These are Lisia's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Version

"Hi there! I'm Lisia! I'm a Contest Spectacular idol, together with my partner Ali! Have we met before? Hee hee hee! I finally managed to get a day off, so I'm here to do a bit of sneaking up on Pokémon!"

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Slateport City
  • First time
"Hiiiiii, ev-er-y-bo-dy! Lisia here! Me and my Altaria, Ali, have come to Slateport City's Contest Spectacular Hall for a bit of FUN!"
"Well then, watch me as I dive right in again today!"
"Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying!"
"Dazzling! Dizzying!"
"Lisia's…Miraculous…Contest Scouting!"
"All righty! I'm going to bring another fantastic Trainer into the wild world of contesting! Eenie…meenie…miney…"
"You there, watching me with that baffled expression on your face! Hi! Have you never joined in a contest? That's just what I want to hear!"
"Then let's get this show on the road! This is the Trainer I'm gonna scout today!"
"And his/her name is…"
"<Player>! When I took a good look, I could easily see that <player> is a powerful Trainer, with several Badges of his/her own already!"
"<Player>! You can enjoy Contest Spectaculars at the Pokémon Contest Hall right here. Now listen up, because I don't just want to see you making your Pokémon strong. I want to see you bringing out a whole new brilliant side of them to show off! So here you go! Take these! This is a Contest Pass, which is the first thing that anyone needs to take part in a Contest Spectacular! And this one is a Pokéblock Kit, which will let you make Pokéblocks for your Pokémon out of Berries!"
"<Player>'s story begins today! Yep! And this chapter should be titled…"
""A Sudden Encounter! Miraculous Contest Scouting!""
"That's what I'd call it! Now, everybody out there watching… You'd better expect great things from <player>, because I do! That's it for today's Lisia's Miraculous Contest Scouting! See you all next time!"
"If you feel up for it, try your hand in a contest for me, OK? Tee-hee!"
Pokémon Contest Spectacular
  • If talked to the first time entering
"Oh! <Player>! Thanks for playing along back there! I guess it was quite the shock, huh? But don't mind that! Contests are really fantastic, you know! I'm suuure you'll get hooked on them!"
  • If talked to again
"I'd love to take part in a contest together someday! So don't keep me waiting!"
  • When the player walks to the receptionist
"Ohhh! <Player>! Could it be? Oh, could it, could it? Are you really going to try a contest for me?! Oooh! I'm happier than a Gloom with a Sun Stone! Ah! I know! This chapter of your story should definitely be called…"
""My Big Beginning! A Heart-Pounding Contest Debut!""
"That's what I'm calling it! Ohhh, but if you're gonna take the stage, you've gotta come here with me first!"
"So! If you're taking on a Contest Spectacular, there's something you hafta have from me! Tee hee… I know it's sudden. Sorry! Truth is… You're actually the 100th Trainer that I've scouted, <player>! That's a really big deal, you know!"
"It's gotta be fate! Right? Tee hee! I think you're just the Trainer I've been looking for!"
"Oopsies! So-o-o-orry! Got a little carried away! ♪ But, um, the point was… Would you like to…? Well, do you think…? Um, wanna wear this for your contest debut?"
"S-s-s-so… So COOOOOOL! Oh, wow! It's PERFECT for you! Eeeee! I just can't wait! Your first time on a live contest stage, <player>! It's gonna be so so so AWESOME! I'm not gonna blink for even a second!"
"Phew! You look so fantastic in that outfit that I'm about to lose it here! You have to wear this Contest Costume! It'll be perfect for the contest. Promise!"
"I'll be cheering for you!"
  • If talked to again
"I really hope you win!"
  • After the player wins their first contest
"<Player>! Wow! Gratz! I watched it all! You were great!"
""I Really Did It! A Star Is Born!""
"That's what I'm calling it! <Player>! You've gotta keep up this pace and just go as far as you can go! Become a real contest star! If you could have as much fun with Contest Spectaculars as me, I'd be happy as Slugma on a sunny day! You could become a massive star! I've got a good feeling about you!"
