List of Battle Tower Trainers (Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl)/Master Class Double Battles

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The following lists all the opponent pairs that may be encountered in the Master Class Double Battle Room of the Battle Tower. The Trainers' names link to the listing of their possible Pokémon teams.

Note that each opponent pair will have their Pokémon listed in teams of four. The first and second Pokémon listed are used by Trainer 1, and the third and fourth are used by Trainer 2. So in each battle, the first and third Pokémon on the list will be initially sent out.

Opponents 1 to 6

Trainer 1 Trainer 2
Class Name Class Name
Ace Trainer Myron Ace Trainer Jane
Ace Trainer Myron Ace Trainer Natalia
Ace Trainer Herman Ace Trainer Natalia
Ace Trainer Donnie Ace Trainer Sasha
Rancher Kellen Rancher Alton
Rancher Kellen Veteran Mikel
Rancher Kellen Scientist Carlo
Rancher Alton Pokémon Ranger Joy
Rancher Alton Cyclist Lyle
Rancher Alton Hiker Andreas
Rancher Alton Guitarist Tyrell
Cowgirl Margot Fisher Turner
Cowgirl Margot Parasol Lady Christa
Cowgirl Sophie Ace Trainer Irene
Cowgirl Sophie Black Belt Benny
Cowgirl Sophie Waiter Kevon
Cowgirl Sophie PI Codi
Pokémon Breeder Blair Waiter Kelby
Pokémon Breeder Blair Guitarist Dalvin
Pokémon Breeder Harvey Cowgirl Sophie
Pokémon Breeder Harvey Cyclist Lyle
Pokémon Breeder Harvey Collector Edmund
Pokémon Breeder Emilee Scientist Carlo
Pokémon Breeder Tiffani Cameraman Barrett
Pokémon Breeder Tiffani Idol Elaine
Pokémon Breeder Tiffani Fisher Turner
Pokémon Breeder Tiffani Policeman Kenton
Ace Trainer Ellis Ace Trainer Irene
Ace Trainer Ellis Cameraman Barrett
Ace Trainer Ellis Jogger Sherman
Ace Trainer Ellis Collector Kelton
Ace Trainer Ellis Worker Layne
Ace Trainer Lionel Ace Trainer Ellis
Ace Trainer Lionel Ace Trainer Abbey
Ace Trainer Lionel Cyclist Kristi
Ace Trainer Lionel Cyclist Mariana
Ace Trainer Lionel Guitarist Tyrell
Ace Trainer Irene Pokémon Ranger Darcy
Ace Trainer Irene Dragon Tamer Alonso
Ace Trainer Irene Waiter Kevon
Ace Trainer Irene Waitress Kaila
Ace Trainer Irene Aroma Lady Haylee
Ace Trainer Abbey Poké Fan Carley
Ace Trainer Abbey Roughneck Brant
Ace Trainer Dallin Cameraman Barrett
Ace Trainer Dallin Jogger Ryne
Ace Trainer Dallin Ruin Maniac Jaylin
Ace Trainer Jayden Reporter Josie
Ace Trainer Cortney Ace Trainer Celina
Ace Trainer Cortney Policeman Tavon
Ace Trainer Cortney Aroma Lady Haylee
Ace Trainer Celina Waiter Kevon
Ace Trainer Celina Clown Kendel
Pokémon Ranger Denver Black Belt Benny
Pokémon Ranger Denver Gentleman Kennedy
Pokémon Ranger Rusty Idol Elaine
Pokémon Ranger Rusty Scientist Jarred
Pokémon Ranger Rusty Policeman Kenton
Pokémon Ranger Rusty Policeman Tavon
Pokémon Ranger Darcy Fisher Bryon
Pokémon Ranger Joy Roughneck Brant
Pokémon Ranger Joy Idol Tasha
Dragon Tamer Alonso Black Belt Daron
Dragon Tamer Alonso Clown River
Dragon Tamer Alonso Idol Yvette
Dragon Tamer Hernan Psychic Clyde
Dragon Tamer Hernan Waiter Kevon
Dragon Tamer Hernan Guitarist Dalvin
Black Belt Benny Cyclist Mariana
Black Belt Benny Worker Layne
