List of battle animations by index number (Generation I)

This is the list of Pokémon battle animations by index number in Generation I games.


These are the available battle animations:

  • From 0x00 (0) to 0x55 (85), there are some new objects created for the purposes of each animation (such as fire, water, electricity, etc.) Almost all of them are in black and white, except the Poké Ball-related ones.
  • From 0xD8 (216) to 0xFE (254), there are some special effects that are applied to either or both Pokémon in battle, or to the whole screen. They often share the same color palettes as the Pokémon affected (for instance, a blue Pokémon uses blue effects).

From 0x00 (0) to 0x0F (15)

Index # Description Used on
0x00 (0) Hit target once
0x01 (1) Hit target twice
0x02 (2) Hit target three times as a triangle
0x03 (3) Hit target four times
0x04 (4) Hit target three times as a diagonal line
0x05 (5) Hit target once
(large size)
0x06 (6) Player throws slow Poké Ball
Poké Ball

Poké Ball (regular)

0x07 (7) Player throws fast Poké Ball
Great Ball

Great Ball or Safari Ball

0x08 (8) Player throws fast spinning Poké Ball
Ultra Ball

Ultra Ball or Master Ball

0x09 (9) Poké Ball shaking
Poké Ball

Waiting for a wild Pokémon to be caught or escape the Poké Ball.

0x0A (10) Poké Ball breaks in pieces
Also used when a wild Pokémon escapes the Poké Ball.
0x0B (11) Poké Ball blocked Attempting to catch the opposing Trainer's Pokémon.
0x0C (12) Target is burned by single flame
0x0D (13) Target is burned by two-flame pillar
0x0E (14) Target is burned by three-flame pillar
0x0F (15) Target is slashed three times at once

From 0x10 (16) to 0x1F (31)

Index # Description Used on
0x10 (16) Tornado from user to target
0x11 (17) Target is burned from below
0x12 (18) Musical notes from user to target
0x13 (19) Black substance from user to target
0x14 (20) Black substance dripping from target
0x15 (21) Sound waves from user
0x16 (22) Target is slashed once
0x17 (23) Bird hits target
0x18 (24) Swords
0x19 (25) Cloud from user to target
0x1A (26) Target hit by jets of water from below
0x1B (27) Seeds from user to target
0x1C (28) Three seedlings on target
0x1D (29) User lifts rocks
0x1E (30) Rocks from user to target
0x1F (31) Fire from user to target

From 0x20 (32) to 0x2F (47)

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Reason: Double-check animation 0x24 (paralysis) and 0x26 (opponent's confusion)
Index # Description Used on
0x20 (32) Target is burned by daimonji
(bonfire in the shape of kanji 大)
0x21 (33) Tileset 0: Four white circle pieces form a whole circle on the target
Tileset 1: Four black square pieces form a whole square on the target
0x22 (34) Tileset 0: White circle from target to user
Tileset 1: Black square from target to user
0x23 (35) Waves at the sides of target
0x24 (36) ? Pokémon is paralyzed.
0x25 (37) Question marks
Also used when Pokémon is confused.
0x26 (38) Question marks Used when opponent's Pokémon is confused?
0x27 (39) Skulls
Poison status condition

Pokémon is poisoned.

0x28 (40) Dust from user to target
0x29 (41) Target is shocked by a ball of electricity
0x2A (42) Target is slashed diagonally from two sides at once
0x2B (43) Target is hit by a thunderbolt, then some electricity jumps to the sides
0x2C (44) Target is hit by water from the sky
0x2D (45) Four white circle pieces form a whole circle on the user
0x2E (46) Energy beam from user to target
0x2F (47) Target is hit by ice from below

From 0x30 (48) to 0x3F (63)