  • If spoken to after
"<Player>! S'up?"
I want to battle you!: "What? A battle? Oooh… Truth is, I'm not all that hot at battles… But don't you worry! Maybe I'll get to take you on in a contest someday!"
Why do you do contests?: "I started in contests because I wanted to show people that there's this whole other amazing side to Pokémon, more than what you see in battles or whatever. Pokémon are about more than strength. You can raise 'em to be beautiful, or you can raise 'em to be tough as nails. They grow and change, trying as hard as they can to live up to their Trainer's feelings."
"I want the whole world to get it about all the other cool aspects of raising Pokémon! That's why Ali and I set out to become stars! When you're a star, and everyone starts following you, then they naturally start wanting to know more about contests, too. Am I right?"
"See, that's why I started thinking that a Trainer shouldn't just depend on Pokémon. The Trainer's gotta be just as cute, or just as cool, to stand alongside their awesome Pokémon!"
"Oopsies! Sorry again! I probably went on too much…"
Nothing, really.: "You gotta win again next time, OK?"
  • After the player loses their first Contest
"<Player>…aww… That's a real shame about today… Oh! That's it! Your story today is…"
""I Won't Give Up! The First Tears Fall…""
"Tee hee. Don't feel too bad. This is an important step everyone has to take to become a star! Hmm, lemme think… It'd probably be easier for you to win if you gave your Pokémon more Pokéblocks! Pokéblocks are pretty important, since they let you raise your Pokémon's conditions! Even if your moves aren't quite up to snuff, you might still be able to squeak through in a contest with good-enough conditions! Here, try making a Pokéblock from this, and give it to your Pokémon for me, OK?"
"But it is <player> we're talking about. I'm sure you can win next time! Don't give up!"
  • If spoken to after
"I still want to stand on the same stage as you someday!"

Super Rank

  • After the player beats the Super Rank for the first time
"Eek! That's so cooooool! Gratz on making it to Super Rank, <player>! Looks like we've reached the next chapter in your story! I'm calling it... "Is This a Dream? Am I a Future Contest Star?" Ahhhh, it's so marvelous! I'm sure you're on the path to contest stardom! You'll be a star, <player>!"
Thanks!: "Of course! There's something captivating about your performance on stage. I bet you'll have an army of fans in no time! Watch out!"
I don't think so...: "Tee hee! I'm afraid it's not up to you to decide if you're a star, <player>... It's the fans who get to decide, and then you're a star, whether you like it or not! I might become one of your fans myself!"
"Come on, Chaz! How many times do I have to tell you that there are no rivals in contests? It's not that kind of a competition! It's the combination of the Trainer and his or her Pokémon that--"
"When they think of me, they should think of Ali..."
"Oh, that Chaz! He never listens! Don't mind him, <player>. I'm not interested in rivals or stuff like that. I just want everyone to have fun together and enjoy Contest Spectaculars!"
  • If spoken to after
"Yeah? What is it, <player>?"
Tell me about Ali.: "Some people say that "Ali" sounds like a girl's name, but my Ali is definitely a boy! I always think Ali's the cutest, but there's more to him than that. When it comes to contests, Ali really shines! We've been doing our best together ever since he was a Swablu. I hope we'll be partners forever!"
So about Chaz...: "About Chaz... He's a Trainer who made his debut in the contest world the same day I did. He's definitely a bit, um, unique... But he works really hard at what he does."
Nothing, really.: "Then I guess I'll look forward to your next performance!"

Hyper Rank

  • After the player beats the Hyper Rank for the first time
"Ahem... Aaah, aah, aah. ♪ There's no jamming my feelings for you. ♪ I'll show you the appeal of my love. ♪ Oh! <Player>! I was just sneaking in a little rehearsal! I want to shine as an idol, so when I have free time, I get some practice in! But I was forgetting something more important! You've finally made it! You've won a Hyper Rank contest! Wow! Fantastic! You're totally on fire, <player>! "You Can Always Count on Me! The Glittering Life of an Idol!" That's what I'll call this chapter! Don't you think that's perfect, Ali?"
