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Mist-Rise Forest 陽炎
Heat Haze Forest
Stump Forest RTDX.png
Description: Mist-Rise Forest, deep inside the Eastern Forest, looks ideal for many Bug-type Pokémon.RB
Predominant type: Bug
Capacity: 14
Method to obtain: Talk to Wigglytuff for the first time
Friend Area

Stump ForestRTDX or Mist-Rise ForestRB (Japanese: 陽炎 Heat Haze Forest) is a rescue team camp. It is automatically given away when visiting the Wigglytuff Club for the first time. It has a capacity of fourteen PokémonRB, all of them at least partially Bug-type. It is one of four camps in the Eastern Forest area.



Stump Forest is a barren forest area with a single large tree stump that has what appears to be fungus steps protruding from its base.


Pokémon Location
010 Caterpie Wish Cave (B2F-B4F)
011 Metapod Evolve Caterpie
Joyous Tower (7F-8F)
012 Butterfree Evolve Metapod
013 Weedle Silent Chasm (B1F-B6F)
Mt. Thunder (1F-4F)
Joyous Tower (28F-34F)
Oddity Cave (B1F-B4F)
014 Kakuna Evolve Weedle
Joyous Tower (9F-13F)
015 Beedrill Evolve Kakuna
165 Ledyba Sinister Woods (7F-10F)
Pitfall Valley (B1F-B6F)
Joyous Tower (22F-25F)
Remains Island (B1F-B6F)
166 Ledian Evolve Ledyba
193 Yanma Silent Chasm (B1F-B8F)
Pitfall Valley (B9F-B15F)
Remains Island (B9F-B15F)
265 Wurmple Joyous Tower (1F-2F)
266 Silcoon Evolve Wurmple
Sinister Woods (4F-6F)
267 Beautifly Evolve Silcoon
268 Cascoon Evolve Wurmple
Sinister Woods (4F-6F)
Murky Cave (1F-2F, 5F, 7F-9F, 11F)
269 Dustox Evolve Cascoon
469 YanmegaRTDX Evolve Yanma (RTDX only)


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