List of anime Pokémon by evolution

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This is a list of Ash, Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, Serena, Brock, Tracey, Cilan, Clemont, Lana, Kiawe, Lillie, Sophocles, Mallow, Goh, Jessie, and James's Pokémon, ordered by the speed of evolution, from fastest to slowest. It does not include any Pokémon which cannot evolve, such as Heracross, nor any that were already fully evolved at the time of capture, such as Togekiss.

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Evolved Pokémon

Pokémon Duration Difference Circumstances
Jessie's Yanmega DP080DP080 0 episodes After using Ancient Power
James's Victreebel EP057EP057 0 episodes Evolved at Breeding Center
James's second Victreebel EP261EP261 0 episodes Battling Ash and Casey
Goh's Raichu JN035JN035 0 episodes Battling Team Rocket after using a Thunder Stone
Goh's Alcremie JN082JN082 0 episodes Holding a Strawberry Sweet and being spun around by Goh
Ash's Metapod EP002EP003 1 episode After defeating Jessie's Ekans and James's Koffing
Ash's Butterfree EP003EP004 1 episode Protecting Ash from wild Beedrill
James's Gyarados EP015EP016 1 episode Angry at James for releasing it
Dawn's Mamoswine DP104DP106 2 episodes Battling Team Rocket after learning Ancient Power
Ash's Charizard EP043EP046 3 episodes Battling a wild Aerodactyl
May's Beautifly AG024AG028 4 episodes Along with Jessie's Cascoon during battle
Jessie's Dustox AG024AG028 4 episodes Along with May's Silcoon during battle
Ash's Goodra XY061XY065 4 episodes Protecting Ash from a fire
Goh's Cascoon JN007JN011 4 episodes Protecting themselves from Goh's Taillow
Ash's Swadloon BW018BW023 5 episodes Battling Burgh's Whirlipede
Ash's Sliggoo XY055XY061 6 episodes Battling a wild Grumpig
May's Silcoon AG014AG024 10 episodes Along with Jessie's Wurmple
Jessie's Cascoon AG014AG024 10 episodes Along with May's Wurmple
Ash's Staravia DP002DP013 11 episodes Battling Team Rocket
Goh's Dustox JN011JN023 12 episodes After saving energy
Goh's Raboot JN004JN017 13 episodes Battling Team Rocket
Lana's Primarina SM106SM120 14 episodes Chasing a Kyogre and helping Lana
Clemont's Luxray XY048XY062 14 episodes Battling Team Rocket
Ash's Glalie AG108AG123 15 episodes Battling Team Rocket after mastering Ice Beam
Serena's Sylveon XY089XY105 16 episodes Battling against James's Inkay and Miette's Slurpuff alongside Ash and Pikachu
Mallow's Steenee SM001SM018 17 episodes Battling Team Rocket
Goh's Inteleon JN062JN078 17 episodes Battling Gizmo's Kecleon
Dawn's Piloswine DP084DP104 20 episodes Battling Team Rocket
Ash's Tranquill BW002BW022 20 episodes Battling wild Venipede
Ash's Gliscor DP064DP085 21 episodes Saving Ash from a fall after grabbing a Razor Fang
Ash's Lucario JN021JN045 24 episodes Battling Rose's Copperajah and Ferrothorn.
Ash's Melmetal SM111SM138 27 episodes Combining itself with multiple other Meltan
Ash's Boldore BW034BW061 27 episodes Battling Clay's Excadrill
Goh's Cinderace JN017JN045 28 episodes Battling Oleana's Milotic
James's Weezing EP002EP031 29 episodes Out of love for James
Along with Jessie's Ekans
Jessie's Arbok EP002EP031 29 episodes Out of love for Jessie
Along with James's Koffing
Brock's Crobat EP165EP196 31 episodes Battling Team Rocket
Ash's Infernape DP132DP163 31 episodes Battling Team Rocket and protecting several Pokémon
Ash's Charmeleon EP011EP043 32 episodes After battling a group of berserk Exeggutor
Ash's Fletchinder XY003XY036 33 episodes Battling Moria's Talonflame
Ash's Sirfetch'd JN027JN060 33 episodes Battling Rinto's Gallade after landing critical hits
Ash's Noivern XY076XY110 34 episodes Saving Ash's Hawlucha from a fall
Goh's Greedent JN013JN047 34 episodes Competing in the Pokémon Grand Eating Contest
Ash's Lycanroc SM002SM037 35 episodes Howling at the sunset with Olivia's Midday Form Lycanroc and Gladion's Midnight Form Lycanroc
Goh's Drizzile JN027JN062 35 episodes Saving Goh's Oddish from a falling Sitrus Berry
