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These are Lyra's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

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New Bark Town
  • After the player gets a starter
"<player>! So you picked... a Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodile! That's a cute Pokémon you have! When you walk with it, it'll become more friendly. You should turn around and talk to it sometimes, too. Oh, that's right! Why don't you show it to your mom? See ya!"
  • After receiving a Master Ball from Elm
"I wonder what Kimono Girl wants from you..."
  • If spoke to her Marill
"Hmm... My Pokémon may be putting on some weight lately...
  • If the player attempts to walk to Route 27 before battling Ho-Oh/Lugia
"Hi, <player>! Where do you think you're going, <player>?"
  • In her house
  • If the player hasn't yet got a starter Pokémon
"<player>! Professor Elm was looking for you. Did you go to his lab?"
  • If the player has a starter Pokémon
"My Marill is super cute... But your Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodile looks pretty good, too, <player>!"
  • Later in the game (if no Shiny Leaf is present on the walking Pokémon)
"Isn't it strange that when we are with Pokémon, going out is just so much more fun! <player>! Try going to different places and talk to your Pokémon! I bet you'll find out so many things about them!"
Professor Elm's lab
  • After battling Silver
"Hold on a second! He has nothing to do with it! I saw it. There was a red-haired boy looking into the building!"
"<player>! I'm glad they understand you are innocent. See you later!"
  • After earning the Rising Badge
"<Player>! Did you already collect eight Badges? That's so cool! The professor is waiting for you."
"<Player>, people are talking about you! I heard you helped Kimono Girls? You've been helping all these people! You make me proud to be your friend."
Route 29
"There you are! <player>! You can catch wild Pokémon with Poké Balls. Follow me!"
"...Just like that! ... Huh? Was I too fast? I'll try again. Come this way!"
"See? Just like that! It's better to lower your target's HP more than I did, or make it sleep or something. You can try all kinds of things to see what works. I'll give you these. Good luck! See you!"
  • In battle
"OK! Its HP is down! It's ready for a Poké Ball!
Route 31
"I knew it was you, <player>! How did you get past me? Here is something neat for surprising me, <player>!"
"The Vs. Recorder can record all your Pokémon battles. I have to go now! I won't let you pass me again! Let's go, Marill!"
Route 34
"Grandpa! Good work, Grandpa! The Pokémon you raised for me has been as healthy as can be! You look fit, too!"
"Hi, <player>! Let me introduce you. This is <player>. He's a Trainer. He seems to be getting better at raising Pokémon. Well, not as good as you, Grandpa, of course! Follow me, <player>!"
"Grandma! Let me introduce my friend. This is <player>!"
"What? Grandma...! What are you talking about? He just happens to live nearby..."
"Well, I better go now... See ya! Oh, I almost forgot! Here, this is my Pokégear number!"
"You know you can talk to your Pokémon as they follow you? They do all sorts of cute stuff on the road and in towns. I'm taking notes every time they do funny things. Give me a call and I'll share some of them with you."
"Grandma! Don't you say anything. We are both Trainers, and we are supposed to exchange numbers. That's all."
Celebi Event
  • "Hi, <player>. Have you heard of the legend of the shrine? They say that people disappear when they tamper with it."
  • "... What was that?"
  • "Where are we...? Ilex Forest has disappeared! ...That's not it. It's more like we have been transported somewhere else...? <player>, something is strange! I heard the radio mentioning the date from three years ago!"
  • "Is I looking at...Celebi? That explains it! Celebi must have caused all this! My grandpa once told me that Celebi can travel through time using its mystic power called Time Travel! Celebi must have taken us back in time! Literally!"
  • "<player>, there is someone else here besides us! Let's go find out who!"
  • "Who does he think he is? That was unnecessary! But what were they talking about? The revival of Team Rocket...? They say that Team Rocket was removed from the Kanto region by a child three years ago. So this really is three years ago!"
  • "Oh no! It's happening again...! It's Celebi's Time Travel!"
  • "Huh? That's the guy we just saw arguing with that boy!"
