woke up one day, and you were a Pokémon? What if all of a sudden you find yourself in a NEW world, where you can speak and interact with other Pokémon? The adventure begins when you and your partner Pokémon set out on rescue missions in a world ravaged by natural disasters. But what is your true purpose and destiny in this Pokémon world? That's the REAL mystery....


Playable characters

In the beginning of the game, the player takes a personality test. The answers to these questions determine a nature, which along with the player's gender is used to decide the hero Pokémon that the player plays as. Meowth, Machop, and Cyndaquil are only available if the player is male, and Eevee, Chikorita, and Skitty are only available if the player is female.

Pokémon Nature
Male Female
  Bulbasaur Docile Calm
  Charmander Hardy Brave
  Squirtle Jolly Relaxed
  Pikachu Impish Hardy
  Meowth Quirky
  Psyduck Relaxed Lonely
  Machop Brave
  Cubone Lonely Impish
  Eevee Naive
  Chikorita Docile
  Cyndaquil Timid
  Totodile Naive Jolly
  Treecko Sassy Quirky
  Torchic Hasty Sassy
  Mudkip Calm Timid
  Skitty Hasty

After the player's hero Pokémon is determined, they then choose their partner Pokémon. Their choices of partner Pokémon are Pikachu and the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn first partner Pokémon, but they must be a different type to the player character. (If Eevee is the player character, it is possible to later evolve into the same type of Pokémon as the partner.)

Non-player characters

Main article: List of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team characters

Automatic recruits

Pokémon Square

Makuhita Dojo

Whiscash Pond

Pelipper Post Office

Rescue teams

Team Members
Team A.C.T.   Alakazam   Charizard   Tyranitar
Team Meanies   Gengar   Medicham   Ekans
Team Shifty   Shiftry   Nuzleaf   Nuzleaf
Team Constrictor   Octillery   Tentacruel   Cradily
Team Hydro   Blastoise   Feraligatr   Swampert
Team Rumblerock   Golem   Graveler   Graveler


Boss Level Dungeon
Main Story
  Skarmory 10 Mt. Steel
Gengar, Medicham, Ekans
(Team Meanies)
Sinister Woods
  Zapdos 25 Mt. Thunder Peak
  Moltres 33 Mt. Blaze Peak
  Articuno 33 Frosty Grotto
Mankey ×3 11 Uproar Forest
  Groudon 27 Magma Cavern Pit
  Rayquaza 35 Sky Tower Summit
  Kyogre 25 Stormy Sea
  Regirock 18 Buried Relic
  Regice 23 Buried Relic
  Registeel 25 Buried Relic
  Latios 30 Northern Range
  Entei 45 Fiery Field
  Raikou 45 Lightning Field
  Suicune 45 Northwind Field
  Ho-Oh 50 Mt. Faraway
  Jirachi 40 Wish Cave
  Lugia 30 Silver Trench
  Mewtwo 40 Western Cave
  Deoxys 40 Meteor Cave

Wonder Mail exclusives

Four dungeons are only available through Wonder Mail codes:

Dungeon Wonder Mail Code
Oddity Cave ??MS CJ(...)? 44?P
MF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Remains Island ??M4 CJY? 44?P
CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Marvelous Sea ??MH CJ(...)? 44?P
CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Fantasy Strait ??M1 CJY? 44?P
HF?8 7J6R (...)M?1

Version-exclusive Pokémon

Similar to the core series games, each version has its own Version-exclusive Pokémon. They are:

0349   Feebas
0226   Mantine
Water Flying
0315   Roselia
Grass Poison
0137   Porygon
0311   Plusle
0129   Magikarp
0131   Lapras
Water Ice
0190   Aipom
0312   Minun

Wonder Mail codes

Codes, such as these, may unlock the Pokémon on the opposite version. While wild Porygon2 are exclusive to Blue, the Upgrade is obtainable in both versions.

