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List of Japanese language Advanced Generation series home video releases

The following is a list of all of the Japanese language home video releases of the Advanced Generation series of the Pokémon anime.


Volume releases

The Advanced Generation series was divided into four sets that were released by Media Factory and Shogakukan. It contains almost all the 192 episodes between them.

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation was released by Media Factory and Shogakukan in 2006. It consists of 15 volumes with 45 episodes across them combined.

Attack of the Konohana Family! was released separately. It is included on a DVD along with the Pikachu short Secret Base of the Dancing Pokémon.

Cover artwork Catalogue number Release date Episodes
Advanced Generation Volume 01.png ZMBS-911R January 27, 2006 A New Land! A New Adventure!!
Ancient Pokémon and Mysterious Teams!
Touka Gym! VS Yarukimono!
Advanced Generation Volume 02.png ZMBS-912R January 27, 2006 A Lot of Subame! A Lot of Danger! Capture in Touka Woods!!
Jiguzaguma and Short-pantsed Boy! Haruka's First Battle!!
Rocket-dan! A Fury Swipes Goodbye!!
Advanced Generation Volume 03.png ZMBS-913R January 27, 2006 Forest of Kimori! Protect the Gigantic Tree!!
Habunake VS Kimori! The Strike Offensive of Certain Kills!!
Bizarre! Mystery of the Kinococo Mansion!?
Advanced Generation Volume 04.png ZMBS-914R January 27, 2006 The Greatest Pelipper Show in History!!
Graena and Pochiena! Mystery of Evolution!!
Hassboh and the Three Sisters of the Flower Shop!
Advanced Generation Volume 05.png ZMBS-915R January 27, 2006 Pokémon Contest! Agehunt's Magnificent Battle!!
Double Battle & Double Kemusso!?
Try to Study! Pokémon Trainer's School!!
Advanced Generation Volume 06.png ZMBS-916R February 24, 2006 Kanazumi Gym! Nosepass's Secret Weapon!!
Devon Corporation! Shadow of Aqua-dan!!
Old Man Hagi and the Camome Peeko-chan!
Advanced Generation Volume 07.png ZMBS-917R February 24, 2006 Escape! Samehader Island!!
Muro Gym! Enter Touki the Surfing Gym Leader!
Kemusso VS Kemusso! Which is Which!?
Advanced Generation Volume 08.png ZMBS-918R February 24, 2006 Daigo, Cokodora, Bossgodora!
Roughneck of the Sea, Heigani Enters!
Run Satoshi! Cross the Kibanha River!
Advanced Generation Volume 09.png ZMBS-919R February 24, 2006 Secret Pond! Full of Mizugorou!?
Magma-dan VS Aqua-dan! Secret Base Battle!
Agehunt & Dokucale! The Final Evolution!
Advanced Generation Volume 10.png ZMBS-920R February 24, 2006 The Startling Yamirami!
Asanan and the Battle Girl! In a Storm!
Muro Gym Rematch! Surfing Battlefield!
Advanced Generation Volume 11.png ZMBS-921R March 24, 2006 The Abandoned Ship! The Creeping Shadow!!
A Rival For Haruka! Intensive Pokémon Contest Training!!
The Great First Pokémon Panic!!
Advanced Generation Volume 12.png ZMBS-922R March 24, 2006 Haruka! The First Pokémon Contest Challenge!!
Protect the Ocean Museum! Attack of Magma-dan!!
Beauty and the Beast!? Dirteng and Joy-san!
Advanced Generation Volume 13.png ZMBS-923R March 24, 2006 Prasle and Minun! The Mountain Lighthouse!!
Sing! Pokémon Trick House!!
Kinsetsu Gym! Tessen's Electric Shock Battle!!
Advanced Generation Volume 14.png ZMBS-924R March 24, 2006 Kimori's New Technique!! Watermelon Field's Seed Machine Gun!
Barubeat and Illumise! Dance of Love!
Fly Tatsubay! Towards the Future!!
Advanced Generation Volume 15.png ZMBS-925R March 24, 2006 Enter Kasumi! Togepy and the Mirage Kingdom!!
Other Side of the Mirage! Togepy's Paradise!
Kachinuki Family! 4 vs 4!!

