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List of Pokémon parodies

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This is a list of Pokémon parodies, instances where a creative work or a part of one deliberately resembles or mocks the Pokémon franchise. Unlike references, they generally avoid the use of the names or any actual Pokémon species associated with the franchise. The following list is divided by the medium of the work, then sorted alphabetically by the name of the work making the parody.


List of Pokémon parodies

Television and film

Series/Movie Episode Details Image
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day Menma the Hero Tetsudō suggests that the wish Menma might want granted was to have a rare monster from a video game called "Nokezori Monsters" ("Nokémon" for short), which Jinta buys from the game shop Anaru works at. Some other games that were referenced were Gold, Opal, and Emerald. Anohana Nokemon.png
Arthur Arthur Loses his Marbles Muffy says that she has fifty-four Dopeyman cards in a pack, in resemblance to Pokémon cards, and with one card a take on a Pikachu called "Stinkachu". ArthurLosesHisMarbles.png
Asobi Asobase Gotta "Catch" 'em All! Olivia plays "Bactéri Go", a parody of Pokémon GO. The title of the segment is a reference to the franchise slogan.
Bob's Burgers Mission Impos-slug-ble Louise collects Burobu trading cards, which Tina says is "like Pokémon but just everybody's a slug". The cards were banned in school, a reference to how the Pokémon Trading Card Game became banned in real-life schools.
Clarence Clarence's Millions A kid introduces the latest trend at Aberdale Elementary School - Tappy Cards. They are somewhat based on Pokémon, and the only way to play is to "buy 'em all", a reference to the Pokémon tagline, "Gotta Catch 'Em All!"
Drawn Together Entire series throughout. One of the main characters, Ling-Ling, is a direct parody of Pikachu. He mentions that one of his pastimes is giving children seizures. Ling-Ling.png
The Emperor's New School The Emperor's New Show The episode contains "Llamaballs", a parody of both the Pokémon anime and the Dragon Ball series.
Evil Con Carne Search and Estroy In a parody of both Pokémon and Digimon, General Skarr and Major Dr. Ghastly create the "Poké-Digi Tank." SearchAndEstroy.png
Everybody Loves Raymond Hackidu The episode focuses "Hackidu", which is a spoof of Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Ray's daughter Ally makes a trade with a boy, giving him a sizable stack of cards for just one of hers, called "Scramisaur." Ray thinks the trade is unfair, so he talks to the boy's father and the trade is reversed. Ray then learns that he should not have reversed the trade, and attempts to get the card back. Hackidu is also watched on TV during the episode. Hackidu.png
Good Luck Charlie A L.A.R.P. in the Park The episode features a card game called "Pokeo", based on the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Type advantages are mentioned ("Grass power is no match for volcano power") and the chicken character "Chikapu" is a parody of Pikachu. A creature named "Slugmar" is also mentioned, presumably a portmanteau of Slugma and Magmar.
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy It's Hokey Mon! The episode features a trading card game named "Hokey Mon". ItsHokeyMon.png
Jackie Chan Adventures Tough Break A franchise called "Gnomekop" appears in an episode, which is Pokémon spelled backwards plus a "G". It also uses the slogan "Gotta collect 'em all", similar to Pokémon's Gotta catch 'em all! Gnomekop.png
Johnny Bravo 20,000 Leagues Over My Head Clam-League 9000 is a show which Johnny Bravo watches and enjoys. Due to his addiction with the show, Johnny goes to great lengths to secure all of the Clam-League 9000 toys, but unfortunately goes about it by deep-sea diving for actual clams. The Clam-League 9000 is somewhat of a lampoon fusion of both Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon. The main rival characters of the show bear resemblance to Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo, the latter two being combined into one green skinned antagonist.
Johnny Test Johnny'mon and The Return of Johnny'mon Two episodes featured Tinymon, with a Tinydex, Tiny Cubes that contain creatures, a character named Blast Ketchup, and the slogan "Gotta snatch 'em all!". The episodes feature a legendary Tinymon known as "Screechereen", which greatly resembles Shadow Lugia. Blast Ketchup's Tinymon, Kadoomerang, also slightly resembles Squirtle. Evolution and attacks are also featured. For example, Screechereen evolves from Cuddlebuns, who is said to be the weakest Tinymon. It turned out that it needs love in order for it to evolve into the legendary Tinymon. Something similar to link cables are also featured. In the plot, Johnny and his sisters get stuck in a Tinymon game and need to trade with a cable in order to get out. However, a battle must first be won in order to access that function. Johnnymon.png
Johnnymon 2.png
Love Tyrant Go to the Beach With Me? x It's Not a Matter of Knowing or Not Near the start of the episode, Guri is surprised she can find a Pikabug on her way to the beach.
Magical Girl Ore Magical Girl - On Vacation A man falls into a lake while trying to catch a rare monster in a mobile game, referencing reports of deaths and injuries of players playing Pokémon GO.
Mysticons Star-Crossed Sisters In its previous appareance in the show, Beastie Blasters was seen as a Yu-Gi-Oh! parody, but in this episode, it more closely matches Pokémon GO. Piper exclaims that she caught a "Stargoyle" in the first act, and states that there is a "Beastie Checkpoint" (presumably a parody of a PokéStop) in the Undercity, and wants to find a "Starfoz" there. Later in the episode, Nova Terron is seen playing the game, when Proxima directs him to a "Foobertickle".
Pinky Dinky Doo N/A In several episodes, Tyler is shown talking about or playing with action figures called "Moo-Moo Miggy Monsters", which is based on Pokémon. In one episode, Tyler plays a video game with a style very similar to Pokémon.
ReBoot My Two Bobs The episode's featured game is a game entitled "Pantsu Hebi X", which is a parody of both Pokémon-styled battles and anime in general. In it, the dog character Frisket reboots itself to resemble Pikachu. ReBoot.png
Rick and Morty N/A Although it doesn't happen in an episode, a pixelated video has Scientist Rick and Youngster Morty battle on what looks like a Pokémon stadium, where Mr. Meeseeks are used instead of Pokémon, and Meeseeks Boxes are used instead of Poké Balls.