Pokémon Wonder Mail Code
  Aipom 4?N… W3+? ??P?
♂M?P 2?60 M…?W
  Feebas 1?69 ♀JY? ?X6Q
XJ?Q F4?6 Q!?X
  Lapras F?J? 690? 4Q6C
C!?? 8?66 8Q?♀
  Magikarp X??S ??X? 468?
♀+?? 9756 SY??
  Mantine 4??N 22…? ?Q6J
H3?♂ 8470 JN?W
  Minun F?RP F?…? 4+7?
…R?H 64?0 R???
  Plusle F?1C FK…? ?878
3R?H 6??6 N7?W
  Porygon F?43 4?T? 429H
90?7 H56R 8K?♀
  Porygon2 F?5N -QF? ?+6!
?H?? F?6R 69?W
  Roselia F?4N +WT? ?+6N
FR?J F?66 85?W


Unknown Dungeon

Main article: Unknown Dungeon (Mystery Dungeon)

A player with Blue Rescue Team can go to an Unknown Dungeon (found as an option on the main screen) through wireless communication with another player. When both players have contacted each other, they should close their DS and wait till they automatically finish a random dungeon and return an item and sometimes recruit a Pokémon. The player can open their DS whenever they want even if the other player has already opened theirs. Items received are usually rare. The player can go to the Unknown Dungeon however many times they like as long as the player has another player to communicate with.


The player can also go rescue another player who has fainted in a dungeon and prefers to await a rescue. The player can rescue from the title screen, or through Pelipper Post Office. The player should receive an SOS Mail from the other player through Wireless Mode or through a Password. When the player has received the SOS Mail, they can go rescue anytime they want. The player can go rescue by talking with Pelipper in the Post Office. The player who's awaiting rescue can cancel the wait, but the player who has already gotten the SOS Mail can rescue the other player and get a reward from Pelipper instead.

Being rescued

When the player faints in a certain dungeon, they can choose to send an SOS Mail to another player. While awaiting rescue, the player can explore on their current unlocked dungeons and can store items and Poké after completing the dungeon. The player can also organize their team members. The player is rescued when they receive an A-OK Mail. The player then may continue their exploration from the spot where they fainted. All items and Poké are restored. After the player completes or escapes from the dungeon, they may optionally (but are recommended to) go to Pelipper Post Office or the title screen to send a Thank-You Mail in thanks for the rescue. The player may also choose whether or not to reward the rescuer with one of their items.

Rescue Team Maze

Main article: Makuhita Dojo

A player with Blue Rescue Team can battle a team transferred from Red Rescue Team game in the Rescue Team Maze. The team transferred over from Red Rescue Team can be recruited in Blue Rescue Team.

Pokémon Trozei!

The wireless communications function can be used to communicate with Pokémon Trozei! along with other copies of Blue Rescue Team. Prize coins are awarded to the copy of Trozei! while an item is awarded to the copy of Blue Rescue Team.[8][9][10]

Localization changes

  • In Japanese and Korean versions of the game, the recruit list has species name alongside the nickname. In the localization, only the nickname (if any) is displayed.
  • The Japanese version of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team had a game breaking bug which would erase all the save data of any game in the Gameboy Advance slot. This bug was fixed in international releases.


Gaming magazine Famitsu gave Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team a score of 35 out of 40. IGN rated the games an "Okay" 6.5/10.[11] Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team hold a rating of 70.82%[12] and 64.01%,[13] respectively, on GameRankings.


As of March 31, 2007, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team have sold 5.23 million copies worldwide, being 2.20 million from Red Rescue Team and 3.03 million from Blue Rescue Team.[14]

Japanese sales

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team sold 236,454 units on their first week on the Japanese market, being 112,898 from Red Rescue Team and 123,556 from Blue Rescue Team, with a sell-through of 51.38% and 48.99% respectively. By December 31, 2006, the end of their 59th week, they had sold 1,458,314 copies, being 714,324 from Red Rescue Team and 743,990 from Blue Rescue Team.