Ali: "Li! Ali-trrriii!"
"Oooh! I almost forgot to tell you! I'm sure you'll blast right through the next rank, too, <player>! The other contestants will be tough... It's Master Rank, you know! You've gotta give your Pokémon plenty of Pokéblocks so their condition is just perfect, and think of the perfect set of moves to use together! But I'm not worried! I know you can do it, <player>! And, um... If you... When you... If you win all the contests up through Master Rank... Then what would you think about you and me maybe--"
"Oh. Chaz. And Macherie. I don't think anyone would say I've been "pining"... And could you have picked a worse time to interrupt?"
Ali: "Aa...ali..."
"Chaz! Look, the contest has brought us all together, which is pretty lucky for us. Can you just drop all this talk of winning and losing? Make the most of being here and doing our best! Am I right? Right! Let's all have fun!"
  • If spoken to after
"<Player>, you want to talk?"
What were you going to say before?: "Ah! Um...well... How about I tell you after you win all five Master Rank contests, <player>? See, Tee hee! Nothing! Never mind! You'll have to win to find out!"
What's up with Macherie?: "Oh, Macherie? Well, Chaz says they met on a dark and rainy night. Macherie was a Machop back then, and someone had just left her there in a box... That's the box that she always carries around with her, you see? I guess it's her fond memento of the moment she and Chaz first met."
No, not right now.: "Yeah? I'm glad we get the chance to chat after contests, though."

Master Rank

  • After the player beats the Master Rank for the first time
"<Player>! You did it! You did it! You won your first Master Rank contest! Eeeee! It's truly incredible! That's it! I can't wait! I've got to do it! "Wait for Me! Everyone's Idol Contest Star!" That's right! You're going to take Master Rank by storm, <player>! It's only a matter of time, I know it! That <Spectacular Talent> you used in the Contest Spectacular... I couldn't tear my eyes away! Ohhhh! That's it! I've got to work even harder! If we do our best, we may stand on stage together someday! See you later!"
  • After the player beats all the Master Rank contests
"You... You did it! You did it! YOU DID IT! You beat all the Master Rank contests! Amazing! You are SO amazing! I don't have enough words to congratulate you! It's just brilliant, <player>!"
Ali: "Alilililili!"
"You know, I've scouted a lot of Trainers for contests. Of course, they've all been great! But... But, <player>! You're really something special! It's not just 'cause you're the 100th person I scouted, either... It's like... It's like you've got something no one else has. I really want to know what that something is! "Idol versus Star! A Serious, Spectacular Battle!""
"The next time you take part in a Master Rank contest, <player>... Ali and I will take part, too! We... We won't lose to you! I've been doing my best as a contest idol for a long time, together with Ali. And I'm gonna use everything I've got against you, <player>!"
"If you and I appear in a Contest Spectacular together, the fans will love it. Most important, it will be really, really, really fun!"
"No holding back! Let's both give it our all!"
  • If spoken to after
"Hm? You want something?"
Where were you?: "Well, duh! I've been getting ready so I could stand on stage with you! Tee hee! Ali and I did a ton of special training so we'd be ready to shine!"
What about your idol job?: "I'm still keeping up my work as an idol, of course! Just the other day I filmed a commercial for the Village Sub Combo in the TV Mauville studios! "It's the taste that'll Unov-ite the whole world! Village Sub Combo now at the Mauville Food Court!" Have you seen it? ♪"
No, it's fine.: "Tee hee! It's hard to believe we've made it this far already, huh?"
  • After the player defeats her in a contest
"Tee hee... I lost! <Player>, you and your Pokémon have already gone beyond our reach. You were totally amazing out there. And you've got tons of fans, too! You're a force to be reckoned with! I said the other day that I wondered what made you so special... I think I've got a better idea now what it is. See... It's probably 'cause you don't do just contests, <player>... You're out there filling your Pokédex, taking on Pokémon Gyms, and all kinds of other things! You and your Pokémon shared all those experiences... That's why you can show off the real appeal of your Pokémon better than any one of us can! I've started thinking that I should do the same, Gyms and Pokédex and all."