Misty's Poliwhirl EP110EP151 41 episodes Battling Ash's Bulbasaur
Goh's Floette JN025JN066 41 episodes Evolved at Cerise Laboratory*
Attempting to use Grassy Terrain*
Brock's Ludicolo AG063AG105 42 episodes Pulled a Water Stone out of Samantha's bag
Ash's Unfezant BW022BW068 46 episodes Battling Skyla's Swanna
Ash's Greninja XY052XY100 48 episodes Battling Heidayu's Bisharp
Brock's Sudowoodo AG156DP014 49 episodes After escaping Team Rocket shortly after learning Mimic
Ash's Talonflame XY036XY086 50 episodes Protecting Ash and company while battling a wild Moltres
Goh's Scizor JN006JN056 50 episodes Through a trade in Wikstrom's trading machine while holding the Metal Coat
Brock's Lombre AG012AG063 51 episodes After falling into a well
Cilan's Crustle BW011BW062 51 episodes Battling Team Rocket
Ash's Leavanny BW023BW074 51 episodes Battling Iris's Emolga in a training battle
Ash's Frogadier XY001XY052 51 episodes Battling Saizo's Barbaracle
Ash's Grovyle AG007AG066 59 episodes Battling Guy's Loudred
Serena's Braixen XY003XY064 61 episodes Battling Aria's Delphox and Aromatisse alongside Pancham
Ash's Kingler EP013EP075 62 episodes After defeating Mandi's Exeggutor
Ash's Torracat SM001SM063 62 episodes Battling the Masked Royal's Incineroar
Mallow's Tsareena SM018SM082 64 episodes After learning Stomp and while battling Team Rocket.
Ash's Torterra DP100DP166 66 episodes Battling Team Rocket
Jessie's Gourgeist XY011XY082 71 episodes Being traded for Count Pumpka's Mawile
Ash's Krookodile BW020BW092 72 episodes Battling Iris's Dragonite
Ash's Bayleef EP126EP199 73 episodes Protecting Ash from Team Rocket
Dawn's Ambipom AG179DP060 73 episodes Battling a group of Unown shortly after learning Double Hit
Ash's Pignite BW004BW077 73 episodes Battling Shamus's Emboar and Heatmor alongside Snivy
Ash's Swellow AG004AG080 76 episodes Competing against Jessie's Dustox in PokéRinger
Ash's Pidgeot EP003EP081 78 episodes Protecting Ash from a Fearow and flock of Spearow
Sophocles's Vikavolt SM026SM106 80 episodes Saving Horacio
Ash's Incineroar SM063SM143 80 episodes After defeating Professor Kukui's Incineroar
May's Combusken AG001AG082 81 episodes Battling wild Breloom
Ash's Naganadel SM055SM140 less than
85 episodes
Offscreen during its time in its homeworld
Ash's Sceptile AG066AG161 95 episodes Battling Team Rocket
Ash's Grotle DP005DP100 95 episodes Battling Paul's Honchkrow
Misty's Politoed EP151EP247 96 episodes Took Ash's King's Rock and then transferred between Pokémon Centers
Ash's Staraptor DP013DP118 105 episodes Competing against Paul's Honchkrow in PokéRinger
Lana's Brionne SM001SM106 105 episodes Training
May's Blaziken AG082AG191 109 episodes Battling Team Rocket
May's Glaceon AG157DP076 110 episodes Touching the Ice Rock on Route 217
Brock's Forretress EP143EP259 116 episodes Protecting wild Pokémon from Team Rocket
Brock's Marshtomp AG025AG148 123 episodes Battling Ash's Grovyle
Ash's Monferno DP003DP132 129 episodes After defeating Paul's Ursaring
May's Wartortle AG133DP077 less than
135 episodes
Offscreen during her journey in Johto
Dawn's Quilava DP143DPS01 more than
48 episodes
Protecting Dawn and Shinko from a colony of Ariados.
Brock's Chansey DP038DP190 152 episodes Healing other Pokémon
Brock's Golbat EP006EP165 159 episodes Battling Team Rocket
May's Venusaur AG073DP078 less than
196 episodes
Both offscreen during her journey in Johto
Ash's Donphan EP230AG154 198 episodes Battling a Team Rocket mecha
Misty's Togetic EP050AG045 269 episodes Protecting a group of Togepi from Colonel Hansen
Serena's Delphox XY064JN105 less than
327 episodes
During Serena's offscreen journey in Hoenn
Clemont's Diggersby XY140JN103 less than
388 episodes
During Clemont's offscreen journeys
Brock's Steelix EP005AG177 less than
446 episodes
Training from Forrest
Iris's Haxorus BW001JN065 less than
491 episodes
Both offscreen during her journey in Johto
Ash's Quilava EP141DP182 507 episodes Battling a Team Rocket mecha
Brock's Blissey DP190JNS02 ??? Offscreen during her time with Brock in Pewter City