  • "Three years ago...? Goldenrod City...? Could this be the one the radio was trying to reach? Giovanni, their boss? Do you hear it, <player>? The radio is saying something strange! Team Rocket has occupied the Radio Tower at Goldenrod City! It can't be! <player>, you solved this case already!"
  • "They keep calling for their boss. I feel sorry they don't know he's not coming. After this, <player>, you will defeat them! ...Wait a second! <player>, you're still here. Then, who will defeat Team Rocket...?"
  • "Not again...! I've had enough! Please let me go back to my time!"
  • "Travelling through time sure doesn't feel good."
  • "Hey, my Marill! I missed you so much! Wait a sec... So we must be back to our time! It was all so bizarre. But now that we are safely back to our time and Team Rocker's terrible design fell through, we can say... all's well that ends well, right? <player>, you never cease to inspire great adventures! It sure was an exhausting day, though. I better get going. See you!"
Battle Hall
"Hi, <player>. I love watching you battle here. Cause... you have fun whether you win or lose!"
Goldenrod Tunnel
"Hi, <player>. You are just in time! When you follow this tunnel, you'll see a Dress-Up Shop. That's where your Pokémon can put on Accessories to dress up and take pictures! By the way, here is the Fashion Case. Did you say you want it? I knew it! This is a present from me!"
"Keep Accessories in the Fashion Case, OK? I should get going. See you!"

In spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

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Menu interface (voice clips)

  • After being recruited for the first time
"Nice to meet you! I'm Lyra! I've spent a lot of time exploring with my Pokémon!"
  • After being recruited for the first time (Summer 2020)
"Hi, I'm Lyra! Are you up for an adventure today? I'm ready to soak up some sunshine!"
  • After being recruited for the first time (Sygna Suit)
Hi, I’m Lyra! It’s really nice to meet you. I’m so happy, I could dance!"
  • Subsequent recruitments
"I'm not sure what the future holds, but we'll have fun no matter what!"
  • Subsequent recruitments (Summer 2020)
"Are you gonna sing with us some more? Come on, let's enjoy all the festivities while we still can!"
  • Sync pair viewer
"The most important thing for a Pokémon trainer is to always be near your Pokémon. "
"You know, I might not look it, but... I've been a trainer, just a little longer than you!
  • Sync pair viewer (Summer 2020)
"Parties and Pokémon battles share a couple things in common: the most important of which is you gotta have fun!"
"*sigh* Gazing at the moon with my Pokémon just feels so... poetic.
  • Sync pair viewer (Sygna Suit)
"We should go on a journey together to explore the unknown! Doesn't that sound exiting?
"Time flies so fast. Let's make sure we treasure every single moment."
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"I can go anywhere as long as I'm with my Pokémon."
  • Selection screen (forming team, Summer 2020)
"Hehehe! You can count on us!"
  • Selection screen (forming team, Sygna Suit)
"Time for an adventure!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Ethan; starting from Version 2.21.0)
"We can beat anyone together, Ethan."
  • Selection screen (forming team with Silver; starting from Version 2.21.0)
"We're on the team together, Silver! Yay!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Kris; starting from Version 2.21.0)
"With Kris on the team, there's no way we lose."
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"See you later!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, Summer 2020)
"See you later!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, Sygna Suit)
"Bye bye!"
  • Upon learning a new move/lucky skill
"We did it. A new move. I can't wait to try it out!"
  • Upon learning a new move/lucky skill (Summer 2020)
"This new trick is sure to get the crowd roaring."
  • Upon learning a new move/lucky skill (Sygna Suit)
"Whoa, I can't wait to try this out!"
  • Upon leveling-up
"Great! Now time for another adventure!"
  • Upon leveling-up (Summer 2020)
"Woo-hoo! We're looking good!"
  • Upon leveling-up (Sygna Suit)
"Here on to bigger and better things."
  • Upon reaching max level
"I've never been so happy! Thanks, everyone!"
  • Upon reaching max level (Summer 2020)
"We're gonna be the best buddies ever!"
  • Upon reaching max level (Sygna Suit)
"Let's not forget to have fun."
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"Now I can be even more helpful!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Summer 2020)
"The sky's the limit!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Sygna Suit)
"We've got a bright future ahead of us."
