These are Marnie's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Motostoke Stadium
"You're lookin' a bit gobsmacked by all this. You must be from some small country town, is that it? I'm quite the same myself."
  • Budew Drop Inn
"What are you lot doin' here?"
"I know you all are terribly curious 'bout the other Gym Challengers, but you gotta show a bit of restraint. Sorry 'bout them! They're just a bunch of my fans. Call themselves Team Yell and follow me around, cheerin' for me. I think they've let it all go to their heads a bit... Come on, you lot! Back home with you now!"
"They're just so caught up with wantin' to support me and all that they tend to get a bit shirty with other Gym Challengers. Sorry if they caused you any troubles."
  • If spoken to again
"They're just so caught up with wantin' to support me and all that they tend to get a bit shirty with other Gym Challengers. Sorry if they caused you any troubles."
  • The next day
"So the Gym Challenge is finally startin'. I'd wish you luck, but I'm afraid I'm goin' to be the one to win."
  • Budew Drop Inn
"Uhhh, Challenger <player>, right? Out givin' it your all, even this late, huh? Hey, help with somethin' for a sec. I want t'see if I'm ready for the next leg of the Gym Challenge."
All right : "Wicked! Got some fight in you, huh?"
  • During battle
"Hmm, I think this move expresses my feelin's. What do you think?"
  • Before sending out last Pokémon
"It'd be no fun if things ended just yet... That's why we aren't givin' up!"
  • Upon being defeated
"You beat me... Guess you must not be too bad after all, huh?"
  • After being defeated
"Guess I'd better get to bed and rest up for tomorrow. You'd better get to sleep, too."
  • The next day
"Mornin', <player>."
"That friend of yours already went off to challenge the next Gym. Kabu's League Card is supposed to help against him, but I ended up with a few copies, so I'll give you one. Don't look so chuffed. It's no big deal."
"Take this, too... A little somethin' for our battle yesterday."
"Bet you'll have no trouble beatin' that "man of fire" Kabu chap, right? Why don'cha get over to Motostoke Stadium and get that Gym Badge already?"
Ballonlea Stadium
"Oh, Challenger <player>!"
"Hmm? You got four Gym Badges already? I'm gonna have to watch out for you, huh?"
"Look, even Morpeko is wary of you."
"Wait, Morpeko, don't tell me you actually like <player>?"
"Ugh! We've already had a serious battle with him. He's an opposin' Gym Challenger! Guess there's nothin' to it. Look, just take one of my League Cards, OK?"
"What's with that look, huh? This just means I'll think of you as my rival from now on, OK? There aren't too many Gym Challengers left, y'know. So we're meetin' in the Finals. You got that?"
Route 9
"Hey, <player>!"
"I was born 'ere so I know another way in. If you wanna get into the town, how 'bout I show you the way?'re my rival. So you'll have to beat me in a battle first, got it?"
With pleasure! : "You've had a pretty good win streak in the Gym Challenge, just like me! I respect you as my rival and all that, but I got too much at stake to go around losin' now!"
  • After sending out first Pokémon
"I've powered up a whole lot! I'm gonna beat you lot into the ground, got it?"
  • Before sending out last Pokémon
"As expected of my rival! You really know how to get me riled up!"
  • Upon being defeated
"What's with that?! My Pokémon didn't get a chance to really do their thing at all. Ugh!"
  • After being defeated
"My partner Morpeko has been interested in you and your strength, and I think I get it now. But I've got everyone in Spikemuth supportin' me! I'm definitely gonna get all eight Gym Badges just so I can have a rematch with you. Don'cha forget it! I'll get my revenge in the Champion Cup! Anyway, I promised I'd show you a way in, so follow me!"
"With the shutter closed, nobody's gonna be able to challenge the Gym... I gotta look into this. I just happened to have too many of these, so I'll give you one, got it? You can handle yourself, right?"
"Shut your gob!"
"Oh, <player>! Uh... I'm really sorry! The lot from Spikemuth's tellin' me they locked down the city for my sake..."
"*sigh* That's no way to help someone at all! <player>, no need to bother with all the preparations, or whatever. Go on in and face the Gym Leader!"
"That was actually kinda sweet."
"I was watchin' YOUR battle, Bro. It's how I learned to battle an' all that."
