List of Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl chapters

This article is about the manga created by Sakai Takayuki. For the manga created by Kosaku Anakubo, see List of Pocket Monsters DP chapters.

This is a list of chapters of the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl manga created by 坂井 孝行 Sakai Takayuki. Altogether, there are 29 chapters. Currently, the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl manga has not been translated into English by either VIZ Media or Chuang Yi.

List of chapters

Volume 1

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PDP01 新人トレーナー、ヒカリ Newcomer Trainer, Hikari
PDP02 ポッチャマのとっくん Pochama's Special Training
PDP03 力を合わせて Combine Power
PDP04 急げ!ヒカリのピンチ!! Hurry Up! Hikari's Pinch!!
PDP05 仲間をしんじてる Believe in Friends
PDP06 パチリスをすくえ Pachirisu is Hungry
PDP07 サトシのシャツ Satoshi's Shirt
PDP08 とべ、紙ヒコーキ Fly, Paper Plane
PDP09 水をほりおこせ Dig up the Water
PDP10 オバケの出るどうくつ Ghost Coming out of the Cave
PDP11 ゆうじょうパワー Friendship Power
PDP12 ガケくずれ止めろ! Stop the Landslide!
PDP13 ヘドロまみれで、くさ~い Covered in Sludge and Stin~ky
PDP14 命がけの雪下ろし Risky Snow Removal

Volume 2

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PDP15 しゅくてき Archenemy
PDP16 カバルドンのなぞ Kabaldon's Mystery
PDP17 野生のレントラー Wild Rentorar
PDP18 雨やどり Rain Shelter
PDP19 春一番 First Storm of the Spring
PDP20 再会 Reunion
PDP21 サトシとヒカリが大ゲンカ!? Satoshi and Hikari Huge Quarrel!?
PDP22 サメハダーを助ける! Saving Samehader!
PDP23 オバケやしき Ghost Residence
PDP24 ウリムーのぼうけん Urimoo's Adventure
PDP25 やんちゃなコイル Mischievous Coil
PDP26 くいしんぼポッチャマ Gluttonous Pochama
PDP27 冬の湖 Winter's Lake
PDP28 ピカチュウ、海でピンチ! Pikachu, Pinch at the Sea!
PDP29 雪遊び Playing in the Snow

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