List of Trainer's Eye Trainers

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This is a list of Pokémon Trainers and other characters listed in the Trainer's EyesRS/Match CallE feature of the PokéNav in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald or the Trainer's Eye feature of the PokéNav Plus in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

List of Trainer's Eye Trainers

Trainer Location Strategy Favorite Pokémon Trainer Message
Triathlete AbigailRSE Route 110 Defense is crucial. My Pokémon is solid. I started this for dieting, but I got right into it.
Twins Amy & Liv Route 103 We battle together! We train together!RSE
We train them together!ORAS
We like the same Pokémon, but different desserts.RSE
We like the same kinds of Pokémon, but not the same kinds of dessert.ORAS
Ruin Maniac AndresE Route 105 I'm not very good at this. Ruin-exploration partners. I am searching for undersea ruins and relics.
Sr. and Jr. Anna & MegRSE
Teammates Anna & MegORAS
Route 117 We talk it over first.RSE
We talk it over together first.ORAS
Pokémon that we both like. We're senior and junior students into Pokémon!RSE
We are in different grades, but we're teammates in our Pokémon Club!ORAS
Free Diver ArzuORAS Route 124 It's all about endurance! Relicanth is cute, isn't it? Drifting in the water is as comfy to me as lying in a soft bed.
Triathlete Benjamin Route 110 Push and push again!RSE
Never let up on the pressure!ORAS
The strength of Steel.RSE
They'll show you the strength of Steel.ORAS
If you're sweating, get fluids into you regularly.RSE
If you're sweating, be sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty.ORAS
Kindler Bernie Route 114 Burn it all down! Burn-inducing Pokémon.RSE
Pokémon that'll leave a burn!ORAS
When you light a campfire, be sure there's some water.RSE
When you light a campfire, remember to have some water at the ready.ORAS
Bug Maniac BrandonRSORAS
Bug Maniac JeffreyE
Route 120 Attack in waves! Bug Pokémon are cool.RSE
Bug-type Pokémon are cool.ORAS
I go into the forest every day to catch Bug Pokémon.RSE
I go into the forest every day to catch more Bug-type Pokémon...ORAS
Leader BrawlyRSORAS
The Big Hit BrawlyE
Dewford Town Direct physical action! Fighting Pokémon rule! The world awaits me as the next big wave!RSE
The world awaits me as the next big wave in training!ORAS
Rad Neighbor BrendanE Unknown Battle with knowledge! I will use various Pokémon. I'll be a better Pokémon prof than my father is!
Cooltrainer BrookeRSE
Ace Trainer BrookeORAS
Route 111 Exploit the foe's weakness.RSE
Exploit the opponent's weakness.ORAS
Balance is crucial. My goal is to become the Pokémon Champion.RSE
My goal is to become the Champion. I won't ever give up!ORAS
Youngster Calvin Route 102 I do what I can.RSE
I do what I can!ORAS
I use different types. I'm going to keep working until I beat a Gym Leader.RSE
I'm going to keep working hard until I can beat the Gym Leader!ORAS
Psychic Cameron Route 123 Daze and confuse! Ones with weird powers. I can see through exactly what you're thinking!RSE
I can see through everything you're thinking.ORAS
PKMN Ranger CatherineRSE
Pokémon Ranger CatherineORAS
Route 119 I believe in my Pokémon. I like strong Pokémon. I'm training for rescue work with my Pokémon.RSE
I'm doing drills with my Pokémon to prepare for any emergency.ORAS
Lady Cindy Route 104 Anything to win.RSE
Anything to win, right?ORAS
Gorgeous type!RSE
The gorgeous type!ORAS
I have a pool specially for my Pokémon at home.RSE
I have a pool at home that is just for my Pokémon's use.ORAS
Sailor CoryE Route 108 Up for a fight anytime! Water Pokémon are my faves! If you want to shout loud, suck in air with your belly!