"Yeah, I know. You'd planned to retire after the Champion Cup, right? I think you've really become a great Gym Leader, even if you don't Dynamax your Pokémon. I love you, but my answer is a big, fat "NO"! I mean, when I end up becomin' Champion, I won't be able to be a Gym Leader!"
"Hey, <player>, thanks for havin' an amazin' Pokémon battle with my brother. It's my turn next! So clear off for a bit, 'K?"
Wyndon Stadium (Champion Cup Lobby)
"This is it. I really made it. I made it through the Gym Challenge. There might be four remainin' in the Semifinals... But I'm the one who's gonna win through and battle the Champion."
Wyndon Stadium (Champion Cup Semifinals)
  • Before battle
"Heh. I knew you'd get all the Badges and meet me here. I know that there's been a lot between us, what with my big brother, Team Yell, helpin' Spikemuth and all that... But the truth is, when all's said and done... I really just wanna become Champion for myself! So don't take it personal when I kick your butt!"
  • After sending out first Pokémon
"I've gotta win this if I'm gonna be the Champion! I'm comin' at ya with everythin' I've got!"
  • Before sending out last Pokémon
"I've got everyone's cheers backin' me! I'm really, really gonna win this time, got it?"
"My bro might not use it... But I'll Gigantamax my Pokémon if it's to win!"
"I worked real hard trainin' my favorite move, just so I could use it in a battle against you!"
  • Upon being defeated
"OK, so I lost... but I got to see a lot of the good points of you and your Pokémon!"
  • After being defeated
"Everyone in the stadium was watchin' us durin' all that... I heard them cheerin' for me and my Pokémon. It was nice... I may have lost, but... At least we drove the audience wild! Guess that's not so bad! Think I'll join my brother in the stands, and we'll watch from the sidelines to see who ends up challengin' the Champion. Just so y'know... I still haven't decided if I'm gonna cheer for you... See ya!"'
Wyndon (Outside Rose of the Rondelands)
"Man, why am I here for this? I'm totally exhausted from that battle with you, <player>..."
"What should we do?"
  • When not cheering for the player
"Talkin' to me ain't gonna help you find the bad guy, now is it? I'll cheer you on, so go out there and track him down!"
  • First time cheering the player
"My cheers will really get you goin'!"
  • Second time cheering the player
"Feel that flow! Yeah! You feelin' it, <player>?"
  • Third time cheering the player
"Yeah! Have some of my support! I know you can keep the beat goin'!"
Wyndon (Outside Rose Tower)
"So what should we do?"
"Team Yell is gonna have their hands full holdin' up those bad League staff members. They won't be catchin' up anytime soon."
"<player>, you cleared the way to Rose Tower. Now all you gotta do is charge on ahead."
"An employee's an employee I guess... Seems that exec lady hid the monorail key to try and impress the chairman. Chairman Rose's been keepin' the Champion holed up inside. Wonder what he's plottin'."
"Gotta stick around to make sure my bro doesn't do anythin' too crazy, right? Come back if you need anythin'."
  • If talked to again
"Gotta stick around to make sure my bro doesn't do anythin' too crazy, right? Come back if you need anythin'."
Wyndon Stadium (Champion Cup Locker Room)
"Sorry, <player>! I thought my bro could get revenge for me, but he lost to Raihan. You look so sloppy out there that people are gonna think we're both weak 'cause we're related!"
"All right, I get it! But that's exactly why I wanted you to win! I still thought it was a brilliant battle, though..."
"I'm countin' on you to win, <player>. Got that? I'll be cheerin' for you."
Motostoke (post-game)
  • In one of the hotel rooms of Budew Drop Inn
"Watch this."
"Back at the Semifinals... So many people were out there cheerin' for me! It made me really happy. I wanna give 'em a proper smile..."
"<Player>?! Th-this is too embarassin'!"
Spikemuth (post-game)
"Stab, you look a little more Champion-like, huh? Only a little, though. What're you gawkin' at? It's exactly what you think. I look wicked as a Gym Leader, right? I wanna show everyone that even if you can't Dynamax, you can still use other tactics and have a lot of fun! C'mon, Champ! How 'bout an exhibition match?"
Of course! : "Don't get the wrong idea! This ain't you usin' me for trainin'. I'm usin' you for trainin'--got it?"
  • Upon being defeated
"Yeah I lost, but I'm gonna learn from your battle style and everythin'!"
