Master caddy

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Master caddy

The master caddy (Japanese: キャディー名人 Caddy Expert) is a character of the day who appeared in Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball!. He was the caddy during Ash and his classmates's Pokémon Golf game with Kahili.

Much like the master fisherman and the Pokémon Sled Jump master, both of whom he resembles, he would talk at length on how he would have done things better, often with an increasing number of years on when he did it. This would annoy Kahili's Toucannon and prompt it to put his head in its mouth.


Krabby is his only known Pokémon. The master caddy brought Krabby out to hit a Pokémon Golf ball so it could reach the final hole. This failed when a strong wind blew the ball back.

None of Krabby's moves are known.

Debut Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 羽佐間道夫 Michio Hazama
Polish Jarosław Boberek
Brazilian Portuguese Luiz Sérgio Navarro
Spanish Latin America Paco Mauri
Spain Rafael Azcárraga


  • The master caddy, the master fisherman, and the Pokémon Sled Jump master all share the same Japanese voice actor.
  • His clothing is reminiscent of an Oranguru, especially its color scheme.
  • The master caddy using Krabby as a golf club is a pun, since Krabby's Japanese name "Crab" and the word "club" are pronounced the same way in Japanese (クラブ Kurabu).

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