Makeup Bag

The Makeup Bag (Japanese: コスメポーチ Cosmetics Pouch) is a Key Item introduced in Generation VII. It allows female player characters to change the color of their lips.

Makeup Bag
Cosmetics Pouch
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Makeup Bag
Obtain sprite from the Generation VII games
Introduced in Generation VII
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In the core series games


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The Makeup Bag stores lipsticks, which allow the player to change their lip color in fitting rooms.

The player can choose from the following lipsticks:

  • No lipstick
  • Nude Pink
  • Coral Orange
  • Bright Pink
  • Summer Red
  • Deep Burgundy
  • Icy Blue


Games Description
SMUSUM A rather chic-looking case for carrying lipsticks.


Games Method
SMUSUM Hau'oli City (from Lillie, outside the apparel shop, if the player is female)

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 化妝包 Fajōng Bāau
Mandarin 化妝包 / 化妆包 Huàzhuāng Bāo
  French Trousse Beauté
  German Kosmetiketui
  Italian Trousse
  Korean 코스메틱파우치 Cosmetics Pouch
  Spanish Kit Maquillaje

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