Also, a mobile game Pocket Mortys is based on Pokémon and the show.

Recess The Game The addictive card game featured in the episode, named "Ajimbo", appears to be a parody of the Trading Card Game. Ajimbo.png
Sharknado 5: Global Swarming N/A During the "Sharkzilla" attack in Tokyo near the end of the film, a woman is seen on a street corner playing a shark-themed parody of Pokémon GO. She notes the rarity of her new catch to a second woman, who is wearing grenades painted like Poké Balls on a belt, similarly to how Ash wears his Poké Balls in the anime. After throwing one of the grenades at the passing Sharkzilla, the second woman tells the first that there are "only five thousand more to go." Pokemon Go Sharknado parody.png
The Simpsons Thirty Minutes over Tokyo The effects of Electric Soldier Porygon are experienced by the family in the episode, after they watch the local program "Battling Seizure Robots". ThirtyMinutesOverTokyo.png
Pokey Mom The episode's title is based on the word "Pokémon".
Looking for Mr. Goodbart This episode has several references. First it has an app called Peekimon Get, which is a parody of Pokémon GO. The first Pokémon mentioned in the show is Rotata, which resembles Rattata. The episode features a parody of the Pokémon Theme called "Homermon". During the credits, Otto mentions playing the game while driving, which some people have done in real life. Peekimon Get.png
Smosh: The Movie N/A The plot of the movie revolves around Anthony and Ian going inside YouTube and changing an embarrassing video of Anthony singing a parodied version of the Pokémon Theme while failing to do a backflip. Additionally, numerous references to a series called "Magic Pocket Slave Monsters" are seen throughout the movie, including an arcade machine that features a parodied version of Ash Ketchum whipping a parodied version of Pikachu, albeit with circular ears, scars, and an eyepatch. The machine also parodies Poké Balls with cube-shaped versions. The point of "Magic Pocket Slave Monsters" pays homage to Smosh's incredibly successful YouTube video where they lip-sync the Pokémon Theme, which was taken down due to copyright reasons.
South Park Chinpokomon The episode parodies Pokémon and fad culture in general. The line of toys have additionally made cameos in many subsequent episodes. Near the end of the episode Kenny McCormick dies of an epileptic seizure as a reference to the banned episode Electric Soldier Porygon. The episode additionally heavily parodies the anime and video games to a lesser extent. Ash Ketchum and James are both parodied. Some of the "Chinpokomon" seen closely resemble Pikachu, Meowth, Jolteon and Charmander. Chinpokomon.png
The End of Serialization as We Know It The episode make a reference to the Chinpokomon episode with one of the history results for a character being a Google search for "new chinopokomon alolan region."[1]
Steven Universe Rose's Room Steven is seen playing the "Golf Quest Mini" videogame, which includes references to several Pokémon elements such as the character "Prof. Sandtraps", the professor's laboratory, the line "We're gonna sink 'em all", the battle trigger system, an NPC that looks like Brock, and the seven-character limit for the player's name. The game also has references to The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, among others. Steven Universe Golf Quest Mini.png
TV Funhouse Mexicans Day In this short, the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company has agreed to stop using Joe Camel to advertise cigarettes to children and will instead make him a character in a tobacco-free cartoon called "Jokámel". This parody of the Pokémon anime stars a Pikachu-like Jokámel, near-exact copies of Ash, Brock, Misty, Jessie, and James, and sexual parodies of Pikachu, Meowth, and Geodude. Throughout the show, the audience is told to buy Jokámel merchandise and given subliminal messages to buy Camel cigarettes. Jokámel.jpg
Yin Yang Yo! Smoke and Mirrors Smoke catches Yang in Prison Prism (Poké Ball spoof), while later Mirrors catches Yin with it. They later force them to fight against each other in a tournament. Yin Yang Yo Poké Ball spoof.png