Black Belt Daron Waitress Jaime
Black Belt Daron Cameraman Jess
Battle Girl Sylvia Cyclist Lyle
Battle Girl Sylvia Guitarist Dalvin
Battle Girl Sylvia Beauty Jaclyn
Battle Girl Kristy Ace Trainer Lionel
Battle Girl Kristy Jogger Ryne
Battle Girl Kristy Aroma Lady Nadia
Veteran Mikel Pokémon Ranger Denver
Veteran Mikel Cyclist Lyle
Veteran Antony Aroma Lady Haylee
Socialite Kailey Parasol Lady Madelyn
Socialite Kailey Beauty Jaclyn
Psychic Clyde Pokémon Breeder Tiffani
Psychic Clyde Cameraman Jess
Psychic Gunner Sailor Kegan
Psychic Gunner Gentleman Jerrell
Psychic Clara Ace Trainer Cortney
Psychic Clara Waitress Jaime
Psychic Alma Ace Trainer Irene
Psychic Alma Cyclist Kristi
Psychic Alma Collector Kelton
Waiter Kelby PI Codi
Waiter Kelby Aroma Lady Haylee
Waiter Kevon Poké Fan Carley
Waiter Kevon Ace Trainer Cortney
Waitress Kaila Socialite Mayra
Waitress Jaime Ruin Maniac Jaylin
Waitress Jaime Beauty Jaclyn
Waitress Jaime Aroma Lady Nadia
Cameraman Barrett Cowgirl Sophie
Cameraman Jess Pokémon Breeder Emilee
Cameraman Jess Ace Trainer Abbey
Reporter Johanna Pokémon Breeder Blair
Reporter Johanna Psychic Clyde
Reporter Johanna Idol Yvette
Reporter Josie Psychic Clara
Cyclist Demetri Cowgirl Margot
Cyclist Demetri Ruin Maniac Titus
Cyclist Demetri Worker Layne
Cyclist Lyle Ruin Maniac Jaylin
Cyclist Lyle Bird Keeper Anissa
Cyclist Kristi Battle Girl Sylvia
Cyclist Kristi Veteran Antony
Cyclist Mariana Ace Trainer Jayden
Cyclist Mariana Guitarist Tyrell
Cyclist Mariana Scientist Jarred
PI Auston Roughneck Brant
PI Auston PI Codi
PI Coby Psychic Clyde
Idol Sidney Sailor Cain
Idol Sidney PI Chester
Idol Sidney Bird Keeper Allie
Idol Elaine PI Coby
Idol Elaine Ruin Maniac Titus
Idol Elaine Gentleman Kennedy
Jogger Sherman Veteran Antony
Jogger Sherman Socialite Mayra
Jogger Sherman Jogger Ryne
Jogger Sherman Aroma Lady Nadia
Jogger Ryne Rancher Alton
Jogger Ryne Worker Hans
Jogger Ryne Clown River
Jogger Ryne Policeman Tavon
Fisher Turner Gentleman Jerrell
Fisher Bryon Ace Trainer Dallin
Fisher Bryon Dragon Tamer Hernan
Fisher Bryon Cyclist Kristi
Fisher Bryon Scientist Jarred
Fisher Bryon Gentleman Kennedy
Sailor Cain Rancher Alton
Sailor Cain PI Auston
Sailor Cain Worker Hans
Sailor Kegan Beauty Noelle
Hiker Aldo Rancher Kellen
Hiker Aldo Pokémon Breeder Blair
Hiker Aldo Socialite Kailey
Hiker Aldo Sailor Cain
Hiker Aldo Scientist Carlo
Hiker Andreas Battle Girl Kristy
Hiker Andreas Reporter Johanna
Hiker Andreas Cyclist Kristi
Hiker Andreas Guitarist Dalvin
Hiker Andreas Collector Edmund
Hiker Andreas Idol Tasha
Ruin Maniac Jaylin Pokémon Ranger Denver
Ruin Maniac Jaylin Cyclist Demetri
Ruin Maniac Jaylin Collector Edmund
Ruin Maniac Titus Jogger Ryne
Ruin Maniac Titus Guitarist Dalvin
Ruin Maniac Titus Collector Edmund
Guitarist Tyrell Battle Girl Kristy
Guitarist Tyrell Veteran Mikel
Guitarist Tyrell Socialite Mayra
Guitarist Tyrell Psychic Alma
Guitarist Tyrell Gentleman Jerrell
Guitarist Dalvin Rancher Kellen
Guitarist Dalvin Hiker Andreas
Collector Edmund Rancher Alton
Collector Edmund Collector Edmund
Collector Edmund Roughneck Brant
