List of decorations by index number (Generation III)

Each decoration has a number used to identify it in any game. The following list enumerates them according to the way they are stored in the Generation III games Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

List of decorations

# Hex Sprite Decoration Category
1 0x01   Small Desk Desk
2 0x02   Pokémon Desk Desk
3 0x03   Heavy Desk Desk
4 0x04   Ragged Desk Desk
5 0x05   Comfort Desk Desk
6 0x06   Pretty Desk Desk
7 0x07   Brick Desk Desk
8 0x08   Camp Desk Desk
9 0x09   Hard Desk Desk
10 0x0A   Small Chair Chair
11 0x0B   Pokémon Chair Chair
12 0x0C   Heavy Chair Chair
13 0x0D   Pretty Chair Chair
14 0x0E   Comfort Chair Chair
15 0x0F   Ragged Chair Chair
16 0x10   Brick Chair Chair
17 0x11   Camp Chair Chair
18 0x12   Hard Chair Chair
19 0x13   Red Plant Plant
20 0x14   Tropical Plant Plant
21 0x15   Pretty Flowers Plant
22 0x16   Colorful Plant Plant
23 0x17   Big Plant Plant
24 0x18   Gorgeous Plant Plant
25 0x19   Red Brick Ornament
26 0x1A   Yellow Brick Ornament
27 0x1B   Blue Brick Ornament
28 0x1C   Red Balloon Ornament
29 0x1D   Blue Balloon Ornament
30 0x1E   Yellow Balloon Ornament
31 0x1F   Red Tent Ornament
32 0x20   Blue Tent Ornament
33 0x21   Solid Board Ornament
34 0x22   Slide Ornament
35 0x23   Fence Length Ornament
36 0x24   Fence Width Ornament
37 0x25   Tire Ornament
38 0x26   Stand Ornament
39 0x27   Mud Ball Ornament
40 0x28   Breakable Door Ornament
41 0x29   Sand Ornament Ornament
42 0x2A   Silver Shield Ornament
43 0x2B   Gold Shield Ornament
44 0x2C   Glass Ornament Ornament
45 0x2D   TV Ornament
46 0x2E   Round TV Ornament
47 0x2F   Cute TV Ornament
48 0x30   Glitter Mat Mat
49 0x31   Jump Mat Mat
50 0x32   Spin Mat Mat
51 0x33   C Low Note Mat Mat
52 0x34   D Note Mat Mat
53 0x35   E Note Mat Mat
54 0x36   F Note Mat Mat
55 0x37   G Note Mat Mat
56 0x38   A Note Mat Mat
57 0x39   B Note Mat Mat
58 0x3A   C High Note Mat Mat
59 0x3B   Surf Mat Mat
60 0x3C   Thunder Mat Mat
61 0x3D   Fire Blast Mat Mat
62 0x3E   Powder Snow Mat Mat
63 0x3F   Attract Mat Mat
64 0x40   Fissure Mat Mat
65 0x41   Spikes Mat Mat
66 0x42   Ball Poster Poster
67 0x43   Green Poster Poster
68 0x44   Red Poster Poster
69 0x45   Blue Poster Poster
70 0x46   Cute Poster Poster
71 0x47   Pika Poster Poster
72 0x48   Long Poster Poster
73 0x49   Sea Poster Poster
74 0x4A   Sky Poster Poster
75 0x4B   Kiss Poster Poster
76 0x4C   Pichu Doll Doll
77 0x4D   Pikachu Doll Doll
78 0x4E   Marill Doll Doll
79 0x4F   Togepi Doll Doll
80 0x50   Cyndaquil Doll Doll
81 0x51   Chikorita Doll Doll
82 0x52   Totodile Doll Doll
83 0x53   Jigglypuff Doll Doll
84 0x54   Meowth Doll Doll
85 0x55   Clefairy Doll Doll
86 0x56   Ditto Doll Doll
87 0x57   Smoochum Doll Doll
88 0x58   Treecko Doll Doll
89 0x59   Torchic Doll Doll
90 0x5A   Mudkip Doll Doll
91 0x5B   Duskull Doll Doll
92 0x5C   Wynaut Doll Doll
93 0x5D   Baltoy Doll Doll
94 0x5E   Kecleon Doll Doll
95 0x5F   Azurill Doll Doll
96 0x60   Skitty Doll Doll
97 0x61   Swablu Doll Doll
98 0x62   Gulpin Doll Doll
99 0x63   Lotad Doll Doll
100 0x64   Seedot Doll Doll
101 0x65   Pika Cushion Cushion
102 0x66   Round Cushion Cushion
103 0x67   Kiss Cushion Cushion
104 0x68   Zigzag Cushion Cushion
105 0x69   Spin Cushion Cushion
106 0x6A   Diamond Cushion Cushion
107 0x6B   Ball Cushion Cushion
108 0x6C   Grass Cushion Cushion
109 0x6D   Fire Cushion Cushion
110 0x6E   Water Cushion Cushion
111 0x6F   Snorlax Doll Doll
112 0x70   Rhydon Doll Doll
113 0x71   Lapras Doll Doll
114 0x72   Venusaur Doll Doll
115 0x73   Charizard Doll Doll
116 0x74   Blastoise Doll Doll
117 0x75   Wailmer Doll Doll
118 0x76   Regirock Doll Doll
119 0x77   Regice Doll Doll
120 0x78   Registeel Doll Doll

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