Video games

Game Details Image
Hearthstone The flavor text of card "Master of Evolution" is "Will be really useful in the new "Hearthémon" game." "Hearthémon"(ハスモン) is a blend of Hearthstone and Pokémon.

The flavor text of card "Augmented Porcupine" is "Pokey-man. Gotta spike 'em all!" "Pokey-man" is parody of "Pokémon" and "Gotta spike 'em all!" is parody of "Gotta catch 'em all"(Japanese translation use a Baoh reference instead).

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 At the beginning of Chapter 8 of the True End route, Rom and Ram (twin sisters who personify the Nintendo DS) mention playing the "Pocketed Monstrosities" games:
Ram: Lowee's best games are easily the ones in the "Pocketed Monstrosities" franchise. Players catch and raise 1,510,376 monsters.
Rom: Oh, yeah. I was playing it earlier and I captured the Eebee monster.
Ram: No way! I really want that one! Gimme.
Rom: I'll give you its parents later. They're both fourth generation, so you'll probably get one from them.
There is a villainous mouse named "Pirachu", a pun on both "Pikachu" and, given the general motif of the Neptunia franchise's villains, "piracy".
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 In Lowee, a boy named Mr. Akai wears a Pikachu-like messenger bag and a hat backwards. Like Red, he rarely speaks, at least until he finally receives his copy of "Pocketed Monstrosities".
When the child IF challenges the Alternate Dimension Vert to a game of cards, Nepgear mentions how the Vert of her world was unbeatable at "Pocket Monstrosities" against the twins Rom and Ram.
Pocket Mortys Rick has his Mortys battle other Mortys in a turn-based RPG within the multiverse. There are even badges to be collected by defeating other Ricks in a Morty battle. A Morty Manipulator Chip functions similarly to a Poké Ball, which will cause that Morty to join the player if its HP is low enough. Even the name is based off "Pocket Monsters", and Rick automatically engages in battle if he walks in the sight of an NPC, and the Mortys follow Rick just like Pikachu in Pokémon Yellow.
Segagaga One of the fictional games is called "Tukemono Monsuters". Its image resembles the Japanese box of Pokémon Yellow. Segagaga Tukemono Monsuters.png
The Simpsons Game The game features "Sparklemon" in the level "Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game". Homer and Lisa must travel to three temples where they fight the Sparklemon in turn-based battles before they can collect them in "capturing balls". The first two Sparklemon are based on Pikachu and Squirtle. One of the Sparklemon also uses a strike called "Scratch Attack". Type matchups are also presented in the form of moves' super-effectiveness, resistance, and immunity. The Simpsons Game.png
The Henry Stickmin Collection One one of the options in Stealing the Diamond is the Good Ball, which initiates a Pokémon-like battle. Henry sends out MissingNo. which causes everything to "glitch". In the original Flash version, it used an actual Poké Ball, and the actual Gym battle music from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Also, in one of the Completing the Mission segments, Henry uses a "Y-Move", a parody of Z-Moves.

The fail's description for using Harden is "It's not very effective..."

Henry Stickman.jpeg

Henry Stickman2.jpeg

The Simpsons Game The game features "Sparklemon" in the level "Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game". Homer and Lisa must travel to three temples where they fight the Sparklemon in turn-based battles before they can collect them in "capturing balls". The first two Sparklemon are based on Pikachu and Squirtle. One of the Sparklemon also uses a strike called "Scratch Attack". Type matchups are also presented in the form of moves' super-effectiveness, resistance, and immunity. The Simpsons Game.png
Trade & Battle: Card Hero An NPC exclaims that he has been watching the show "Rocket Monsters".[2]

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