  • Upon evolving Pokémon
"Congrats on evolving! This means we can get even stronger! I can't wait!"
  • During conversation
"Hey there!"
"Wow! That's really amazing!"
"You're really doing your best! And it's great!"
"Hang in there!"
"Oh, come on!"
"Thank you!"
"Leave it to me!"
"Not sure how I feel about that."
"Would you mind?"
"Oh, okay!"
"Oh, wow..."
"Alright, let's do this!"
"Time for battle!"
  • During conversation (Summer 2020)
"Oh, my gosh!"
"We won't go easy on you!"
"I'm sorry."
"You can do it!"
"How perfect!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Good morning! Great day, isn't it? Come on! Let's head out together with our Pokémon!"
"I woke up super early. I just couldn't wait to see where I'd go today!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning) (Summer 2020)
"Good morning! Are you all set and ready to go today? I'm ready for some fun!"'
  • During special log-in conversation (day)
"I'm a bit tired... Guess I was wandering around a little too much..."
"I feel like taking a nap, but it just seems like such a waste to... sleep."
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"I bet exploring at night would be fun too... Aw, man, now I wanna head out..."
"Look at all the pretty stars... I bet trying to count them all would put you to sleep in no time... *yawn*"
  • During special gift conversation
"Here's a gift for you. Take good care of it, OK?"
"This is something I've kept just for you."

  • During special gift conversation (Summer 2020)
"Here. You'll love this."
  • During special gift conversation (Sygna Suit)
"This is for you!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • Co-op match screen (Summer 2020)
  • VS screen
"Let's get this battle going!"
  • VS screen (Summer 2020)
"Let's have some fun!"
  • VS screen (Sygna Suit)
"We're gonna win!"
  • Battle start
"Come on!"
  • Battle start (Summer 2020)
"Come on!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"Go for it!"
"Give it your best shot!"
  • Using Pokémon move (Summer 2020)
"Load on!"
  • Using Pokémon move (Sygna Suit)
"Get on!"
"Let's do this!"
  • Using item
"Let's do this!"
  • Using item (Summer 2020)
"Check this out."
  • Using item (Sygna Suit)
"That's it!"
  • Using Trainer move
"Now's my chance!"
  • Using Trainer move (Summer 2020)
"Time to party!"
  • Using Trainer move (Sygna Suit)
"Now's the time!"
  • Using Sync Move
  • Using Sync Move (Summer 2020)
"We're in this together."
  • Using Sync Move (Sygna Suit)
"Friendship forever!"
  • Unity Move
"Come on!"
"As one!"
  • Unity Attack (Summer 2020)
  • Switching in
"Here I am!"
  • Switching in (Summer 2020)
"It's our turn now."
  • Switching in (Sygna Suit)
"I'll take it from here!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"Oh no..."
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (Summer 2020)
"We tried our best!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (Sygna Suit)
"You did your best."
  • "Nice!" emote
  • "Nice!" emote (Summer 2020)
  • "Nice!" emote (Sygna Suit)
  • "Watch out!" emote
"Watch out!"
  • "Watch out!" emote (Summer 2020)
"Look out!"
  • "Watch out!" emote (Sygna Suit)
"Be careful!"
  • "Let's do this!" emote
"Something fun's gonna happen!"
  • "Let's do this!" emote (Summer 2020)
"We're in this together."
  • "Let's do this!" emote (Sygna Suit)
"Very nice!"
  • "Thanks!" emote
"Thank you!"
  • "Thanks!" emote (Summer 2020)
  • "Thanks!" emote (Sygna Suit)
  • Defeat
"Oh, darn! I lost..."
  • Defeat (Summer 2020)
"*groan* That was a tough one."
  • Defeat (Sygna Suit)
"Oh, that's too bad..."
  • Victory
"Wheee! I won!"
  • Victory (Summer 2020)
"Now that's what I call teamwork!"
  • Victory (Sygna Suit)
"That was a battle I'll never forget!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Lyra
"Oh! Hey, <player>! I didn't expect you here!"
I saw you entering the forest./I was just in the neighborhood. :"Oh, I see! I was planning on spending the day with Chikorita, but you would definitely be a welcome addition!"
