Mysteriosity (Japanese: ふしぎ mysteriosity) is a mechanic present in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity that affects the player's adventures in mystery dungeons. After defeating the final boss of the main story, dungeons will begin to have a mysteriosity rating, indicated by a number next to the dungeon's name ranging from 1 to 5. The higher the number, the greater the likelihood of a mysterious distortion (Japanese: ふしぎな ひずみ mysterious distortion) occurring in the dungeon. Some of them benefit the player, while others make the dungeon harder.

A mysterious distortion.

Additionally, dungeons with mysteriosity can also be affected by strange power (Japanese: ふしぎな ちから mysterious force), which warps the player's team when entering the next floor.

Mysterious distortion effects

If a mysterious distortion occurs, it is announced at the start of the floor. There are four groups of distortions, indicated by their color. Sometimes a floor can be affected by two distortions; the second one will always be of a different group.

Color Possible effect
Blue Enemies' default Travel Speed is lowered by one level.
Enemies start the floor asleep.
Enemies' levels are lowered by 25%, rounded up.
Red Enemies' default Travel Speed is increased by one level.
All forms of healing are disabled.
Yellow Enemies' levels are increased by 20%, rounded up.
Player is unable to use items with the "Eat" option.
Player is unable to use Wonder Orbs.
Player's held items lose their effects.
Green The floor is generated with only corridors.
The floor is generated with special tiles.
The floor starts with random weather.
Only one of the items that can spawn on the floor will appear.
Only one kind of Pokémon that can spawn on the floor will appear.
Abilities' effects are disabled.

Strange power effects

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A strange power can change the next floors into:

When the strange power ends, the player will be at the floor number they would have been otherwise. Strange power will always end before the dungeon's final floor.

In other languages


Language Title
  French Mystère
  German Mystik
  Italian Mistero
  Spanish Paranormal

Mysterious distortion

Language Title
  French Déformation mystérieuse
  German Mysteriöse Verzerrung
  Italian Strana distorsione
  Spanish Extrañas ondas

Strange power

Language Title
  French Force mystérieuse
  German Mysteriöse Umstände
  Italian Forza misteriosa
  Spanish Fuerza misteriosa
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