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation 2004

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation 2004 was released by Media Factory and Shogakukan starting in 2004. It consists of 15 volumes with 44 episodes across them combined.

Cover artwork Catalogue number Release date Episodes
Advanced Generation 2004 01.png ZMBS-731R July 30, 2004 Eneco and Aromatherapy!
Zangoose VS Habunake! Rival Confrontation!!
Advanced Generation 2004 02.png ZMBS-732R August 27, 2004 Masato and Masato! Protect Ametama!
Pokémon Contest - Hazitsuge Convention!!
VS Charem! Contest Battle!!
Advanced Generation 2004 03.png ZMBS-733R August 27, 2004 Prasle and Minun! Road Assistance!?
Eneco & Cat's Paw! Meadow of Donmel!
Magma Gang VS Aqua Gang Again! Mt. Chimney Battle!!
Advanced Generation 2004 04.png ZMBS-734R September 23, 2004 The New Gym Leader, Asuna! The Hole-Filled Battlefield!?
Heat Badge! Win the Blazing Battle!!
Lots of Patcheel! Beyond the Mountain in Search of Happiness!?
Advanced Generation 2004 05.png ZMBS-735R September 23, 2004 Breaking Through Valley of Steel! Cotoise VS Haganeil!!
Return to Kinsetsu Gym! VS Livolt!!
Eneco and Enekororo! Enter the Legendary Pokémon Coordinator!!
Advanced Generation 2004 06.png ZMBS-736R October 29, 2004 Enter the Phantom Masked Coordinator!!
Shidake Town! Pokémon Contest!!
Solrock and Hasubrero! Legend of the Forest!
Advanced Generation 2004 07.png ZMBS-737R October 29, 2004 Sky of Tyltto! Spirit of Haruka!!
The Great Gokulin Repelling Strategy!!
Critical Situation! Bakuong VS Juptile!!
Advanced Generation 2004 08.png ZMBS-738R November 26, 2004 Dancing Battle! Runpappa!!
Papa is Idol!? False Gym Leader!!
Touka Gym Crisis! Household Crisis!!
Advanced Generation 2004 09.png ZMBS-739R November 26, 2004 Touka Gym! The Fifth Badge!!
Dr. Okido and Dr. Odamaki! Secret Base Battle!!
Tag Battle! Satoshi VS Haruka!?
Advanced Generation 2004 10.png ZMBS-740R January 28, 2005 King of the Forbidden Forest! Fushigibana!!
Fushigidane and Fushigidane! Regaining the Monster Balls!!
Showdown! Fishing Master and the Giant Namazun!!
Advanced Generation 2004 11.png ZMBS-741R January 28, 2005 Yajilon and the Ruins in the Mist!
Formidable Enemy!? Mother Coordinator Enters!
Pokémon Contest! Ruibosu Tournament!!
Advanced Generation 2004 12.png ZMBS-742R February 25, 2005 Baneboo's Lost Object!?
Beginning Challenge! Sky Match - PokéRinger!!
The Mansion of Kagebouzu!
Advanced Generation 2004 13.png ZMBS-743R February 25, 2005 The Fighting King of the Forest!? Wakasyamo VS Kinogassa!
Powalen of the Weather Institute!
Hiwamaki City's Feather Carnival!!
Advanced Generation 2004 14.png ZMBS-744R March 25, 2005 Hiwamaki Gym! Battle in the Sky!!
The Film's Riding on Bakuuda!!
Mystery! A Pokémon from Space!?
Advanced Generation 2004 15.png ZMBS-745R March 25, 2005 Banana Namakero Garden and Kabigon!!
Pikachu, Joining Rocket-dan!?
Arrival in Minamo City! Polocks and Swallow Return!