Cooltrainer CristinE Route 121 I finish with power moves! A mix of different types. I aim to become the ultimate trainer!
Battle Girl Cyndy Route 115 The first strike wins! Speedy Fighting type.RSE
Speedy Fighting types.ORAS
If my Pokémon lose, I'll carry on the fight!RSE
If my Pokémon lose, I'll carry on the fight myself!ORAS
Guitarist Dalton Route 118 I'll electrify you! They're Electric!RSE
They'll show you electricity's power!ORAS
I want to make people cry with songs from my heart.RSE
I want to make people cry with the melody of my heart.ORAS
Picnicker Diana Jagged Pass I think about this & that.RSE
I think about this and that.ORAS
I like all Pokémon. What lies beyond that yonder hill?RSE
What do you think lies beyond that hill yonder?ORAS
Elite Four Drake Ever Grande CityRSE
Pokémon LeagueORAS
Harness strong abilities.RSE
Harnessing the strongest stats.ORAS
The raw power of Dragons!RSE
The latent power of Dragon types!ORAS
I dedicate myself to the Pokémon that saved me.RSE
I battle every day to understand and be understood by my Pokémon.ORAS
Ruin Maniac Dusty Route 111 Overwhelm with power! Craggy Rock Pokémon.RSE
Craggy Rock-type Pokémon.ORAS
In search of ancient lore, I travel the world.RSE
I'll travel the four corners of the world in search of ancient lore and romance!ORAS
Triathlete Dylan Route 117 Strike before stricken!RSE
Strike before being struck!ORAS
A fast-running Pokémon!RSE
Fast-running Pokémon!ORAS
If you ran and ran, you'd become one with the wind.
Collector Edwin Route 110 Protect Pokémon from harm.RSE
Protecting my Pokémon from harm.ORAS
I love rare Pokémon. I want to collect all the world's rare Pokémon.
Fisherman Elliot Route 106 I battle patiently. Water Pokémon to battle!RSE
I use Water-type Pokémon to battle!ORAS
I'm the world's only guy to catch a huge Pokémon!RSE
I'm the world's only guy to catch a Pokémon THAT big with a fishing rod.ORAS
Sailor Ernest Route 125 I force things with power!RSE
I force my way through with power!ORAS
Water and Fighting types. Seamen are rough spirits! Any complaints?RSE
Sailors are rough spirits! Any complaints?!ORAS
Camper Ethan Jagged Pass Hang in and be tenacious!RSE
Hang in there and be tenacious!ORAS
I'll raise any Pokémon. Pokémon raised in the wild grow strong!RSE
Pokémon raised out in the wild will become strong! You'll see!ORAS
Guitarist FernandoE Route 123 Rock to stunning sounds! Electric-and-sound combo! My compositions will shock and stun you!
Leader FlanneryRSORAS
Passion Burn FlanneryE
Lavaridge Town Battle aggressively.RSE
Battling aggressively.ORAS
Burn with passion!RSE
They burn with passion's flames!ORAS
Wash away daily fatigue in hot springs completely!RS
Completely wash away daily fatigue in hot springs!E
You can wash away your daily fatigue with a nice soak in the hot springs!ORAS
PKMN Breeder GabrielleE Mt. Pyre I raise Pokémon with care. Fun-to-raise Pokémon. Treat every Pokémon with respect.
Elite Four Glacia Ever Grande CityRSE
Pokémon LeagueORAS
I use items for help.RSE
I make use of items to assist in battle.ORAS
Flaming passion in icy cold.RSE
Flaming passion in icy cold!ORAS
The Ice-type can be better trained in this hot land.RSE
The Ice type can be trained to greater levels because of the heat here.ORAS
Street Thug GomezORAS Route 120 I never let up with the pressure. I like cool ones, y'know. Y'know, it really hurts when people say I look scary...
Backpacker GraemeORAS Route 106 You've just got to have a feeling for it. I love them all! I want to make some memories. That's why I want you to battle me.