"I came out here to let Chikorita sunbathe."
"Well, here we are, Chikorita! Go find a spot you like!"
She seems happy.: "Chikorita likes places with good sunlight!"
She's so energetic!: "Of course she is! She's my partner, after all! You know how they say the longer the Pokémon stays with the Trainer, the more similar they become?"
"I love Pokémon—all Pokémon. That's why I want to treat all of them the best I can!”
"They are all so adorable!"
"Oh, look! It looks like she found a good spot!"
"Can you smell that sweet scent in the air?"
"That's proof that Chikorita is in a good mood."
"When we were travelling around Johto, she would let this aroma waft all the time."
"On sunny days, both she and I would lie down in the sun..."
"And before we knew it, we would have both fallen asleep."
"Ahaha, now that I think about it, we may have made nothing but detours during our travels."
"Admittedly, we treated it more like a walk rather than a journey."
You must like travelling.: "Yeah! Travelling gives me the chance to see and hear and feel things that I might not be able to otherwise!"
I want to travel around Johto, too.: "Well, let me know when you do! I'll show you around! But first, we should enjoy Pasio as much as possible!"
"If you find any good places on Pasio, let me know!"
"The memories Chikorita and I have with each other are like the most precious memories."
"So I'm hoping to find more “treasure” here on Pasio, too!"
"And I was hoping that maybe… you would help me with that."
"Yes? No? Maybe?"
I'd be happy to!: "Oh, great! That makes me so happy!"
Me? Are you sure about that?: "Ha ha! Of course!"
"Because we're such great friends!”
"Aw, shucks. Saying it out loud is kinda embarrassing, isn't it?"
"Whatever the case, if you ever need help, talk to me!"
"Oh no! Chikorita's already looking sleepy."
"She must have really taken a liking to this spot."
"Well, I guess there's no helping it, then! We might as well take a break ourselves!"
Story Event - Summer Superstars (Summer 2020)
  • The Sync Pair Music Festival!
"This place is popping! It's everything I could ever want in a music festival! Jigglypuff seems to be enjoying it, too!"
"And whatever that is wafting over from the food booths smells delicious..."
"I'd love a chance to take the stage at a Pokémon Contest Spectacular someday!"
"Huh? Is that Lear? It doesn't look like he's about to start singing, though..."
"The Pasio Superstar Competition?"
"Official Pasio promo reps?! So we'd sorta be like celebrities! That sounds like fun!"
"Jigglypuff and I are actually really into the idea of being celebrities..."
"Plus, we practice songs together all the time. We've been looking for a chance to show them off!"
Yeah! Let's do it!: "Yeah! Since we're already here at the festival, we might as well try our best to win!"
Let's go for the win!: "Of course! If we're going to do it, we've got to win!"
"Yeah. They're burning bright as the sun itself!"
  • Festival Fans and Superstars
"Singing and dancing out in the sun is more tiring than I expected, but it sure is a lot of fun!"
"We're fine! Knowing the finals are right around the corner has me really fired up."
"Wow! That feels so cold and refreshing! Thank you, Sandslash!"
"Look! Isn't that..."
"Wow... The crowd's really going wild!"
"What?! Oh, uh, I'm Lyra! I guess I'm a little interested in contests..."
"This is my chance to be a star. I've got to give it my all!"
  • Jigglypunk!
"Wow! They both did a great job!"
"We've got to put it all on the line, too, Jigglypuff! C'mon, let's go!"
"All right! Here we go!"
"I'm Lyra and this is Jigglypuff! Hope you enjoy our song!"
"{Jigglypuff?! Dial it back a little!)"
"Th-thank you."
"Oh, right! Jigglypuff! Once more from the top!"
"Use your gentle voice just like you always do."
"Whoa! Wh-what's gotten into you, Jigglypuff?!"
"Oh, I see..."
"I'm sorry, Jigglypuff. I never realized you could sing like that."
"All right! In that case, I'll just keep up with Jigglypuff's new style!"
"Now, let our Johto spirit ring out loud!"
  • Endless Summer!