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Index # Description Used on
0x30 (48) Target is hit by rocks
0x31 (49) Waves from user to target
0x32 (50) ? Unused
0x33 (51) User is protected by a blinking barrier
0x34 (52) User explodes
0x35 (53) Bubbles from user to target
0x36 (54) Powder falls on target
0x37 (55) String from user to target
0x38 (56) Target is hit by falling ice shards
0x39 (57) ? Unused
0x3A (58) "Zzz" text
This animation is also used when a Pokémon is sleeping.
0x3B (59) "Zzz" text Used when the opponent Pokémon is sleeping?
0x3C (60) ? Unused
0x3D (61)
0x3E (62) Blinking hit balloon from user to target
0x3F (63) Stars from user to target

From 0x40 (64) to 0x55 (86)

Index # Description Used on
0x40 (64) Musical note floating near target
0x41 (65) Black circle from user to target
0x42 (66) Black circle explosion on target
0x43 (67) Tileset 0: A circle shrinking on the user
Tileset 1: A square shrinking on the user
0x44 (68) Leaves from user to target
0x45 (69) Spike moving near user
(slower version)
0x46 (70) Spike moving near user
(faster version)
0x47 (71) User breaks out of Poké Ball
0x48 (72) Poké Ball drops Used in trades.
0x49 (73) Poké Ball pieces form an entire Poké Ball
0x4A (74) Poké Ball appears
0x4B (75) Poké Ball disappears
0x4C (76) Egg shaking
0x4D (77) Triangle from user to target
0x4E (78) Black ball appears in place of target
0x4F (79) Black ball goes up
0x50 (80) Black ball goes down
0x51 (81) Shell blinks in place of user
0x52 (82) Coins from user to target
0x53 (84) Player throws rock Throw rock in the Safari Zone
0x54 (85) Player throws bait Throw bait in the Safari Zone
0x55 (86) Target is hit once

From 0xD8 (216) to 0xEF (239)

Index # Description Used on
0xD8 (216) Screen waves
0xD9 (217) User is replaced by Substitute sprite
0xDA (218) User shakes back and forth
0xDB (219) Target slides off
0xDC (220) Reset target sprite
0xDD (221) Reset user sprite
0xDE (222) Blink target
0xDF (223) Hide target
0xE0 (224) ? Unused
0xE1 (225) Delay 10 frames Used in several moves, as a delay between two visual effects, or as a delay at the end of the move animation. This is often used multiple times at once for a longer delay.
0xE2 (226) Balls spiral inwards
(this has the same color palette as the user)
0xE3 (227) ? Unused
0xE4 (228) ? Unused
0xE5 (229) User slides back and stops halfway
0xE6 (230) Petals fall
0xE7 (231) Leaves fall
0xE8 (232) User transforms into target
0xE9 (233) User slides down and disappears
(it remains invisible until fainted or switched out)
0xEA (234) User is replaced by Minimize sprite
0xEB (235) User bounces
0xEC (236) ? Unused
0xED (237) Balls shoot upwards
(this has the same color palette as the user)
0xEE (238) User is squished
0xEF (239) Hide user Used as a part of several battle animations.

From 0xF0 (240) to 0xFE (254)

Index # Description Used on
0xF0 (240) Brighten all color palettes
(black is completely removed and white becomes more common; specifically, the colors 0, 1, 2, 3 respectively become 1, 2, 3, 3)
0xF1 (241) Reset user position
0xF2 (242) User moves horizontally
0xF3 (243) User blinks
0xF4 (244) User slides back
0xF5 (245) Target blinks quickly Used when the target is hit by a damaging move with no side effect.
0xF6 (246) User slides down
This is also used when a Pokémon faints.
0xF7 (247) User slides up
0xF8 (248) Quickly flashes a dark palette 3 times
0xF9 (249) Both Pokémon are darkned, and both HP bars become black
0xFA (250) Water droplets
0xFB (251) Screen shakes
0xFC (252) Reset color palettes Used in several moves to restore the original color palettes after they were changed.
0xFD (253) Darken screen
(white disappears and black becomes more common; specifically, the colors 0, 1, 2, 3 respectively become 2, 1, 0, 0)
0xFE (254) Darken screen by reversing colors
(specifically, the colors 0, 1, 2, 3 respectively become 3, 2, 1, 0)

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