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Mega Aerodactyl (Duel 538)

Mega Aerodactyl
メガプテラ Mega Ptera
Evolution stage 2
Figure name Mega Aerodactyl
Move Points 3
Rock Flying
Rarity UX
Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur
Version 7.0.10
ID 563
Time Booster League N/A
Special Time Boosters None
Locked Booster Yes
Material Exchange No
For more information on the Pokémon this figure depicts, see Aerodactyl.

Aerodactyl (Japanese: メガプテラ Mega Ptera) is a figure in Pokémon Duel. It was made available in version 7.0.10.



Winged Terror 有翼の恐怖
Restored Pokémon. If this Pokémon is not affected by a special condition, it may MP move over Pokémon on the field that don't have Soar. While this Pokémon is on the field, opposing Pokémon that are not Ghost- or Ground-type cannot MP move through this Pokémon using the effect of an Ability. Your Rock-type and Flying-type Pokémon each deal +10 damage.

Data Disk

Duel Z-Move.png Supersonic Skystrike ファイナルダイブクラッシュ 96 pt.
Any Pokémon adjacent to the battle opponent other than this Pokémon spin. Those that spin White Attacks move to the bench. This Pokémon gains Wait 3.
Duel Z-Move.png Continental Crush ワールズエンドフォール 96 pt.
The battle opponent and opposing Pokémon adjacent to the battle opponent gain Wait 9.
Miss ミス 4 pt.
Rock Slide* いわなだれ※ 32 pt.
*If the battle opponent or any opposing Pokémon adjacent to the battle opponent have Wait, those Pokémon are knocked out. The battle opponent and opposing Pokémon adjacent to the battle opponent gain Wait 3.
Stone Edge ストーンエッジ 32 pt.
Taunt ちょうはつ 28 pt.
Until the end of your next turn, if the Pokémon hit by this Attack spins a Purple Attack or Blue Attack, shift the result clockwise until a non-Purple, non-Blue Attack comes up.
Leveling up the figure allows the size of non-miss segments to be increased and the size of miss segments to be decreased.
Every evolution this figure has undergone adds +10 damage and +1 ★.
Chain leveling allows the damage of an attack to be increased.

Release information

This figure was available as a Monthly Points Reward from May 13 to June 12, 2019 and from June 12 to July 3, 2019 for players who had the Player Pass.



Rock Slide, Stone Edge, and Taunt are all moves in the Pokémon games that Mega Aerodactyl can learn, the last two via TM. Supersonic Skystrike and Continental Crush are Z-Moves in the games although Aerodactyl cannot use them after Mega Evolving.

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