Lass Haley Route 104 I'll show you some guts! Cute Pokémon are my faves! After a battle, I always bathe with my Pokémon.RSE
After a battle, I always soak in the bath with my Pokémon.ORAS
PKMN Breeder IsaacRSE
Pokémon Breeder IsaacORAS
Route 117 Full-on attack! Anything. I'll raise it.RSE
Anything—I'll raise it.ORAS
I give them Pokéblocks for going after Contest titles.RSE
I give lots of Pokéblocks so we can go after those Contest Spectacular titles!ORAS
Pokéfan IsabelRSE
Poké Fan IsabelORAS
Route 110 Go for it, my dears! I have no likes or dislikes. While out shopping for supper, I battle too.RSE
I always squeeze in a little battle while shopping for the night's dinner plans.ORAS
Triathlete Isaiah Route 128 Exploit the environment! All hail the Water type! I won't be beaten by some beach bum Swimmer!RSE
I won't be beaten by any beach-bum Swimmer!ORAS
Psychic JackiRSE Route 123 Battle at full power. Pokémon of many mysteries. When we spoke, I was really using telepathy.
PKMN Ranger JacksonRSE
Pokémon Ranger JacksonORAS
Route 119 I attack in waves. Different types.RSE
I used different types to battle.ORAS
Those who destroy nature must never be forgiven!
Brains & Brawn Jael & KaelORAS Route 119 Start small and build on it! Popular Pokémon! We're a Brains & Brawn kinda combo!
Bug Catcher James Petalburg Woods Lightning-fast attack!RSE
Lightning-fast attacks!ORAS
Bug Pokémon are number 1!RSE
Bug-type Pokémon are number one!ORAS
If you want to catch BUG Pokémon, wake up early.RSE
If you want to catch Bug Pokémon, you had better wake up early.ORAS
Swimmer♀ JennyRSE
Swimmer ♀ JennyORAS
Route 124 No mercy! Cute Water Pokémon.RSE
Cute Water-type Pokémon.ORAS
I have too many fans. I was interviewed on TV.RSE
I have so many fans that it's a pain. I was even interviewed on TV!ORAS
School Kid JerryRSE
Schoolkid JerryORAS
Route 116 My knowledge rules! Any smart Pokémon! I want to be a Pokémon researcher in the future.
Beauty Jessica Route 121 I'll lead you astray. Cute, of course.RSE
Cute ones, of course.ORAS
I love the Safari Zone. I seem to end up there.RSE
I love the Safari Zone! I always seem to end up there!ORAS
Old Couple John & Jay Meteor Falls Our love lets us prevail. We've had them for years. Married 50 years, we've devotedly raised Pokémon.RSE
Married 50 years—we've had plenty of experience raising Pokémon together!ORAS
Dandy Charm JuanE Sootopolis City I use splendid waterpower. Pokémon of elegance! The adulation of beautiful ladies fills me with energy!
Ace Duo Jude & RoryORAS Victory Road We make an exquisite combination. Anything is fine as long as it's strong. Strongest combination? Right here!
School Kid KarenRSE
Schoolkid KarenORAS
Route 116 I use my head to battle. I love any kind of Pokémon! My daddy gives me spending money if I ace a test.RSE
My daddy gives me spending money if I get good marks on my tests!ORAS
Triathlete KatelynRSE Route 128 All-out offensive! Water Pokémon rule! I must swim over 6 miles every day.
Black Belt KojiE Route 127 Witness karate power! My partners in training! Let us discuss the matters of the world with bare fists!
Scuba Diver KylanORAS Route 124 I attack like a forceful, crashing wave. I guess it'll have to be Clamperl. I'm always deep in the ocean waters, but please do come and visit me.
