Mr. Evans

Mr. Evans (Japanese: アキト Akito) is a character of the day who appeared in Wings 'N' Things. He also appeared in Ash & Pikachu.

Mr. Evans

In the anime

Mr. Evans is the town's glazier and manufactures windows at his factory. He was even shown to make stained-glass windows, and was in the process of installing a circular arrangement at the local Pokémon Center. However, his business' reputation was damaged by his son, Zachary, and his Yanma.

A few months prior, he and his son had finished making a glass delivery to another town when they stumbled upon the injured Yanma and rescued it from a rainstorm. Despite Zachary's attempt to control his Pokémon's beating wings, it continued to break the townspeople's windows. After the town baker, Mr. Strussel, who claimed his windows were broken at least three times, demanded that Yanma be released, Mr. Evans reluctantly told his son to get rid of it despite knowing how much he cared for it and hated making him do so. Reluctantly, Zachary released it.

Despite his doubts, he encouraged Zachary to battle Team Rocket with Yanma. After Zachary saved the town from Team Rocket, Mr. Evans and the rest of the town recognized that Zachary had the potential to train Yanma, and they allowed him to keep it.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小西克幸 Katsuyuki Konishi
English Scottie Ray
Czech Radovan Vaculík
Finnish Robert Walli
German Frank Muth
Italian Lorenzo Scattorin
Polish Wojciech Majchrzak
Brazilian Portuguese Figueira Júnior
Spanish Latin America Luis Alfonso Padilla
Spain Carlos del Pino

In the manga

Ash & Pikachu

Mr. Evans appeared in The Cowardly God Of Plagues.

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