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation 2005

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation 2005 was released by Media Factory and Shogakukan starting in 2005. It consists of 15 volumes with 44 episodes across them combined.

Cover artwork Catalogue number Release date Episodes
Advanced Generation 2005 01.png ZMBS-821R May 27, 2005 Pokémon Contest! Minamo Tournament!!
Enter Those Three! Referee School Island!
Advanced Generation 2005 02.png ZMBS-822R June 24, 2005 Pearlulu and Baneboo! Search for the Pearl!
Glanth and the Deep Sea Treasure!
Huntail and Sakurabyss! The Riddle of Evolution!
Advanced Generation 2005 03.png ZMBS-823R June 24, 2005 Muscle Battle!? Double Battle!!
Groudon VS Kyogre! (Part One)
Groudon VS Kyogre! (Part Two)
Advanced Generation 2005 04.png ZMBS-824R July 29, 2005 Fu and Lan! Space Center Battle!
Tokusane Gym! Solrock and Lunatone!
Man of the Sea! Four Heavenly Kings Genji Appears!!
Advanced Generation 2005 05.png ZMBS-825R July 29, 2005 Island of Dr. Moroboshi! Fossil Pokémon Appear!!
Izabe Island Pokémon Contest! Beware of the Rival!!
Seal the Giant Nendoll!!
Advanced Generation 2005 06.png ZMBS-826R September 30, 2005 Falling in Love With Kucheat! Hasubrero's Flower Arrangement!!
Nuckrar and Vibrava! Lake of Illusion!
Absol! Creeping Shadow of Disaster!!
Advanced Generation 2005 07.png ZMBS-827R September 30, 2005 Catch Yukiwarashi!
Rescue Ralts! Hurry Masato!
Rune Gym! Artist of Water - Adan! (Part One)
Advanced Generation 2005 08.png ZMBS-828R October 28, 2005 Rune Gym! Artist of Water - Adan! (Part Two)
Massuguma! The Shape of Friendship!?
Sohnano of Phantom Island!
Advanced Generation 2005 09.png ZMBS-829R October 28, 2005 Roll! Loving Donfan!
Disorderly Melee! Pokémon Contest - Kinagi Convention! (Part One)
Disorderly Melee! Pokémon Contest - Kinagi Convention! (Part Two)
Advanced Generation 2005 10.png ZMBS-830R November 25, 2005 With Haruka Delicious, Get Gonbe!!
Rival Enters! Masamune and Dumbber!!
Mysterious Thief Bannai & The Ribbon Cup!!
Advanced Generation 2005 11.png ZMBS-831R November 25, 2005 Satoshi and Haruka! Heated Battles of Hoenn!!
Begin! Grand Festival ①!!
Fierce Fighting! Grand Festival ②!!
Advanced Generation 2005 12.png ZMBS-832R January 27, 2006 Decisive Battle! Grand Festival ③!!
Let's Go With Survival!
Arrival in Saiyu City! Nyarth in Boots!?
Advanced Generation 2005 13.png ZMBS-833R January 27, 2006 Start the Preliminaries! Masamune Appears!!
Opening! Saiyu Tournament!!
To the Tournament Finals! Every Day a Heated Battle!
Advanced Generation 2005 14.png ZMBS-834R February 24, 2006 And... Continue the Battle That Cannot Be Lost!!
Rival Battle! VS Masamune!!
Conclusion of the Fierce Fighting! The Road to Championship!!
Advanced Generation 2005 15.png ZMBS-835R February 24, 2006 Enishida and the Battle Frontier!
Okido Laboratory! All Members Assemble!!
Mt. Otsukimi! With Py, Pippi and Pixy!

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation Battle Frontier

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation Battle Frontier was released by Media Factory and Shogakukan starting in 2006. It consists of 19 volumes with 55 episodes across them combined and it concludes the Advanced Generation anime series.