  • After being defeated
"As expected. You're a proper Champion, ain'tcha, Stab? OK! I'm gonna give you somethin' important. So keep it safe or I'll get mad, got it?"
  • If spoken to again
"Come back any time you're free. I don't mind trainin' against you."
Wyndon Stadium (Champion Cup Rematch)
  • Before battle
"If I want people to properly respect me as the new Spikemuth Gym Leader, I need to show just how amazin' I am by defeatin' you!"
  • Upon being defeated
"I mean, If you're gonna win, you could at least win in a way that makes me look good, right?"
  • After being defeated
"I've been losin' to you since the Gym Challenge, and I'm gettin' a bit fed up! You'd better battle me again!"
Isle of Armor Random Encounters
  • When first spoken to
"<player>?! What're you doin' here?"
"Actually, don't bother answerin' — I can tell. You're here for the same reason as me, ain't ya? That's why yer my rival."
"If I let Morpeko loose in this thick grass, I'll lose sight of it right away. Gotta keep a close eye..."
"Y'know those Pokémon up there flitting from tree to tree... Emolga? Kinda look like Morpeko, don't they?"
"What's that red building s'posed to be for? It looks cool in those Spikemuth Gym colors..."
"Dark, cramped places like this kinda calm me down a bit. It's like bein' back home in Spikemuth."
"Look at that gorgeous ocean! Wouldn't it be great to all go have a swim? On the other hand, Grimmsnarl'd probably take yonks to dry out after..."
"I'm trainin' to walk steady even on tricky ground like this! Why not give it a try?"
"Ain't this a nice breeze, <player>? This is just the type of weather that'd make my bro stay shut up inside."
  • During overcast conditions
"Pretty dark, ain't it? Looks like we might have rain comin'. This is just the type of weather that'd get my brother amped up."
  • During rain or thunderstorms
"Even on rainy days like this, you gotta give it all you've got! Toxicroak's all right thanks to Dry Skin, but as for you, watch out you don't catch cold!"
"Man, this sand stings! Wonder if a Pokémon's pair of Safety Goggles'd work for me..."
"Whoa! <player>?! Don't scare me like that! I can't see a thing in this fog. Thought you were a ghost or somethin'..."
Wyndon Stadium (Galarian Star Tournament)
  • Opening Ceremony
"The Galarian Star what?!"
Partnering with Marnie
  • In the locker room before the first round
"Thanks for choosin' me for this tournament. Morpeko seems real pleased to get to battle alongside your team, too."
  • In the locker room before the second round
"I've been workin' on really polishin' up my skills lately, since I'm a Gym Leader now an' all that. I won't let you steal the spotlight this whole battle, even if you are the Champion!"
  • In the locker room before the last round
"I'm really lookin' forward to gettin' to share this win with you. That's why there's no way we're losin' here in the final round!"
  • On the field before the first round battle
"Let's show ' em our teamwork!"
  • On the field before the second round battle
"Toss your Poké Ball on my mark, OK? Are you ready?"
  • On the field before the last round battle
"This is it...The last big match. Hey, d'you need me to cheer you on a bit?"
  • Winning the Tournament
"<player>, we did it! We beat every single one of 'em!"
  • Against Piers
"Don't you dare go easy just'cause we're family, Big Bro!"
Facing against Marnie
"I-I'unno about cute or anythin'...But sendin' 'em head over heels works for me!"

In spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

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Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited
"I'm Marnie from Spikemuth. Guess you an' me are gonna be seein' a lot more of each other from now on, huh?"
  • After being recruited (Summer 2021)
"I'm Marnie, and I'm feelin' right sunny this summer! Let's power through this heat together!"
  • After being recruited (Palentine's 2022)
"It's me, Marnie. Have you noticed that sweet, sugary scent all over town? Almost makes me wanna smile."
  • Sync pair viewer
"My cheers will really get you goin'!"
"Don't take it personal when I kick your butts!"
  • Sync pair viewer (Summer 2021)
"Come on then! My partner and I'll show you how well we do our thing!"
"I won't let myself get beaten by the sun. Hydration 100%!"
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"Sure, I can lend you a hand."
  • Selection screen (forming team, Summer 2021)
"Let's feel that flow!"
  • Selection screen (forming team, Palentine's 2022)
Follow my lead!"