Ninja Boy Lao Route 113 You'll suffer from poison! Poisonous Pokémon. I undertake training so that I may become a ninja.RSE
I undertake training so that I can become a ninja.ORAS
Leader Tate&LizaRS
Mystic Duo Tate&LizaE
Leader Liza & TateORAS
Mossdeep City We battle in cooperation.RSE
We battle in cooperation!ORAS
Always friendly Pokémon.RSE
Pokémon that are always friendly!ORAS
We understand each other, and we understand others.RS
Papa has trouble telling the two of us apart!E
We can read each others' minds—and the minds of our opponents, too.ORAS
Young Couple Lois & HalRSORAS
Young Couple Kira & DanE
Abandoned ShipRSE
Sea MauvilleORAS
Lovey-dovey strategy! Lovey-dovey Pokémon! We're lovey-dovey! Forever lovey-dovey!RSE
We're lovey-dovey! We'll be lovey-dovey forever!ORAS
Tuber Lola Route 109 I'm going to try hard! Good swimmer Pokémon.RSE
Pokémon that are strong swimmers.ORAS
I wish I could swim without using an inner tube.RSE
I wish I could swim without an inner tube...ORAS
PKMN Breeder LydiaRSE
Pokémon Breeder LydiaORAS
Route 117 I count on power. Pokémon are my children.RSE
My Pokémon are my children.ORAS
It takes knowledge and love to raise Pokémon.RSE
It takes knowledge and love to raise Pokémon well.ORAS
Parasol Lady Madeline Route 113 Go, go, my Pokémon! I'll raise anything. UV rays are your skin's enemy. Get protected.
Triathlete MariaRSE Route 117 Speed above all! I use a speedy Pokémon. A marathon is a challenge against your own self.
Rad Neighbor MayE Unknown I'm not so good at battles. I'll use any Pokémon. My Pokémon and I help my father's research.
Pokéfan MiguelRSE
Poké Fan MiguelORAS
Route 103 I battle with love! A Pokémon raised with love!RSE
Pokémon raised with love!ORAS
It's important to build trust with your Pokémon.RSE
It's important to build a relationship of trust with your Pokémon.ORAS
Calm & Kind MomE Littleroot Town N/A N/A N/A
Fairy Tale Girl MomoORAS Mt. Pyre I leave that up to my Pokémon. Fairy types, I guess. I love Pokémon. It's people I'm no good with.
Devon Pres Mr. StoneE Rustboro City N/A N/A N/A
Ace Trainer NevilleORAS Route 108 I just let myself go with the flow. Pokémon that know Surf. I'm a Trainer who likes to splash about drifting in the troughs between waves.
Dragon Tamer Nicolas Meteor Falls It's about Pokémon power! See the power of Dragons! I'll become legendary as the strongest one day!RSE
Someday, I'll be as epic as the most epic Trainer ever!ORAS
Black Belt Nob Route 115 Grand slam pummeling! Fighting type.RSE
Fighting types.ORAS
Not to brag, but I can bust ten roof tiles!RSE
Not to brag, but I can bust through 10 bricks with my fists!ORAS
Leader NormanRSORAS
Reliable One DadE
Petalburg City I flexibly adapt my style. Grown in a balanced manner.RSE
Those grown in a balanced manner.ORAS
Pokémon are my life. My chosen path is harsh...RS
I walk the 30 minutes from home to here every day.E
I've chosen to dedicate my life to Pokémon, but the road is hard...ORAS
Triathlete PabloE Route 126 Draw the power of Water. Toughened Water Pokémon. Training Pokémon is good, but don't neglect yourself.
Elite Four Phoebe Ever Grande CityRSE
Pokémon LeagueORAS
Confuse and confound.RSE
Confuse and confound opponents.ORAS
There's nothing definite.RSE
It's hard to pin them down.ORAS
I wonder how my grandma at Mt. Pyre is doing?RSE
I wonder how my grandma is doing at Mt. Pyre.ORAS
Ace Trainer PortiaORAS Route 109 A stable kind of battling. Large Pokémon that I can ride on. I get "surfsick" real easy, but even when feeling bad, I'm not too shabby.