"Oh, Chaz! Did you come to say congratulations, too?"
"Hee hee hee! Truth is you're happy she/he won, huh? But if you really want to beat me..."
"Chaz, that's..."
Ali: "Alalala..."
""Yes! Give it your all! Don't stop till you drop!" That's what Ali wants to say. Right, Ali?"
Ali: "Aliii?!"
"That Chaz... He's a pretty good guy after all. Now it's time you let me give you a little something, too! This marks the final chapter in the brilliant story of <player>! "A Light That Never Dies! The Glittering Contest Star!" Here, use this to brighten up your life! It's a special gift for a fantastic contest star!"
"I'm so glad that you're the one I scouted that day, <player>! I'm so glad I'm a contest idol! I really hope you're as happy as I am about making it this far. I'm going to keep trying hard at different things! And then I'm going to evolve the contest scene into something even greater than it is now! So I'm going to count on you to help, Mister Number-One-Star-in-Hoenn!"
  • If spoken to after
"Impressive contest skills... Equally impressive battle skills... <Player>, I've gotta tell my uncle about making friends with a star like you! He's great at contests and battling, too! You've gotta meet him, <player>!"
  • After the player defeats her and Wallace in a contest
"Yaaay! Finally, we all got to appear together! <Player>! Let me introduce you! This is my uncle, Wallace. Uncle Wallace, this is the girl/boy I was telling you about!"
"Huh? You do? Oh! I get it! You ARE a Gym Leader after all, Uncle Wallace. So you guys battled before?"
"Never mind, Uncle Wall! We had fun and that's what matters!"
"That's a lovely thought, Uncle Wall. Really wonderful!"
"And so very, very... ...Glorious!"
  • If spoken to after
Tell me about Wallace.: "Oh, yeah, you battled Uncle Wall, right? Is he really as strong as they say? All his friends seem to be super-strong Trainers, too. Like that one guy obsessed with stones, or that Trainer that looks like a star... Hmm. And you still beat him. I guess that means that… You really are amazing, <player>!"
So about these contests...: "Yeah, it was because I saw my uncle doing contests that I decided to try, too. He's my mentor. He taught me all about competing in contests! And Uncle Wall has a mentor of his own, named Juan... I wonder if someone will ever look up to me as a mentor. Who knows?"
  • After exhausting both options
"Today's contest sure was fun!"

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Lisia (Masters)
Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited
"Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying! It's me, Lisia! The miraculous contest idol from Hoenn!"
  • After being recruited (New Year's 2023)
"It's me, contest idol Lisia! It's gotta be some sort of fate that brought us together like this!"
  • Sync pair viewer
"This is an important step everyone has to take to become a star!"
"You can always count on me! I love the glittering life of an idol!"
  • Sync pair viewer (New Year's 2023)
"At last it's here! It begins, a new exciting story!"
"I wanna stand on the same stage as you someday!"
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"Ahhh, I've been scouted! I promise, I won't let ya down!"
  • Selection screen (forming team, New Year's 2023)
"Let's dazzle everyone...together!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Jasmine)*
"Let's light up the stage, Jasmine!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Wallace)*
"Along with you, Uncle? How wonderful!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Steven)*
"I'll be counting on you, Steven!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Fantina)*
"Hey, Fantina! Let's dance, dance, dance!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"See ya later!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, New Year's 2023)
"Bye bye!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"A new way for us to shine!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill (New Year's 2023)
"This'll come in handy for battles AND contests!"
  • Upon leveling up
"Wow! Fantastic. We're totally on fire."
  • Upon leveling up (New Year's 2023)
"Hip, hip, hooray!"
  • Upon reaching max level
"Oh wow! We're totally ready for a Master Rank contest now!"
  • Upon reaching max level (New Year's 2023)
""A Star is Born! The Strongest Idol Trainer!""