Evolved Pokémon prior to capture

Pokémon Duration Difference Circumstances
Ash's Pikachu JN001JN001 0 episodes Debuted as Pichu prior to the start of the anime; evolved before Ash obtained him in EP001
Ash's Primeape EP025EP025 0 episodes Debuted as Mankey; evolved before Ash obtained it
Ash's Dragonite JN010JN010 0 episodes Debuted as Dragonair; evolved before Ash obtained it
Ash's Krokorok BW003BW020 17 episodes Debuted as Sandile; evolved before Ash obtained him

Currently unevolved

Pokémon Debut Notes
Goh's Grookey JN059
Goh's giant Magikarp JN024
Lana's Eevee SM099
Lillie's Vulpix SM013 Does not want to evolve just yet.
James's Mareanie SM012
Ash's Rowlet SM004 Swallowed an Everstone for use with Seed Bomb
Serena's Pancham XY047
Iris's Gible BWS02
Clemont's Chespin XY010
Clemont's Magneton XY009
Clemont's Magnemite XY009
James's Inkay XY003
Jessie's Frillish BW109
Ash's Palpitoad BW032
James's Yamask BW023
Ash's Scraggy BW017
Ash's Snivy BW007
Cilan's Pansage BW005
Jessie's Woobat BW002
Ash's Oshawott BW001
Ash's Gible DP156
Ash's Buizel DP034
Dawn's Buneary DP009
Brock's Croagunk DP008
Dawn's Piplup DP001 Given an Everstone; does not want to evolve
James's Mime Jr. AG147 Has not evolved despite knowing Mimic
Misty's Azurill AG132
May's Munchlax AG117
May's Skitty AG047
Ash's Corphish AG023
James's Cacnea AG006
Ash's Totodile EP151
Tracey's Scyther EP097
Tracey's Marill EP087
Tracey's Venonat EP084
Jessie's Shellder EP066
Jessie's Lickitung EP052 Did not have an evolution at the time when it was
traded; Lickilicky was introduced in Generation IV
James's Growlithe EP048
Jessie's Porygon EP038 Did not have an evolution at the time when it was
released; Porygon2 was introduced in Generation II
Brock's Vulpix EP028
Misty's Psyduck EP027
Misty's Horsea EP019
Ash's Squirtle EP012
Ash's Bulbasaur EP010 Does not want to evolve
Misty's Staryu EP006
Brock's Geodude EP005
Misty's Goldeen EP002
Team Rocket's Meowth EP002 Believes he cannot evolve; hates Persian

List of Eggs

Pokémon Duration Difference Notes
Ash's Riolu JN021JN021 0 episodes
Ash's Noibat XY076XY076 0 episodes
Dawn's Cyndaquil DP143DP143 0 episodes
Ash's Phanpy EP228EP230 2 episodes
Misty's Togepi EP046EP050 4 episodes
Brock's Happiny DP033DP038 5 episodes
Ash's Scraggy BW012BW017 5 episodes
Lillie's Vulpix SM008SM013 5 episodes
May's Eevee AG150AG157 7 episodes
Brock's Mudkip Prior to AG025 Unknown Debuted as Mudkip; Egg not seen; hatched before Brock obtained it
Misty's Azurill Prior to AG132 Unknown Debuted as Azurill; Egg not seen
Iris's Axew Prior to BW001 Unknown Debuted as Axew; Egg not seen; hatched before Iris obtained it
Ash's Froakie Prior to XY001 Unknown Debuted as Froakie; hatched before Ash obtained it
Ash's Rowlet Prior to SM004 Unknown Debuted as Rowlet; hatched before Ash obtained it

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