List of Pocket Monsters DP chapters

The following is a list of chapters from the Pocket Monsters DP manga created by Kosaku Anakubo. Altogether, there are 59 chapters.

Volume 1

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMDP01 D·Pで大騒動!? Turmoil in DP!?
PMDP02 新わざを打ちやぶれ! Break Through the New Move!
PMDP03 極秘情報の真相は!? The Truth of the Top Secret Is!?
PMDP04 ピッピ、レッドと別れる!? Pippi and Red Separate!?
PMDP05 うわさのアレをゲットせよ! Get What Everyone Has Been Talking About!
PMDP06 世紀のカセキ、大発見!! Great Discovery of the Fossil of the Era!!
PMDP07 トレーナーズスクールに入学! Entry into Trainers' School!
PMDP08 スーピーコンテスト開催!! Super Contest Opens!
PMDP09 目指せ最強ポケモン!! Aim to be the Strongest Pokémon!!
PMDP10 たなライバルれる!? A Fresh Rival Appears!?
PMDP11 プロの試合た〜い!! I Want to See a Pro Game!!
PMDP12 のポケモン発見!! Illusory Pokémon Discovery!

Volume 2

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMDP13 伝説のポケモンをせ!! Helping the Legendary Pokémon!!
PMDP14 激突!!ピッピVSパルキア!! Clash!! Pippi VS Palkia!!
PMDP15 超便利!?ピッピのポケモンセンター Pippi's Pokémon Center is Super Useful!?
PMDP16 ピッピ、おどろきの大進化! Pippi's Surprising Great Evolution!
PMDP17 入門!恐怖のプクリン道場!! Joining the Terrible Pukurin Dojo!!
PMDP18 ゲット大作戦!! The Big Plan! Get the Treasure!!
PMDP19 のポケモン・ダークライる!! The Illusory Pokémon Darkrai Appears!!
PMDP20 セレブパーティーへようこそ!! Welcome to the Celebrity Party!!
PMDP21 3大ポケモン選挙バトル!! The Big Three Pokémon Election Battle!!
PMDP22 ウキウキお花見大騒動 Lighthearted Flower-viewing Mayhem
PMDP23 ブリーフ博士珍発明!! Professor Briefs' Strange Inventions!!
PMDP24 祭り騒ぎな大掃除 Big Cleaning Festivities

Volume 3

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMDP25 相撲界救世主、ピッピ!? Pippi, the Sumo World's Messiah!?
PMDP26 必殺技につける!! Learning a Special Move!!
PMDP27 時代をこえて大騒ぎ!! Turmoil Through the Ages!!
PMDP28 ピッピの友情物語!! Pippi's Story of Friendship!!
PMDP29 新作ポケモンギャグ映画!? New Pokémon Gag Movie!?
PMDP30 爆笑クリスマスパーティー!! Christmas Party Laughter!!
PMDP31 珍解答連発!ピッピのお受験!! Strange Rapid-Fire Solutions! Pippi's Test-Taking!!
PMDP32 ピッピうし!人気ポケモン登場 Pippi in Danger! The Entrance of Popular Pokémon
PMDP33 目指せ!ベストセラー作家!! Aim to be a Best-Selling Author!!
PMDP34 ステキなかせましょう!! Let's Bloom Wonderful Flowers!!
PMDP35 衝撃ヘアー大流行!? Shockingly Common Hair!?
PMDP36 恒例!恐怖の年末大掃除!! Time-Honored Nightmare! The Big Year-End Cleaning!!

Volume 4

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMDP37 プールの熱き競泳バトル! Fierce Swim Battle in the Pool!
PMDP38 ピッピ先生の爆笑授業!? Mr. Pippi's Laugh-Filled Class!?
PMDP39 にげろ!ピッピの大逃走劇!! Run! Pippi's Great Escape Theatrics!!
PMDP40 不況対策!?ピッピのエコ大作戦!! Economic Recovery Policy!? Pippi's Grand Ecological Plan!!
PMDP41 ピッピVSバルキー直接対決!! Pippi vs Balkie, Showdown!!
PMDP42 遭難!魔の洞くつ!! Calamity! A Treacherous Cave!!
PMDP43 バルキー大災難!! Balkie's Big Accident!!
PMDP44 ピッピ流スカイフォルム完成!? Pippi-style Sky Form, Perfected!?
PMDP45 家庭教師ピッピがキタ〜!! Say Hello to Pippi the Tutor!!
PMDP46 ピッピ、新才能で大もうけ!? Pippi, Making it Big with a New Talent!?
PMDP47 大型新人ピッピ、デビュー!! Star Newcomer Pippi's Debut!!
PMDP48 激突!?ピッピVSギラテイナ Clash!? Pippi VS Giratina
Extra 特別マンガ ピッピ、久びさのバトル Special Manga - A Rare Battle with Pippi

Volume 5

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMDP49 ピッピの暴走サーカス!! Pippi's Out of Control Circus!!
PMDP50 バルキーの大スクープ!? Balkie's Big Scoop!?
PMDP51 恐怖のロストタワー!! Lost Tower Terror!!
PMDP52 熱戦?日焼けコンテスト!! Fierce Fighting? Tanning Contest!!
PMDP53 笑撃!ミルク争奪戦!! A Farce! Milk Competition!!
PMDP54 水を求めて大バトル!! The Grand Battle for Water!!
PMDP55 映画フィルムを取りもどせ!! Take Back the Movie Film!!
PMDP56 ロボット参戦!大掃除バトル!! Entry into the Robot Competition! Cleaning Battle!!
PMDP57 バレンタインの悲劇!? Valentine Tragedy!?
PMDP58 おぼっちゃまとガチバトル!! Serious Battle with a Rich Boy!!
PMDP59 ストップ鼻水大作戦! The Master Plan to Stop Runny Noses!
PMDP60 インチキスロットの秘密を探れ!! Uncover the Secret of the Rigged Slots!!

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