PKMN Prof. Prof. BirchE Unknown N/A N/A N/A
Tuber Ricky Route 109 I don't know. I'll try hard.RSE
I don't really know, but I'll try hard.ORAS
Water Pokémon are buddies.RSE
Water-type Pokémon are my friends!ORAS
It's not like I can't swim. I just like my inner tube.RSE
It's not like I can't swim! I just happen to like my inner tube!ORAS
Sis and Bro Rita & SamRS
Sis and Bro Lila & RoyE
Sis & Bro Rita & SamORAS
Route 124 We split our duties.RSE
We each take a different role!ORAS
We like friendly Pokémon.RSE
We like friendly Pokémon!ORAS
We enjoy Pokémon together as sister and brother.RSE
We enjoy our Pokémon together as siblings!ORAS
Bird Keeper Robert Route 120 I'll show you my technique! Elegantly wheeling Birds.RSE
Elegantly wheeling bird Pokémon.ORAS
My Bird Pokémon, deliver my love to that girl!RSE
My bird Pokémon, show my love to that girl on your soaring wings!ORAS
Aroma Lady Rose Route 118 Becalm fighting emotions.RSE
I'll be gentle.ORAS
Fragrant Grass Pokémon.RSE
Fragrant Grass types.ORAS
Soothing aromas make the body and mind healthy.RSE
Pleasant smells are good for your spirit and your health!ORAS
Leader RoxanneRSORAS
Rockin' Whiz RoxanneE
Rustboro City Rock-type power attack.RSE
Attacking with Rock-type power!ORAS
Rock-solid types are good.RSORAS
I prefer Rock-hard Pokémon.E
Through battling, I want to learn all about Pokémon.RS
A leader of a big Gym bears a lot of responsibility.E
I want to learn all about Pokémon through battle.ORAS
Hiker SawyerE Mt. Chimney I like it hot! Hot Pokémon! As much as I love Pokémon, I surely like hiking!
Mysterious Sisters Scall & IonORAS Sea Mauville Fairies and Ghosts. It's a secret. Our sisterly bonds cannot be broken.
Elusive Eyes ScottE Unknown N/A N/A N/A
Delinquent SharleneORAS Route 120 Like I care about that. C-cute ones! I, like, seriously go all out. So you'd better, like, seriously be ready.
Expert Shelby Mt. ChimneyRSE
Jagged PassORAS
Attack while defending. The Fighting type.RSE
They be Fighting types.ORAS
Being old, I have my own style of battling.RSE
Being old, I have my own way of fighting, don't you know.ORAS
Elite Four Sidney Ever Grande CityRSE
Pokémon LeagueORAS
Offense over defense!RSE
The best defense is a good offense!ORAS
The Dark side's beauties.RSE
The aesthetics of the Dark side!ORAS
They said I was a punk, but I'm one of the Elite Four!RSE
You can talk all you want—all that matters is how strong I am, right?ORAS
PokéManiac SteveRSE
Poké Maniac SteveORAS
Route 114 Wrestle down with power.RSE
I'll pin you down with power...ORAS
Took all night to catch.RSE
It took me all night to catch it...ORAS
Big, burly, and buff Pokémon are the best...RSE
Big, burly, and buff Pokémon are the best for me...ORAS
Champion StevenRSORAS
Hard as Rock StevenE
Pokémon LeagueORAS
Pick on the foe's weakness.RS
Attack the weak points!E
Strike enemies where they're weakest!ORAS
The ultimate Steel Pokémon.RS
Ultimate Steel Pokémon.E
The ultimate Steel-type Pokémon.ORAS
When it comes down to it, I'm still the strongest!RS
I'm the strongest and most energetic after all!E
When it comes down to it, I'm just the strongest there is right now.ORAS
Beauty ThaliaE Abandoned Ship You'll fall under my spell! Mature Water type. I dream of cruising around the world on a luxury liner.