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"How amazing are we?!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (New Year's 2023)
"I'm sure we can get even stronger!"
  • Receiving EX style
"This is an important step everyone has to take to become a star!"
  • Receiving EX style (New Year's 2023)
"This'll come in handy for battles AND contests!"
  • During conversation
"Hmm-hm-hmm-hm-hmm! ♪"
"Ehehehe, ehe..."
"Oh, wow!"
"You got this!"
"I'm getting angry!"
"Ohh, uhuh..."
"Oho, what?"
"Thank you!"
"You're the best!"
"See ya later!"
"All right!"
"Watch out, here we come!"
  • During conversation (New Year's 2023)
"La, la, la! ♪"
"Ha, ha, ha."
"You're dazzling!"
"I'm cheering for you!"
"Oh, no!"
"Thanks a bunch!"
"No good!"
"Ohhh, okay!"
"Oh, wow!"
"Ah, hahahah..."
"Bye bye!"
"Ready to go!"
"Let's make this an exciting one!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"It's a new day and the start of a new story! Today, your story's called..."Is This a Dream? Am I a Future Contest Star?" Ahhh, I love it!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Hiiiiii! Your favorite contest idol is ready to have some serious fun on Pasio today!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"Heyyy, contest stars aren't allowed to stay up late! Come on, it's bedtime...unless you wanna be a sleepyhead tomorrow morning."
  • During special log-in conversation (morning) (New Year's 2023)
"Hey, guess what! This morning, I dreamed I became the number-one Trainer on Pasio! It felt wonderful!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon) (New Year's 2023)
"As both an idol and a Pokémon Trainer, I'm always looking to take on new challenges!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening) (New Year's 2023)
"I've got some idol work to do tomorrow morning, so I'd better sleep soon! I hope we both have sweet dreams!"
  • During special gift conversation
"Here you go!"
  • During special gift conversation (New Year's 2023)
"Here, this is for you!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • Co-op match screen (New Year's 2023)
  • VS screen
  • VS screen (New Year's 2023)
"I'll dizzy and dazzle you!"
  • Sending out Pokémon
  • Sending out Pokémon (New Year's 2023)
"Let's go!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"You're a star!"
  • Using Pokémon move (New Year's 2023)
"Do it!"
  • Using item
"Time to sparkle!"
  • Using item (New Year's 2023)
"We got this!"
  • Using Trainer move
"Look at me!"
  • Using Trainer move (New Year's 2023)
"Now's my chance!"
  • Using sync move
  • Using sync move (New Year's 2023)
"I'm totally serious!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill
  • Unity attack / theme skill (New Year's 2023)
  • Uh-oh!
"All right!"
  • Switching in
  • Switching in (New Year's 2023)
"Watch us shine!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (New Year's 2023)
"Time for a rest."
  • "Nice" emote
"Yay, yay, yay!"
  • "Nice" emote (New Year's 2023)
  • "Watch out" emote
  • "Watch out" emote (New Year's 2023)
"Watch out!"
  • "Let's do this" emote
"Dazzling, dizzying!"
  • "Let's do this" emote (New Year's 2023)
""Pokémon Battles! Fun For All!""
  • "Thanks" emote
"Thank you!"
  • "Thanks" emote (New Year's 2023)
"Thanks a bunch!"
  • Defeat
"Aww, too bad."
  • Defeat (New Year's 2023)
  • Victory
"Eheha! Time flies when you're having fun!"
  • Victory (New Year's 2023)
"That was really, really, really fun!"
  • Victory (with Jasmine on the team, in response to Jasmine)*
"And all the adorbs!"
  • Victory (with Steven on the team, speaks first)*
"Dazzling, dizzying!"
  • Victory (with Wallace on the team, speaks first)*
"That was wonderful!"
Story Event - Summer Superstars
  • The Sync Pair Music Festival!
"Wow! This sounds kinda like a Pokémon Contest Spectacular! Let's show them what we've got, Ali!"
  • Festival Fans and Superstars
"Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying!"
"Hoenn's own contest idol! The Miraculous Lisia!"