(with Hop) "We've got to brush up on our battle skills, Hop!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"See you 'round.
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, Summer 2021)
"See you later!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"Huh, this is gonna be fun."
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill (Summer 2021)
"This'll look wicked on the battlefield."
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill (Palentine's 2022)
"This is gonna be brilliant!"
  • Upon leveling-up
"Heh, I'm just gettin' started."
  • Upon leveling-up (Summer 2021)
"This is just the beginnin'!"
  • Upon leveling-up (Palentine's 2022)
"We'll be pumpin' up crowds in no time!"
  • Upon reaching max level
"We're gonna look real good on the battlefield now."
  • Upon reaching max level (Summer 2021)
"We're fiercer than ever!"
  • Upon reaching max level (Palentine's 2022)
"I bet we can really work a crowd now."
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"I powered up a whole lot!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Summer 2021)
"Feelin' powered up!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Palentine's 2022)
"See? Look how strong we're gettin'!"
  • During conversation
"Well done."
"I'm impressed."
"I'll be cheerin' for ya."
"Push off!"
"Uhh... No."
"Countin' on ya."
"Ohh... U-uhhh..."
  • During conversation (Summer 2021)
"You got this!"
"Oh no..."
"I got this!"
"No way."
"'Preciate it!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Mornin'. Your mates already left to go training', y'know. Not that they're gonna pass me by... I've got my own plans."
"*yawn* Oh, man... Wish I could just crawl back into bed right now..."
  • During special log-in conversation (morning, Summer 2021)
"Seein' how bright the sun is today has given me loads more energy than usual. Can't wait to take on the rest of the day!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Y'know, I could really go for some curry right about now. How's that sound to ya?"
"I really love this outfit, but it does get a bit hot when the sun's out. S'ppose it's not quite right for a day like today, is it?"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon, Summer 2021)
"Why don't we go and find some place cool to take a break? This heat's got me totally knackered..."
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"Y'know, I think about Spikemuth whenever it gets dark out. Wonder how a lot of 'em are doing back home..."
  • During special log-in conversation (evening, Summer 2021)
"What's kept you up so late? If you're not off to bed yet, we could have a quick battle or two!"
  • During special gift conversation
"Here, you can have some of mine."
"I've got something I think you're gonna like."
  • During special gift conversation (Summer 2021)
"Here you go."
"I'm gonna give ya somethin' important!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • Co-op match screen (Summer 2021)
  • VS screen
"I'm not gonna let you win!"
  • VS screen (Summer 2021)
"Let's do this!"
  • Battle start
"Come on!"
  • Battle start (Summer 2021)
"Let's go!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"Get 'em!"
"Keep it up!"
  • Using Pokémon move (Summer 2021)
"Come on!"
"Feel it!"
  • Using item
"Let's see how you like this!"
  • Using item (Summer 2021)
"Here goes!"
  • Using Trainer move
"This one's my favorite."
  • Using Trainer move (Summer 2021)
"I won't give up!"
  • Using Sync Move
"My fans are cheerin' for us."
  • Using Sync Move (Summer 2021)
"Feel that flow, yeah!"
  • Unity Move
  • Switching in
  • Switching in (Summer 2021)
"My time to shine!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"End of the road."
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (Summer 2021)
"We gave it our best."
  • "Nice" emote
"Not bad."
  • "Nice" emote (Summer 2021)
"Not too bad!"
  • "Watch out" emote
"Watch it!"
  • "Watch out" emote (Summer 2021)
  • "Let's do this" emote
"My fans are cheerin' for us."
  • "Let's do this" emote (Summer 2021)
"I know you can keep the beat goin'."
  • Defeat
"Can't believe it..."
  • Defeat (Summer 2021)
"Next time you won't be so lucky."
  • Defeat (Palentine 2022)
"No way..."
  • Victory
"Hope you enjoyed our battle tactics."
  • Victory (Summer 2021)
"That was one hot battle!"
  • Victory (Palentine 2021)
"Smashin' through the competition!"
Story Event - Champion Time
  • The Unbeatable Leon Arrives
"Hey, Gloria an' I are gonna have some battles, too, y'know!"
  • Exhibition Match Kick-Off
"Yeah. We can't let them down."
"That's Karen, right?"
"Karen, of the Johto Elite Four... I'm not gonna lose to her!"