Expert Timothy Route 115 I see through your moves!RSE
I can see through your moves!ORAS
The essence of Fighting.RSE
Witness the essence of Fighting types!ORAS
I'm not ready to give way to the young yet!RSE
I'm not ready to give way to some young upstart just yet!ORAS
Swimmer♂ TonyRSE
Swimmer ♂ TonyORAS
Route 107 Ram at full speed!RSE
Ram the opponent at full speed!ORAS
Funky Water type!RSE
Funky Water types!ORAS
If I can't be out swimming, I'll be pumping weights.RSE
If I can't be out swimming, then you'll find me pumping iron!ORAS
Hiker Trent Route 112 I battle with power. Hard-bodied Pokémon.RSE
Hard-bodied Pokémon!ORAS
I've been planning a month for today's hike.RSE
I started planning for today's hike a whole month ago.ORAS
Hex Maniac Valerie Mt. Pyre Slow, steady suffering. Scary to meet at night.RSE
Ones you'd be afraid to meet at night.ORAS
I see things that others can't see...RSE
I see things that no one else seems to see...ORAS
Leader WallaceRSORAS
Champion WallaceE
Ever Grande CityRSE
Sootopolis CityORAS
Dignity and respect.RSE
With dignity and respect.ORAS
I prefer Pokémon of grace. Aquatic illusions best suit my distinctive elegance.RS
I represent beauty as well as intelligence.E
Aquatic illusions best suit my distinctive sense of elegance.ORAS
PKMN Trainer WallyRS
PKMN Lover WallyE
Pokémon Trainer WallyORAS
Battle ResortORAS
We let it all hang out.RSE
We put everything we have into it!ORAS
The 1st Pokémon I caught.RSE
The first Pokémon I ever caught.ORAS
Pokémon and I have grown stronger together.RSE
My Pokémon and I have grown stronger together.ORAS
Gentleman Walter Route 121 Calm and collected. Pokémon of distinction. We enjoy a spot of tea every day. It's imported.RSE
We enjoy a pot of tea every afternoon with fine leaves we got from overseas.ORAS
Leader WattsonRSORAS
Swell Shock WattsonE
Mauville City I choose to electrify. Get shocked by electricity! Wahahahaha! The secret to health is laughter!RS
One must never throw a match. Even I must not.E
Wahahaha! The secret to good health is being willing to laugh!ORAS
Cooltrainer WiltonRSE
Ace Trainer WiltonORAS
Route 111 Upset the opponent. Type doesn't matter.RSE
I use anything. Type doesn't matter.ORAS
I'm a top student at the Trainer's School.RSE
I'll have you know I'm a top student at the Trainers' School.ORAS
Leader WinonaRSORAS
Sky Tamer WinonaE
Fortree City I take advantage of speed.RSE
I get my advantage through speed.ORAS
Graceful sky dancers.RSE
Those that dance gracefully in the sky.ORAS
I can see the ebb and flow of the winds.RS
The ultimate would be to live as one with nature.E
I can see the patterns hidden in the way the wind blows.ORAS
Rich Boy Winston Route 104 Strategy? Who needs it? I spent big money on it!RSE
I've spent tons of money on training it!ORAS
I, being rich, sleep in a custom Pokémon bed.RSE
Rich me sleeps in a bed of Pokémon.ORAS


  • Several pieces of Trainer's Eye information from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald go unused in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire due to the removal of female Psychics and female Triathletes in Generation VI.
Trainer Location Strategy Favorite Pokémon Trainer Message
Triathlete Abigail Route 110 Defense is crucial. My Pokémon are solid. I began this as a way to lose weight, but it's so fun that I got sucked in.
Psychic Jacki Route 123 Battle at full power. Pokémon of many mysteries. When we "spoke," I was using my telepathy to communicate with you.
Triathlete Katelyn Route 128 All-out offensive! Water Pokémon rule! I must swim over six miles every day!
Triathlete Maria Route 117 Speed above all! I use speedy Pokémon. A marathon is a challenge against your own self.

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