"You'll go easy on us today, won't you, Steven?"
"Hehehe. I'm so excited to battle the Champion!"
"Oh my! What a cute outfit! Would you mind telling me your name?"
"Oh, really?! I guess I better scout you for a contest right away!"
"On second thought, maybe after we're done competing, huh?"
  • Jigglypunk!
"Hehe. Looks like we've reached the next chapter in your story, Lyra!"
"This is a little different from the Pokémon Contest Spectacular, so it won't be as easy..."
"but we've got to give it our all! Right, Ali?"
  • Endless Summer!
"Our fans are cheering us on, after all! You and I are definitely going to win this, Ali!"
"Congratulations, Lyra. Keep up the good work!"
"Speaking of prizes, we get one, too, don't we?"
"I'm excited to see what it is!"
"... ... ..."
"Wow... That sure is a surprising prize!"
"But where on earth are we going to put such a big statue?"
"Huh? Steven? What's up?"
"Hehe. What a great smile. You sure do live up to your name, Steven Stone!"
"If it's all right with you two, I think it might be a good idea to give this statue to Steven. What do you think?"
"Hehe. Great! Thanks, you two!"
"Well, you heard them. This statue is our gift to you, Steven!"
Story Event - Dazzling Dizzying Battle Stage
  • On event map
"<player>! Wanna hang out for a bit?"
  • After reaching a checkpoint on event map
"Tee hee! Isn't this fun?! We should SO hang out more!"
  • Lisia's Request
"Oh! Hi there, <player>!"
"Can I ask you for a favor?"
"If you have some free time, would you battle me and Ali?"
"I'm usually around town, so it'd be great if you could accept my challenge!"
  • Lisia vs. the Battle Girl
  • Off-screen
"Oh no! Ali?!"
  • On-screen
"I knew it, <player>! You're sooo strong!"
"*sigh* I need to get better at Pokémon battles..."
Is something wrong?: "Kinda... Let me explain."
You want to get stronger?: "Yep! I want to be able to hold my own against everyone here!"
"You see, a contest is going to be held on Pasio soon, and I was actually asked to help with the opening ceremony!"
"There'll be four sync pairs competing at once, just like in an actual contest...."
"but the Pasio contest will also include an onstage battle segment!"
"If we were just being judged on our appeal, I know I'd be fine, but I'm not confident in my battling. I don't wanna disappoint the audience..."
"Ali is working so hard, so I want to get stronger, too! That's why I have to battle a lot!"
  • Off-screen
"Oh, Hilda! Hi there!"
  • On-screen
"Really?! I'd love to!"
"Except...after this, I have some contest idol work I need to take care of."
"Can I take a rain check for tomorrow? Will you two be free then?"
"Phew! Boy, is it getting late! C'mon, Ali, let's get some more battle training in!"
"We made a promise to that Trainer we met back in Hoenn!"
"We promised that we'd try to do a lot of different things together, Ali!"
  • The Key to Pokémon Battling
"OK! It's showtime!"
"Here we go, Ali! We can't let the audience down!"
  • Off-screen
"Oh no! Ali, are you OK?!"
  • On-screen
"Gosh, you really got us there, Hilda!"
  • Off-screen
"Uncle Wallace!"
"... ... ..."
"Thanks, <player>!"
"But I know I'm still not good enough yet. I have to work even harder!"
"Thanks, you two! I'll see you later!"
"Hehehe! Boy, battles are really tough! I guess I just have to—"
"I...need to focus on my partner..."
"...Hilda, would it be all right if I asked you for another battle?"
  • Pasio's Contest Idol
"OK... Take two! Here we go!"
"Here it comes, Ali! Use Protect!"
"Yaaay! You're the best, Ali! Now it's our turn!"
"Ali! Swoop in and attack!"
"No way! Did we really just win, Ali?"
"Yaaay, we did it, Ali! We beat Hilda together!"
"Uncle Wallace?!"
"Thanks, Uncle Wallace!"
"Okeydokey! Time to challenge more Trainers to prepare for the contest!"
