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Mt. Moonview 月夜見山
Tsukuyomi Mountain
Mt. Moonview RTDX.png
Description: An area where the moon looks its most beautiful, especially when it's full. The very sight brings serenity.
Predominant type: None
Capacity: 6
Method to obtain: Reward from mission
Friend Area

Mt. Moonview (Japanese: 月夜見山 Tsukuyomi Mountain) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. It is obtained as a reward from an optional mission. In the remake, it can be bought for 7,000 Poké. It is in the Mountain Range area, and has a capacity of six Pokémon.



Mt. Moonview is a mountain with many pine trees that lies in seemingly eternal night. At the top of the mountain seems to be an old shrine.


Pokémon Location
035 Clefairy Evolve Cleffa
Joyous Tower (9F-14F)
036 Clefable Evolve Clefairy
173 Cleffa Wish Cave (B1F-B4F)
337 Lunatone Sky Tower (1F-11F)
Mt. Faraway (1F-5F)
Solar Cave (B8F-B12F)
Joyous Tower (80F-87F)
338 Solrock Sky Tower (12F-20F)
Mt. Faraway (6F-11F)
Wish Cave (B80F-B89F)
385 Jirachi Wish Cave (B99F)


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