"Gloria won... So I can't lose now!"
  • Believe to Achieve!
"I won't lose, no matter who my opponent is!"
"Leon's not the only name that'll be remembered on Pasio. We'll have everyone cheering just as loud for Spikemuth an' Marnie!"
"Morpeko! We're in to win this!"
"Morpeko, hang in there! Time to use that special attack we've been savin'!"
"No... At this rate, we're gonna lose... even though Gloria won her battle."
"The Gym Challenge... My rival..."
"(That's right. I challenged Gloria so many times. Ever since the first time we battled, I still haven't beaten her yet, though I've got close.)"
"(But each battle taught me something new, and that's how we made each other stronger!)"
"Heh heh. That's kind of embarrassing."
"Right! We've got this! We're stronger now!"
"Nothing left to do but to put everything I've got out there!"
"Morpeko! Time for our sync move!"
"I'll do better than anything you throw at me!"
"We lost..."
"Sorry... I couldn't win..."
"Thanks. To tell you the truth, I also had a lot of fun during that match."
"And now I know what I need to work on!"
"Since I'm aiming to be a Champion, I'm gonna get even stronger!"
  • A Champion Time for All
"That match between the Champions was amazing... I've gotta work even harder!"
"I'm aiming for the top here on Pasio, too! And I'm gonna let everyone know just how cool Spikemuth is!"
"Yeah! Thanks. Champions really are the coolest."
Solo Event - Yell and Dream
  • Fame and Glory
"Yeah... You know how there are a lot of sync pairs on Pasio?"
"I was thinking that if I became famous here, it would help get people to know Spikemuth better."
"Would it really be that easy, though?"
"All the sync pairs from Galar? That ups the scale quite a bit."
"But...I guess it might not be bad to be Marnie, the Galar representative from Spikemuth!"
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
"I hope we were able to show everyone just how great Galar an' Spikemuth are."
"Working together..."
"That must be why the Champion's battles can get everyone so heated up!"
"I also wanna give 'em all the results they're cheering for!"
"I'll keep working on getting stronger together with everyone."
"If we all work together, I know we can make our dreams come true!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Marnie
"Here, Morpeko. Have a Berry seed."
"Oh, hey, <player>. Why do ya look so shocked? Somethin' wrong?"
"Morpeko's appearance? Oh, did ya see all that just now?"
"My partner Pokémon, Morpeko, changes appearance based on how hungry she is."
"The black fur you just saw was her in Hangry Mode. She gets hangry and has a real nasty temper."
"I usually carry around Berry seeds just in case..."
"but I ran out while walkin' around and lookin' in all the apparel shops in town."
"It's OK, though, because the sync pair I was just talkin' to shared some of theirs with me!"
"You're still hungry? I guess I've gotta go search for some Berries, then..."
"Hey, <player>, help me look for a bit, would ya?"
Sure!: "Thanks! Let's get goin', then, shall we?"
Sounds fun!: "Glad to hear it. It'd be a great help to have someone searchin' with me."
"Phew. We sure gathered a lot. But I think we need just a few more..."
This is hard work!: "Yeah. My legs got tired real quick, too, when I first started doin' this."
I bet this is great training for us.: "I bet you're right. It's practically like workin' out."
"It doesn't bother me anymore, though. I've been doin' this ever since I teamed up with Morpeko when I was five years old, y'know."
"My big brother caught my Morpeko for me way back then, when all I did was cry all the time."
"Ever since then, Morpeko and I have always been there for each other."
"I still find myself doin' silly stuff like this since Morpeko can get so hangry sometimes..."
"But I bet you won't find any sync pair out there with a bond stronger than ours."
"Well, I guess all the sync pairs here on Pasio probably say the same thing, huh?"
"So I know I can't just rely on our bond. We've gotta keep trainin' to get stronger if we wanna beat all the other sync pairs here."
I'm cheering for you!: "Thanks! I'll be sure to cheer for you when you battle, too, <player>."
My partner and I won't lose!: "We don't plan to lose to you, either! We need to have a proper battle one of these days!"
"OK, then. I guess we've gathered about enough."
"Thanks for your help, <player>. With this many Berries, we should be fine for a little while at least."
"Hmm... How can I thank you?"
"I know! I'll be your trainin' partner the next time you go out to train."
"We can cheer each other on and both get stronger together. It'll be great, y'know?"