Collector Edmund Scientist Jarred
Collector Edmund Beauty Noelle
Collector Kelton Pokémon Ranger Joy
Collector Kelton Bird Keeper Anissa
Roughneck Brant Cowgirl Sophie
Roughneck Brant Battle Girl Kristy
Roughneck Brant PI Chester
Roughneck Aidan Roughneck Brant
Roughneck Aidan Gentleman Jerrell
Roughneck Aidan Worker Hans
Roughneck Aidan Policeman Kenton
Scientist Carlo Ace Trainer Irene
Scientist Carlo Ace Trainer Dallin
Scientist Carlo Ace Trainer Cortney
Scientist Carlo Dragon Tamer Alonso
Gentleman Jerrell Ace Trainer Irene
Gentleman Jerrell PI Auston
Gentleman Jerrell Roughneck Brant
Gentleman Jerrell Bird Keeper Allie
Gentleman Kennedy Pokémon Breeder Blair
Gentleman Kennedy Pokémon Breeder Harvey
Gentleman Kennedy Jogger Sherman
Gentleman Kennedy Hiker Aldo
Gentleman Kennedy Scientist Carlo
Worker Hans Black Belt Benny
Worker Hans Gentleman Kennedy
Worker Layne Pokémon Ranger Darcy
Worker Layne Pokémon Ranger Joy
Worker Layne Sailor Cain
Worker Layne Beauty Noelle
Clown River Rancher Alton
Clown River Idol Sidney
Clown Kendel Waitress Jaime
Clown Kendel Hiker Aldo
Policeman Kenton Ace Trainer Cortney
Policeman Kenton Psychic Alma
Policeman Kenton Beauty Jaclyn
Policeman Tavon Pokémon Breeder Harvey
Policeman Tavon Battle Girl Kristy
PI Chester Pokémon Breeder Tiffani
PI Chester Idol Sidney
PI Chester Collector Edmund
PI Chester Idol Tasha
PI Codi Ace Trainer Lionel
PI Codi Dragon Tamer Hernan
PI Codi Clown River
Bird Keeper Allie PI Coby
Bird Keeper Allie PI Chester
Bird Keeper Anissa Sailor Kegan
Bird Keeper Anissa Aroma Lady Nadia
Parasol Lady Christa Black Belt Benny
Parasol Lady Christa Psychic Gunner
Parasol Lady Christa Cyclist Demetri
Parasol Lady Madelyn Ace Trainer Ellis
Parasol Lady Madelyn Battle Girl Sylvia
Parasol Lady Madelyn Waitress Jaime
Parasol Lady Madelyn Reporter Josie
Parasol Lady Madelyn Clown Kendel
Parasol Lady Madelyn Policeman Tavon
Beauty Jaclyn Rancher Kellen
Beauty Jaclyn Ace Trainer Lionel
Beauty Jaclyn Ace Trainer Dallin
Beauty Jaclyn Waitress Kaila
Beauty Noelle Waitress Kaila
Beauty Noelle Parasol Lady Madelyn
Aroma Lady Haylee Poké Fan Carley
Aroma Lady Haylee Pokémon Ranger Rusty
Aroma Lady Haylee Veteran Mikel
Aroma Lady Haylee Gentleman Kennedy
Aroma Lady Nadia Fisher Turner
Aroma Lady Nadia Guitarist Dalvin
Aroma Lady Nadia Parasol Lady Madelyn
Idol Yvette Pokémon Breeder Emilee
Idol Yvette Pokémon Breeder Tiffani
Idol Yvette Fisher Turner
Idol Yvette Clown Kendel
Idol Tasha Pokémon Breeder Emilee
Idol Tasha Pokémon Ranger Darcy
Idol Tasha Waitress Jaime
Idol Tasha Hiker Aldo

†The team of Edmund and Edmund can never be selected as opponents, because it automatically violates the restriction that no trainer appears more than once within a set of seven battles.


Rank Bosses
Single Battles Double Battles
1 Roark Roark and Byron
2 Gardenia Mira and Cheryl
3 Maylene Gardenia and Fantina
4 Wake Jupiter and Saturn
5 Fantina Maylene and Candice
6 Byron Marley and Riley
7 Candice Buck and Bertha
8 Volkner Flint and Volkner
9 Cynthia Mars and Cyrus
10 Palmer Barry and Palmer

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