"Oh! And if there's some promising talent out there, maybe I can scout them while I'm at it!"
"Sure thing! After we grab some Casteliacones first, OK?!"
"<player>! Hilda! Thanks a bunch!"
"I'm gonna keep working real hard with Ali on lots of things."
"Don't forget to keep cheering us on!"
  • All About Appeal!
"You've got the basics down! Now it's time to test your skills!"
"How about you try appealing to those people over there?"
"But first, a word of advice!"
"Different people have different tastes! You have to take a good look at your audience..."
"and pick a style that you think will best appeal to them!"
"Maybe something good will happen if you can put a smile on the faces of the people here!"
  • If spoken to
"Take a good look at your audience and pick the style that you think will best appeal to them!"
"<player>'s Appeal Eruption! Look at all these people cheering for you!"
"You kinda remind me of a really amazing person I met in Hoenn!"
"Hehehe! Now you're a real contest idol yourself!"
  • Dazzling, Dizzying Panic?!
"Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying!"
"You're really shining, everyone!"
"Look at your enthusiasm! This reminds me of the Talent Round in a contest!"
"Hey, hey! Which of these fans do you think has what it takes to be the most dazzling, dizzying, and doldrums defying?"
"Let's pretend to be judges and check out the appealing performances of all our fans here!"
  • If spoken to
"Let's pretend to be judges and check out the appealing performances of all our fans here!"
"It looks like everyone agrees!"
"The award for best appeal performance goes to... this sync pair!"
"Thank you all for coming today! I'm so happy you could be here with me! It was really exciting!"
"Let's take a picture together to end the event! Show me your best smiles, everyone!"
"Ready? Say cheese!"
"Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying!"
  • The Hearts of Dragons...
"Hey, Iris! Do people really call you the girl who knows the hearts of dragons?"
"What did Haxorus just say?"
"Oh! I didn't realize your Haxorus was a girl!"
"That's great! Ali and I have been together since he was a Swablu, too!"
"I can tell exactly what Ali is trying to say!"
""Yeah! Bring it on, sister! I'mma tear you down!""
"That's what you said! Right, Ali?"
  • Gorgeous Genes
"That was a wonderful battle, Uncle Wallace!"
"And yet!"
Wait, did you just call him uncle?: "Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that! I'm Uncle Wallace's niece!"
"Tee hee! I'll do my best to catch up to you!"
"But it's true—we do have a lot of gorgeous people in our family!"
"It must be in our genes!"
  • Best Influencers
"Hiii! What's going on?"
"We're both grateful that you're such fans of us...but please stop fighting!"
"It's not about who's the best or who's prettiest, so why not cheer us both on?"
"Pretty please?"
"Time to make up! Say it with me now! Dazzling, dizzying..."
  • Birds of a Feather
"I'd love to meet it in person someday!"
"But why isn't Altaria your partner Pokémon?"
"How wonderful! It's the start of a beautiful story of friendship!"
"I know! I'll call it..."
""Soar to Tomorrow! Our Memories Are in Flight!""
"How's that?"
  • Get Tough or Go Home!
"*pant pant*"
"OK! That's it for today's workout!"
"Yup! Every day since I got here, without fail!"
"In order to really shine, you have to put in the effort and hard work!"
"That's why I'm able to keep on trying, no matter how hard things get!"
"Because I really want to shine as bright as I can!"
"Hold on, Brawly!"
"Could I join that special training, too?"
"Of course! My toughness is what I'm trying to polish right now!"
  • Two Stages, One Ambition
"Oh! Hi there, Flannery!"
"What do you mean? We're both Dragon-type Trainers."
"Isn't that right, Ali? Salamence?"
"Tee hee! I didn't realize you were such a big fan!"
"But you know, I'm definitely going to keep giving my all in contests, but it's not like I've given up on the league, either!"
"One day, I'll be strong enough to take you on, Drake!"
  • Expert Posing
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Hiiiii! You, over there!"
  • After appearing, as Lisia
"I saw your pose just now! It was suuuper cool!"