"Be sure to tell me next time you go out to train. It's a promise—got it?"
Pokémon Center
  • Upon being summoned in sync pair scout
"I've got everyone's cheers backin' me! I'm really, really gonna win this time, got it?"
  • Upon being summoned in sync pair scout (Summer 2021)
"We're gonna get everyone excited about our pop-up!"
  • Upon being summoned in sync pair scout (Palentine's 2022)
"Don't let your guard down just 'cause we're cute! We'll eat you right up!"
  • Random conversation
"I love all kinds of battles, but my favorite are stadium battles, y'know?"
"My Pokémon and I really drive the audience wild with all our moves and battle tactics!"
"It's really nice when people cheer for us!"
  • Random conversation
"Hmm... I need to get it lookin' a little more natural..."
"H-hey! How long have you been there watchin' me?! Th-this is too embarassin'!"
"What am I doin'? I'm practicin' my smile!"
"I've gotta have a proper smile to show all the people cheerin' for me!"
  • Random conversation
"What's my favorite Pokémon type, you ask? Dark, of course!"
"Some Dark-type Pokémon can give off a kinda scary impression..."
"but there's nothin' better than makin' a real heart-to-heart connection with one of them!"
  • Random conversation
"Team Yell is a group of my fans who follow me around, cheerin' for me."
"They didn't come with me to Pasio, but I'm sure they're still cheerin' me on back in my hometown."
"Just thinkin' about that makes me wanna go battle right now!"
  • Random conversation
"Oh, <player>! Have you been off trainin' again?"
"I think being able to work hard like that is a skill all on its own! My big brother's the same way..."
"That's why I'm cheerin' both of you on from the sidelines just like Team Yell does for me!"
  • Random conversation
"Have you got any brothers or sisters?"
"I've got a big brother named Piers. He's a singer and songwriter who's also a Gym Leader!"
"People say he seems a little standoffish, but he's actually super nice, despite his appearance!"
  • If spoken to again
"I used to just cry all the time."
"But then my big brother caught me a Pokémon, and that changed everythin'!"
"He's the best big bro anyone could ask for!"
  • Random conversation
"There are so many Trainers from so many different regions here on Pasio."
"Keepin' an eye on all the different sync pairs here gives me lots of ideas for Pokémon battles and even fashion!"
"Everyone's watchin' when I battle, y'know? I can't go out in an embarrassin' outfit!"
  • If spoken to again
"Hey, I have an idea! Why don't you come help me look for clothes for a bit?"
"I can even help choose somethin' that'll look good on you while we're at it!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2021)
"My Grimmsnarl's hair is so strong, he could overwhelm even the toughest Machamp!"
"It does get tangled fairly easily though, so keepin' up with the groomin' each day can be a right pain."
"D'you want to give it a try? Just be careful not to let his hair get snagged in the brush, all right?"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2021)
"Me 'n' Gloria both got these flower hair clips to match each other."
"They're so cute 'n' colorful... They go really well with our new outfits, don't y'think?"
"I'm gonna have to put on my best smile while wearin' this, or my outfit'll outshine me!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2021)
"Well, look at you! I can tell you and your partner have been trainin' hard lately!"
"I'm gonna cheer so hard for you out there today, you won't lose a single battle!"
"Actually, hold that thought—I need to go and grab some sunscreen first!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2021)
"Back in Spikemuth, I often used to hang out and eat curry with the Team Yell lot."
"They all like to put in different berries, so the flavor ended up a little different each time."
"Someday I'll have to get you to try my own special recipe! It's so good—you'll see!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2021)
"Oh! Hey, <player>! You've got great timing!"
"I was just gonna go for a swim! D'you wanna join me?"
"We can have a battle in the water while we're swimmin'! Bet you can't beat me!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2021)
"Hmm... Maybe if I just curve it upwards a bit more on this side..."
"Hi! Welcome to Dine-A-Ma— AAAAAH! H-how long have you been standin' there?! Ugh, this is so embarrassing..."
  • If spoken to again
"I need to greet customers at the pop-up eatery we set up on the beach, so I've been tryin' to practice my smile..."
"Hey! Now that you're in on my secret, could you do me a big favor?"
"Can you let me know how I'm doing so far? Here goes... Hi! W-welcome to Dine-A-Max!"
