Mr. Honcho

Mr. Honcho

Mr. Honcho (Japanese: オオイシ先生 Mr. Ohishi) is a minor recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is the head teacher at the Snowpoint Trainers' School.


Mr. Honcho has been the head teacher at the Snowpoint Trainers' School for quiet some time. Some of his notable students included Candice and Zoey. When the two of them were younger, Mr. Honcho discovered that they were secretly raising a Glameow in the school after hours. He told Zoey that she would have to turn Glameow in to the Pokémon Center, but Candice eventually convinced him otherwise. He agreed to let Zoey keep Glameow, but under the condition that Candice would help in taking care of it.

He debuted in Classroom Training!. Mr. Honcho was blindsided by Team Rocket, who infiltrated the School as new students and attempted to steal all of the School's Pokémon. He managed to trigger the fire alarm, alerting Candice and the others, who dealt with the trio and recovered the stolen Pokémon.

He reappeared in Sliding Into Seventh!, where he was the referee for the Gym battle between Ash and Candice.


Mr. Honcho is well respected by his students. He is renowned for his kindness and enthusiasm.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石塚運昇 Unshō Ishizuka
English Marc Thompson
Czech Ladislav Cigánek
Finnish Arto Nieminen
Italian Mario Scarabelli
Norwegian Simen Sand
Polish Janusz Wituch
Brazilian Portuguese Vágner Santos
European Spanish Roberto Cuenca Martínez

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