"This is our chance to stand on the same stage as a contest idol! Losing is not an option!"
"So we're the official promo reps of Pasio now? I wonder how we're supposed to act."
"Hehe. Thanks!"
"We'll always be cheering for you and Ali, Lisia!"
"Huh? You don't look very happy, Steven."
  • Special Summer Superstars story event intro (Summer 2020)
"And I brought this little Jigglypuff. I thought it would be a good experience for her since she loves singing!"
"Well, that was my excuse at first, but now I'm just really excited to go myself..."
  • Special Summer Superstars story event conversation (Summer 2020)
"That's a refreshing look for you, Steven! It's a real change from the suits you always wear."
"Hey, <player>! Let's take a page out of Steven's book and really enjoy ourselves!"
  • Summer Superstars Event Map (Summer 2020)
"<Player>! Let's go check stuff out today! Where should we go first?"
  • During Summer Superstars Event Map (Summer 2020)
"Thanks in advance!"
Pokémon Center
  • Upon being summoned in sync pair scout
"I'm so happy to be friends with you!"
  • Upon being summoned in sync pair scout (Summer 2020)
"Parties and Pokémon are similar—you've gotta have fun with both!"
  • Random conversation
"Hehe. My Chikorita is pretty cute, right?"
"The leaf on her head is especially cute!"
"If you get close to her head, it feels warm like the sun, right?"
"Looking at Chikorita always reminds me of Johto!"
  • If spoken to again
"I guess a person's hometown is a special place to them."
"I wonder how Grandpa and Grandma are doing."
  • Random conversation
"Do you know the Pokémon named Marill?"
"It's a great Pokémon I met back in Johto!"
"It's got a round body like a balloon. Don't you think that makes it really cute?"
  • If spoken to again
"One time, my Marill fell in the mud."
"And when I caught a whiff of its scent, it smelled like a dust mop! I was so surprised!"
  • Random conversation
"Seems like even here there's a lot of people who know the Johto dialect."
"When other people use the dialect, it starts to slip out of me, too!"
"Do you know Valerie, from Laverre City? Do you think it'd be cute to talk the way she does?"
  • If spoken to again
"The Johto region has a lot of really old towns."
"I guess traveling the world makes me realize the good stuff about where I'm from."
"Hmm, could I be feeling a little homesick?"
  • Random conversation
"Seems like even if you become a great Trainer, there'll always be people wanting to challenge you."
"Red always gets challenged to Pokémon battles."
"Sometimes I think I'm a little jealous him."
"If you're always battling, then there's no time to play!"
  • If spoken to again
"Since we're on the topic, maybe I should challenge Red, too."
"We battled once before, but was it really a great battle?"
  • Random conversation
"I sometimes forget that I'm the senior Trainer when I'm with you, <player>."
"Sometimes it looks like you get along with your Pokémon better than me, too..."
"and you've helped me in Pokémon battles sometimes, too."
"OK! I'm going to give it by best so that you don't surpass me anymore!"
  • If spoken to again
"You can ask me, your senior Trainer, anything you want to know, OK?"
"I'll show you that I can become a senior you can count on!"
  • Random conversation
"Hey, so what's your relationship with Red like?"
"Oh, that was out of the blue, wasn't it? I don't mean anything weird!"
"There's something about you that reminds me of Red, but I can't quite put my finger on it..."
"Maybe it's how seriously you take battles or the way you refuse to lose."
"It could also be the way you interact with your Pokémon. You really cherish your Pokémon, don't you?"
  • If spoken to again
"I think you can definitely get as strong as Red!"
"I guarantee it!"
  • Random conversation
"Today, as your senior, I'll give you advice on whatever you want!"
"If you're worried or troubled about anything, just let me know!"
"Really? Nothing?"
"Does this mean I'm an unreliable senior?"
"Ah! It turns out, I've got something I'm worried about!"
  • If spoken to again
"It turns out, acting like your senior is pretty difficult."
"Hmm. Maybe I should try to act more like myself."
  • Random conversation (Summer 2020)
"Isn't Pasio a wonderful place? The scenery here is so beautiful."
"What I like most about the island is that everyone here loves Pokémon!"
