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Monopoly: Pokémon Johto Edition

Monopoly: Pokémon Edition
Johto Edition
Monopoly Pokémon Johto Edition.png
Box, board and other stuff of the game
Release date 2016
Publisher(s) USAopoly
Age 8+
Players 2 to 6
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  • For more information on general gameplay, refer to the original Monopoly on Wikipedia.

Monopoly: Pokémon Johto Edition is a special edition of the classic Monopoly game published and adapted for Pokémon by Hasbro. It is focused on the Johto region. It is based on Gold and Silver and the anime and was released in 2016.



Join Pikachu and friends on an adventure throught the Johto Region!

In this special Pokémon: Johto Edition of MONOPOLY®, you'll travel through all eight Gyms and battle Gym Leader Pokémon. Trainer Battle and Professor Elm cards might reward you for Pokémon encounters, or bring an unexpected surprise. Buy, sell and trade with other Pokémon Trainers to get a powerful Pokémon team and win the game!


  • 1× Gameboard
  • 6× Pokémon tokens
  • 2× Dice
  • 28× Pokémon deed cards
  • 16× Professor Elm cards
  • 16× Trainer Battle cards
  • 32× Poké Marts tokens
  • 12× Poké Centers tokens
  • 1× Rulebook
  • 1× Pack of money bills
  • 1× Set of trays

Changes from the original Monopoly

  • The currency is the Pokémon Dollar (PokémonDollar.png).
  • The standard Monopoly's tokens are replaced by Pokémon tokens.
  • Silver Pokémon Marts and gold Pokémon Centers replace houses and hotels, respectively.
  • The four original types of Poké Balls (Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Ball) replace the railroads.
  • Raikou and Suicune replace the Electric Company and Water Works spaces and cards, respectively.
  • "Your Rival Attacks" and "Team Rocket Attacks" spaces and cards replace the "Income Tax" and "Luxury Tax" spaces and cards, respectively.
  • "Professor Elm" and "Trainer Battle" spaces and cards replace "Chance" and "Community Chest" spaces and cards, respectively.

Pokémon tokens

Monopoly's standard tokens are replaced by Pokémon tokens.


Falkner's Gym Bugsy's Gym Whitney's Gym Morty's Gym Chuck's Gym Jasmine's Gym Pryce's Gym Clair's Gym
Noctowl Pinsir Clefable Gastly Hitmonchan Magnemite Seel Kingdra
Pidgeotto Heracross Girafarig Haunter Hitmonlee Skarmory Dewgong Dragonite
Scizor Miltank Gengar Primeape Steelix Piloswine

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