Red Rescue Team

Week Week ending Ranking Units sold Total units sold
1 November 20, 2005 3rd 112,898 112,898
2 November 27, 2005 7th 57,143 170,041
3 December 4, 2005 5th 39,267 209,307
4 December 11, 2005 9th 61,648 270,955
5 December 18, 2005 6th 84,669 355,624
6 December 25, 2005 6th 156,430 512,054
7 January 1, 2006 12th - 558,456
8 January 8, 2006 10th 48,729 607,185
9 January 15, 2006 15th - -
10 January 22, 2006 15th - -
11 January 29, 2006 23rd - -
12 February 5, 2006 22nd - -
13 February 12, 2006 24th - -
14 February 19, 2006 27th - -
15 February 26, 2006 43rd - -
16 March 5, 2006 41st - -
17 March 12, 2006 34th - -
18 March 19, 2006 37th - -
19 March 26, 2006 43rd - -
59 December 31, 2006 - - 714,324

Blue Rescue Team

Week Week ending Ranking Units sold Total units sold
1 November 20, 2005 2nd 123,556 123,556
2 November 27, 2005 9th 50,309 173,865
3 December 4, 2005 7th 35,093 208,959
4 December 11, 2005 6th 64,475 273,434
5 December 18, 2005 7th 80,484 353,918
6 December 25, 2005 5th 157,786 511,704
7 January 1, 2006 10th 61,154 572,858
8 January 8, 2006 9th 57,065 629,923
9 January 15, 2006 14th - -
10 January 22, 2006 14th - -
11 January 29, 2006 22nd - -
12 February 5, 2006 21st - -
13 February 12, 2006 23rd - -
14 February 19, 2006 24th - -
15 February 26, 2006 40th - -
16 March 5, 2006 38th - -
17 March 12, 2006 30th - -
18 March 19, 2006 31st - -
19 March 26, 2006 44th - -
59 December 31, 2006 - - 743,990


Main article: Staff of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team



Virtual Console icons


  • In the original Japanese release of Blue Rescue Team, a bug would wipe data from any Game Boy Advance game in the Nintendo DS's second slot that was not Red Rescue Team. This was fixed in all subsequent releases.
  • These are the first games that allow the player to understand what Pokémon are saying.
  • These are the first games in the franchise to allow the same move to be learned more than once at one time without a glitch.
  • The Generation IV Pokémon Munchlax is obtainable in these games through hacking, despite the fact that the games only contain Pokémon from the first three generations.
  • These games feature the most Pokémon in a generation that has not been released at the time with five. There are statues of Weavile, Bonsly, Mime Jr., and Lucario; and Munchlax is an NPC in the game.
  • These are the only paired games to be released on separate handheld consoles.
  • Red Rescue Team was the last Pokémon game released on the Game Boy Advance, and the last Pokémon game to be released on a Game Boy system.
  • The box arts of the games are linked. The blue rescue team is looking at the red rescue team through a hole in the ground.
    • Mudkip throws a rock in the hole, which can be seen on the other box. This is a reference to how the DS cartridge slot is above the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot on the original Nintendo DS and DS Lite systems.
    • The ominous red-eyed or shadowy Pokémon are the members of Team Meanies and Team A.C.T., split between the two box arts.
  • These are the first Pokémon games outside the core series to get a remake, in the form of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 赤の救助隊
ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 青の救助隊
  French Pokémon Donjon Mystère: Équipe De Secours Rouge
Pokémon Donjon Mystère: Équipe De Secours Bleue
  German Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Rot
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Blau
  Italian Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Squadra Rossa
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Squadra Blu
  Korean 포켓몬 불가사의 던전: 파랑 구조대
  Spanish Pokémon Mundo misterioso: Equipo de rescate rojo
Pokémon Mundo misterioso: Equipo de rescate azul

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