Esper VS Ghost! Midnight Duel!? was released separately. It is included on a DVD along with the Pikachu short Pikachu's Ghost Carnival.

Pokémon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! (Part One) and Pokémon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! (Part Two) were released as part of a special set.

Cover artwork Catalogue number Release date Episodes
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 01.png ZMBS-931R April 28, 2006 First Battle! Battle Factory! (Part One)
First Battle! Battle Factory! (Part Two)
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 02.png ZMBS-932R May 26, 2006 The Kingdom of Iwark!!
Purin's Song, Papa's Song!
Rival Confrontation! Get Windie!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 03.png ZMBS-933R May 26, 2006 Koduck's Depression!
Nyula and Barrierd! Whose Restaurant!?
Evolution! That Mystery and Wonder!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 04.png ZMBS-934R July 28, 2006 Pokémon Contest - Yamabuki Conference!! (Part One)
Pokémon Contest - Yamabuki Conference!! (Part Two)
Fighting Dojo! Satoshi VS Haruka!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 05.png ZMBS-935R July 28, 2006 Enter Manene! Mansion of Rest!
Mizugorou and Mokoko! Wonder Drug of Love!?
Battle Arena! Fighting Showdown!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 06.png ZMBS-936R August 25, 2006 Breeding House Practitioner and the Pokémon Egg!
Rival is a Salaryman!?
Hakuryu's Lake!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 07.png ZMBS-937R August 25, 2006 Battle Dome! Fusion of Fire and Water!!
Startling! Frightening! Elekid!!
Pokémon Ranger Appears! Celebi Rescue Mission!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 08.png ZMBS-938R September 22, 2006 Usohachi and the Ninja School!!
Haruka Travels Through Time!!
Fierce Fighting at the Battle Tube! VS Tube Queen Azami!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 09.png ZMBS-939R September 22, 2006 Who Single-Handedly Has the Victory!? Pokémon Orienteering!
Gonbe's Debut Battle! Harley and Taking the Game Seriously!!
Juptile VS Tropius! Grassland Duel!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 10.png ZMBS-940R October 25, 2006 Pokémon Contest! Yuzuriha Convention!!
Jukain! Dawn of Revival!!
Fierce Fighting! Jungle Battle at the Battle Palace!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 11.png ZMBS-941R October 25, 2006 Usohachi King and Manene Queen!?
The Red Lightning of Skyscrapers!
Decisive Game! Haruka VS Takeshi!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 12.png ZMBS-942R November 24, 2006 Muchul and Three Rougela Sisters!!
Enter the Tower Tycoon, Lila!!
Battle Tower! Telepathy Battle!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 13.png ZMBS-943R November 24, 2006 Usokkie! Gold Legend!?
Harley and Rocket-dan! Formation of a Villainous Alliance!?
Haruka VS Musashi! The Last Contest!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 14.png ZMBS-944R January 25, 2007 Rocket-dan Dissolution!? Respective Roads!
Takeshi & Satoshi! Defend Nibi Gym in a Tag Battle!!
Battle Pyramid! VS Regirock!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 15.png ZMBS-945R January 25, 2007 Marvel! Mountain of the Giant Kekking!!
Raising the Curtain! Pokémon Contest - Grand Festival!!
Haruka VS Harley! Stage On with a Double Battle!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 16.png ZMBS-946R February 23, 2007 Haruka VS Shū! The Final Battle!!
Eipam and the King!
Perap and the Pokémon Comedian!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 17.png ZMBS-947R February 23, 2007 Attack! The Stray Manyula!!
Battle Pyramid Again! VS Registeel!!
Haruka VS Shū! Rivals Forever!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 18.png ZMBS-948R March 23, 2007 The Pokémon Center is Very Busy!
First Pokémon! Final Battle!!
Deciding Match! VS Regice!!
Advanced Generation Battle Frontier 19.png ZMBS-949R March 23, 2007 Satoshi VS Haruka! Last Battle!!
End of a Journey, and Then the Start of a Journey!

Special releases

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