"Ugh...I can't do this! It's too embarrassing!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2021)
"I grew up in a place called Spikemuth. The north side of town is right on the ocean, but it's always freezing cold."
"The beaches here on Pasio have been such a nice change! While I'm here, I wanna spend as much time in the water as I can!"
  • If spoken to again
"I haven't got much practice swimmin', so when I go in the water, will you come with me?"
"Don't leave me alone out there, all right? Promise!"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2022)
"This is one of my favorite outfits."
"It's a pretty dress with an apron I tie tight around me!"
"When I tie it, it's like I'm helping the person I'm cheerin' on pull it together! An' it's so eye-catchin'."
"It's like my outfit itself is doin' a cheer. I feel like my cheerin's even better when I have it on!"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2022)
"My partner Pokémon lures her opponents into letting their guard down, then chomps them right up!"
"She's not just cute! I can really count on her."
"Be careful—ya never know if we'll try to take a bite outta ya!"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2022)
"I think it's best to have a smile on your face when you're givin' someone a present."
"That's why I've been practicin' my smile so much, but it's still not as natural as I want it to be..."
"If ya don't mind, wanna help me practice?"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2022)
"People get excited when there's something sweet hangin' in the air."
"That's why I'm always mindful of how I cheer people on."
"You've got to know if someone wants to be cheered up or if they just wanna feel like someone's watchin' over them."
"Ya gotta know the difference to make sure everyone's as happy as they can be!"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2022)
"Oh, <player>. Brilliant timing."
"I can't decide what present to get for my big bro and the members of Team Yell."
"Could you help me pick something out?"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2022)
"I really like makin' people happy."
"I can do that with my cheers and by passin' out sweets I've made."
"If you want something specific, let me know, OK?"
  • If spoken to again
"Just don't ask for anything too difficult."
"It would be so embarrassing if I couldn't make it nice."
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2022)
"I'm a fan of the rockin' outfits I usually wear..."
"But I've always envied the really glamorous kind of fashion you see in big cities."
"Right now, I'm happy to be here 'cause I can check out all kinds of fashion!"
  • If spoken to again
"I'm gonna go hit the boutiques. Wanna come with me?"
"Let's experiment with all sorts of styles and find a look that screams “Pasio!”"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Mornin', <player>! You're goin' exploring again today, aren't ya?"
"I'll be waitin' here for ya, so don't forget to come get me when you're ready to go!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Summer 2021)
"Oh! There you are, <player>. Are you all ready to go?"
"Don't forget to bring plenty of water with you on your adventure today!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Palentine's 2022)
"There's somethin' sweet in the air, an' it's pretty excitin'!"
"Why don't we go cheer some people on, <player>?"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Mornin'. Your mates already left to go trainin', y'know. Not that they're gonna pass me by... I've got my own plans."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I really love this outfit, but it does get a bit hot when the sun's out. S'ppose it's not quite right for a day like today, is it?"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"Out givin' it your all, even this late, huh? Care for a quick battle before you're off to beddy-byes?"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Summer 2021)
"Seein' how bright the sun is today has given me loads more energy than usual! Can't wait to take on the rest o' the day!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Summer 2021)
"Why don't we go and find someplace cool to take a break? This heat's got me totally knackered."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Summer 2021)
"What's kept you up so late? If you're not off to bed yet, we could have a quick battle or two."
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Palentine's 2022)
"Mornin'! Don't tell me you're still sleepy... Come on! It's time to rise an' shine!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Palentine's 2022)
"Make sure ya take a break if ya start to feel tired, all right? I'll be there to cheer ya on when you're ready to go again!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Palentine's 2022)
"I think we both did great out there today. Now it's time to get somethin' sweet to celebrate an' do our best again tomorrow!"
  • Special gift conversation
"Oh, there you are! I've got somethin' important to give you."
"It'd make me really happy if you could put it to good use."
  • After giving out item
"Presents make the giver happy, too, y'know. Keep that in mind, and use it however ya like!"
  • Special gift conversation (Summer 2021)
"Look what washed up on the shore this mornin'! Here, it's for you!"
  • After giving out item
"Make sure you use it, OK? Don't just hoard it away!"
  • Special gift conversation (Palentine's 2022)
"I've got something good for ya."
"Don't be shy! Just take it!"
  • After giving out item
"I'm glad ya seem to like it!"