Makoto Kyougi

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Makoto Kyougi
競技マコト Kyougi Makoto
Makoto Kyougi.png
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Pink
Hair color Purple with yellow highlights
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Shin Kyougi (brother), unnamed mother
Manga series Let's Play the Pokémon Card Game XY!
Let's Play the Pokémon Card Game! Sun & Moon Arc
Debut CXY35 (Let's Play the Pokémon Card Game XY!)
CSM01 (Let's Play the Pokémon Card Game! Sun & Moon Arc)
Generation VII
Counterpart(s) Elio
Games Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Makoto Kyougi (Japanese: (きょう)()マコト Kyougi Makoto) is a main character in Let's Play the Pokémon Card Game! Sun & Moon Arc. He is the brother of Shin Kyougi.


In CSM01, Makoto and Shin began their first day of school at Ōkido Academy. Despite transferring to the school in hopes of learning how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Makoto and Shin were forced to do regular school activities all day. Once the day was over, Guzumaru, the teacher, officially started the Pokémon Card Club. Through the use of projection mapping, any card placed on a student desk would produce a hologram of the Pokémon on the card, allowing for a visual representation of a card battle. As a gift for joining the school, Guzumaru allowed Makoto and Shin to choose one from three Sun & Moon Starter Sets. After some difficulty, Makoto chose the Decidueye-GX Starter Set Grass while Shin decided to pick the Incineroar-GX Starter Set Fire.


Language Name Origin
Japanese 競技マコト Kyougi Makoto Kyougi means "game" while makoto means "truth"

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