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Miracle of the Lakes
호수의 기적
SetSymbolMiracle of the Lake.png
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Cards in set 40
Set number -
Release date February 8, 2011

Miracle of the Lakes (Korean: 호수의 기적 Hosu-ui Gijeok) is the name given to the ninth extension set of cards from the DP Series of the Korean Pokémon Trading Card Game. The set continues to feature Pokémon LV.X. This set focuses on Psychic-type cards.


Miracle of the Lakes is the ninth Korean extension set of cards after the Pokémon Trading Card Game went into hiatus until the middle of 2010. Released February 8, 2011, this extension set continues to introduce both new Generation IV Pokémon and new Pokémon LV.X in the Korean Card Game. This set focuses on Psychic-type cards.

Included in the Miracle of the Lakes set are 40 cards originating from the first half of the English Diamond & Pearl Series. The set pulls its Ultra-Rare Pokémon LV.X focus from the Legends Awakened expansion and contains a majority of cards from it.

The only Legendary Pokémon included in the set are Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Jirachi, Groudon, and Rayquaza.

Set list

Miracle of the Lakes
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
01/40   Bulbasaur    
02/40   Ivysaur    
03/40   Venusaur    
04/40   Numel    
05/40   Camerupt    
06/40   Squirtle    
07/40   Wartortle    
08/40   Blastoise    
09/40   Corsola    
10/40   Snover    
11/40   Abomasnow    
12/40   Chinchou    
13/40   Lanturn    
14/40   Gulpin    
15/40   Swalot    
16/40   Seviper    
17/40   Uxie    
18/40   Uxie LV.X    
19/40   Mesprit    
20/40   Mesprit LV.X    
21/40   Azelf    
22/40   Azelf LV.X    
23/40   Hitmonlee    
24/40   Hitmonchan    
25/40   Groudon    
26/40   Absol    
27/40   Beldum    
28/40   Metang    
29/40   Metagross    
30/40   Jirachi    
31/40   Togepi    
32/40   Togetic    
33/40   Togekiss    
34/40   Zangoose    
35/40   Rayquaza    
36/40   Night Maintenance T  
37/40   Super Scoop Up T  
38/40   Poké Healer + T  
39/40   Team Galactic's Mars Su  
40/40   Lake Boundary St  

Languages this set is released in

The Miracle of the Lakes set was exclusively released in Korean.

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