Mushroom Mania

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Mushroom Mania
Masters Mushroom Mania.png
Event notification image
Type Solo event
Start date October 7, 2021
End date October 14, 2021
Featured sync pairs Red and Snorlax
Sync pairs with reward bonus

Mushroom Mania (Japanese: まんぷくキノコ探し!!) was a solo event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pair Red and Snorlax.

Battles rewarded players with Wild Mushrooms, which could be redeemed in the shop. Additionally, Daily Extreme Battle 1 could only be challenged once per day.


While on a search for mushrooms in the woods, the player, Gloria, Maylene, and Mallow come across Red and his Snorlax. They notice that Red seems to be concerned, and Mallow deduces it is because his Snorlax is hungry. The group learns that Red is in the forest to look for snacks to feed it, but he doesn't have enough for its big appetite. To help Snorlax, the group gives Red all of the mushrooms they have collected so far. When they realize it isn't enough for Snorlax, Gloria decides to ask sync pairs with mushroom-like Pokémon for places to find mushrooms.

After the group finds more snacks for Snorlax, it is finally full. The three decide to eat everything that is left over, and invite Red to join. Before they can start, they hear Marnie nearby. She is frustrated with her Morpeko, who is nagging her for Berries. The group realizes they picked all of the Berries in the forest when they helped Red find food for Snorlax, so they take it upon themselves to help Marnie search for some more.

Area info


Name Difficulty Trainers Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
On the Hunt for Mushrooms Normal  
Camper Todd
10  Gems ×30  200 coins
 Wild Mushrooms ×20
 Wild Mushrooms ×10
Mushroom Gathering Hard 15  Gems ×30  600 coins
 Wild Mushrooms ×70
 Wild Mushrooms ×15
Mushroom Hunting Very Hard 15  Gems ×30  600 coins
 Wild Mushrooms ×80
 Wild Mushrooms ×20
Ultimate Mushroom Collection Super Hard 20  Gems ×30  1500 coins
 Wild Mushrooms ×100
 Wild Mushrooms ×30
Daily Extreme Battle 1 Ultra Hard  
Pokémon Ranger
30  Gems ×30  2000 coins
 Wild Mushrooms ×250

Event missions


Item given Item received Max exchanges
Wild Mushrooms ×400
Support Move Candy Coin
Wild Mushrooms ×100
5★ Kanto Scout Ticket
Wild Mushrooms ×150
4★ Power-Up
Wild Mushrooms ×100
3★ Power-Up
Wild Mushrooms ×50
Skill Sphere ×10
Wild Mushrooms ×50
Co-op Sync Orb ×200
Wild Mushrooms ×50
Skip Ticket ×10
Wild Mushrooms ×100
Normal Codex, Vol. 1 ×10
Wild Mushrooms ×50
Normal Tome, Vol. 1 ×10
Wild Mushrooms ×30
Elite Four Notes ×10
Wild Mushrooms ×20
Gym Leader Notes ×10
Wild Mushrooms ×150
3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×50
Wild Mushrooms ×100
3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×50
Wild Mushrooms ×50
4★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Wild Mushrooms ×750
3★ Power-Up
Wild Mushrooms ×10
3★ Level-Up Manual ×3
Wild Mushrooms ×10
3-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×40
Wild Mushrooms ×10
3-Pack Great Drink Set ×50


Event banner


  • Hunger Pangs
Name Text
(The player, Gloria, Maylene, and Mallow walk through the forest)
<player> headed into the woods to gather mushrooms with some friends.
Along the way, they ran into an unexpected sync pair.
Mallow Huh? Look, it's Red!
Maylene Red, the legendary Trainer, is hunting for mushrooms?
Gloria He looks a bit worried, though... Maybe we should go talk to him!
(The group approaches Red and Snorlax)
Gloria Um... Hullo! Need any help?
Red ... ... ...!
Mallow Hmm... That Snorlax over there is yours, isn't it? It looks like it might be hungry.
Red ... ... ...
Mallow I knew it!
Maylene That's impressive, Mallow! Leave it to a chef to know when someone needs a meal!
Red ... ... ...
Gloria Have you ran out of snacks to give your Snorlax?
Mallow That makes sense! Snorlax are famous for being big eaters!
Gloria Yeah! I read in my Pokédex that it's not satisfied unless it eats over 880 pounds of food a day!
Maylene I see... So that's why you're here looking for mushrooms!
Red ... ... ...
Mallow But...I'm guessing you aren't finding enough mushrooms to feed Snorlax?
I've heard there's a forest in Kanto where you can find tons of Berries...
But finding Berries is a little different from mushroom hunting... Maybe that's what you're having trouble with?
Gloria I've got an idea! Why don't we give them some of the mushrooms we've picked?
Mallow Good idea! We picked a whole bunch, and it's important to share the bounty that nature provides us!
Maylene Yeah! Plus, being hungry is no fun at all. I know what that can be like...
(The group gives Snorlax all the mushrooms they’ve gathered)
Gloria Snorlax doesn't even look close to being full yet.
Maylene And we ended up feeding it our entire stash...
Mallow No problem! We'll just have to go searching for more mushrooms, then!
Gloria Yeah! And I bet if we asked some sync pairs with mushroom-like Pokémon...
Maylene They'd know some spots where we could find a whole bunch of them? Great thinking!
Mallow My guess is we might get challenged to some battles along the way, so we should be prepared for that.
Red ... ... ...!
Maylene No need to thank us, Red! How could we let a Pokémon go hungry?
Gloria Let's feed Snorlax till he's so stuffed, he can't eat another bite!"

  • More Munchies
Name Text
(Dusk; Snorlax looks happy)
Mallow Yay! We did it! I think we've finally sated Snorlax's appetite!
Red ... ... ...!
Maylene Red looks relieved, too.
Gloria I can't believe we helped the legendary Trainer Red! And here in the woods, of all places!
OK! Now that we're done with that, it's time for us to fill our bellies, too!
Maylene We have some mushrooms left over. Um... Red, would you like to join us for dinner?
Mallow I'll whip up a bunch of dishes that'll make these ingredients shine!
Red ... ... ...!
??? Oh, come on! Stop being so selfish!
(Marnie is talking to her Morpeko, which is in Hangry Mode)
Marnie I haven't got any more Berries for you to eat, so stop nagging, OK? Plus, didn't you just eat a whole bunch of 'em earlier?
Gloria Oh, it's Marnie! But look at Morpeko...
(Morpeko stomps its feet angrily)
Marnie That's strange... There's usually loads of Berries around here.
Mallow Did she just say Berries?
Red ... ... ...
Maylene Yeah. She's talking about the Berries we just fed to Snorlax, isn't she?
Gloria I knew it...
(Morpeko cries out angrily)
Marnie OK, already. I'll look around a bit more, so calm down.
Gloria Sometimes it's hard to share nature's bounty, huh.
Mallow Well, only one thing for us to do! Let's help Marnie find some Berries for Morpeko!
(Red and the player nod in agreement)


  • This was the shortest solo event, lasting for only 7 days.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese まんぷくキノコ探し!!
Mandarin Chinese 尋找滿腹蘑菇!!
  French La chasse aux champignons
  German Auf zur großen Pilzsuche!
  Italian A caccia di funghi
  Korean 배불리 버섯 채집!!
  Spanish Locos por las setas

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