"They're not just thinking about how to get stronger but also how to strengthen their bonds with their Pokémon."
"That's the feeling I get from every sync pair here!"
"Seeing all these passionate people just makes me love Pokémon even more!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2020)
"You know, I feel like I'm a little stronger than usual when I'm with you."
"Like I can try a little harder or walk just a little further."
"At first, I thought maybe I was trying to show off as the more experienced Trainer between us."
"But now I realize it's just my way of showing you that I want to help you as best as I can!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2020)
"Training and battling is all well and good, but if you really want to become better friends with your Pokémon, communication is key!"
"That means talking to them, playing with them, even taking in their scents..."
"Every Pokémon has its own unique scent, you know!"
"Some have a sweet scent, while others smell more earthy or grassy. But no matter what scent a Pokémon has, it's sure to put you at ease."
  • Random conversation (Summer 2020)
"Hey! Check out my outfit!"
"Not only is it super cute, it's also cool, lightweight, and easy to move around in."
"It's the perfect outfit to wear for Pokémon battles!"
"Whoever designed it is amazing—they know exactly what girls Trainers want!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2020)
"There are so many festival booths to check out that I keep getting distracted!"
"I'm running all over the place trying to visit them all!"
"As the more experienced Trainer, I'm embarrassed to ask you to do this, <Player...>"
"but please stop me if you think I'm getting too excited!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2020)
"Festivals are fun, but then they're over so fast... I really don't like how quiet it gets afterward."
"But when something ends, something new is sure to begin."
"So I can't waste time being down about it."
"After all, there's plenty of fun to be had in the future, too!"
  • If spoken to again
"I want to have a lot of fun experiences with you and my partner Pokémon in the future, too! "
"That's how I feel, anyway. How about you? I'd be happy if you felt the same way!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2020)
"I want to do what I can to help you out, so I'm wondering whether there's something I can teach you."
"But... I can't think of anything..."
"Hmm... I don't know if I can come up with anything on my own. Can you help me think of something?"
"Wait, I shouldn't be so quick to ask you for help!"
  • If spoken to again
"Maybe I'm already teaching you things without having to put it into words."
"Yeah... that's gotta be it!"
"It would make me happy if the things I'm doing were helpful to you, even a little!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Ah, <player>! I was waiting for you!"
"Exploring together with friends is way more fun than going it alone!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Summer 2020)
"Hey there, <player!> I've been waiting for you!"
"Do you want to get some shaved ice? I bet the first bite after an adventure is really something special!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Good morning! Great day, isn't it. Come on. Let's head out together with our Pokémon!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"I woke up super early. I just couldn't wait to see where I'd go today!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I'm a bit tired... Guess I was wandering around a little too much."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I feel like taking a nap, but it just seems like such a waste to...sleep."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"I bet exploring at night would be fun, too! Oh man, now I wanna head out!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"Look at all the pretty stars! I bet trying to count them all would put you to sleep in no time... *yawn*"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Summer 2020)
"Good morning! Are you all set and ready to go today? I'm ready for some fun!"'
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Summer 2020)
"Make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day, OK? Especially when it gets really hot out!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Summer 2020)
"Don't you just love fireworks? They only sparkle for a moment before disappearing, but that's what makes them so beautiful!"
  • Special gift conversation
"Ah! Here it is! It's a present from me!"
"I used it a long time ago, but I'm OK with giving it to you!"
"I know it's a hand-me-down, but I'm sure it'll really come in handy!"
"I've got a lot of memories with that item, so take good care of it!"
  • Special gift conversation (Summer 2020)
"Here! You can have this! I won it in a raffle at one of the game booths!"
"When you're drawing a raffle ticket, you have to believe in your heart that you'll win!"
"And if you don't, you just have to believe you'll definitely win next time and try again!"
  • Special Flying-type Training event intro
"Hehehe. Actually, we were doing some training so that we could beat you in our next battle. I'll show you the resolve of a mentor Trainer!"
  • Special Flying-type Training event Blurb
"A perfect counter-plan!"
  • Special Flying-type Training event conversation
"I'm ready anytime you are. Time to put the results of my secret training to the test!"