"If you busted it out at a contest, I bet the audience would go wild!"
"Oh! But you know what? You could definitely improve it a bit!"
"If you adjust the angle of your hand like so, the audience will have a better view of it, and...tada!"
  • Miraculous Contest Scouting!
"Hilda! Thanks to you and everyone else, we're ready for a suuuper-exciting contest!"
"I scouted so many promising sync pairs!"
"Tee hee! Oh come on, Hilda! Don't think I'm gonna let you stay in the audience!"
"Lisia's...Miraculous...Contest Scouting!"
"I think I'll name your story..."
""Newcomer Debut: Miracle Idol Battle Girl!""
"How's that?"
"You'll be fine! I'll teach you everything I know about contests!"
"Challenging yourself to try to do new things is important, isn't it?"
"Yeah! Hilda's new story begins today!"
"I'm looking forward to seeing you in the spotlight, Hilda!"
Story Event - Champion Time
  • Marnie's Cheering Squad
"Thanks a bunch, everyone! Thank you for all of your support!"
"Oh, hey there! Gloria, Marnie! You came here, too?"
"Cheering made you think of home? Were you an idol, Marnie?"
"Horns and banners? Like, fan merchandise?!"
"That's amazing! I wanna try cheering like that, too!"
"I know! How about I cheer for you at your next match, Marnie?"
Solo Event - Lear Takes the Lead
  • Follow My Lead!
"Huh? What am I doing here?"
"Shucks... I was right in the middle of a concert, too..."
"Really?! Thanks!"
"Wow, that sounds amazing! This is gonna be an awesome surprise!"
"Yeah! This is gonna be sooo much fun! I'll call it..."
""Lisia's Dazzling Pasio Adventure!""
Solo Event - For the Fans
  • A Special Guest
"I've got the perfect name for our show today... Ready to hear it?!"
""Zap into Action! Electric Beauty!" Pretty great, right?"
"I should be thanking YOU for agreeing to join me on stage, Elesa!"
"Having you here is gonna bring a dazzling new spin to my show!"
"I don't know how much of a chance I have against a full-on Gym Leader like you, Elesa..."
"But that sounds WAY too fun to pass up!"
"Plus, battling with the fans is the perfect way to show them how much we appreciate all of their love and support!"
"Yeah! Let's do it!"
"Between us and our beloved Pokémon..."
  • Dazzling, Dizzying Gratitude
"Oh! Hi, <player>! Thank you sooo much for coming to see the show today!"
"I could hear how hard you were cheering for me! It made me so happy!"
"With you rooting for me, I feel like I can do absolutely anything!"
"I wish I could go around and say that to every single one of my fans individually..."
"But since I don't know how to clone myself yet, you'll just have to accept aaall my thank-yous on their behalf, 'kay?"
"You've already helped me out so much since I came to Pasio, <player>."
"You're a treasure–seriously!"
"I hope you stick around for a long time so we can keep sparkling together!"
"*giggle* Oh, gosh! I'm talking your ear off, aren't I!"
"It's just been nonstop excitement all day since those battles with Elesa, y'know? My heart's beating a thousand miles an hour!"
The show was awesome!: "I know, right?! I was just as dazzled by Elesa as the crowd was! Isn't she amazing?"
Did it make your head spin?: "Oh, totally! I was just as stunned by Elesa as the crowd was! Isn't she amazing?"
"Performing on stage with her today made me realize something."
"I want that cool factor that she has. I want my fans to feel strong and confident when they see me!"
"Since coming to Pasio, I've gotten a lot better at Pokémon battling..."
"But I want to keep working harder so that one day, I can shine on the battlefield as brightly as Elesa!"
"And you'll be right there to fight with me! Right, <player>?"
Story Event - Pasio Friendiversary
  • Spectacular May
"Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying!"
"Welcome to Lisia's Miraculous Pokémon Contest Spectacular!"
"Are you all having a great time?"
"All right! This exciting event should be titled..."
"Emotional and Miraculous Friendiversary Live Show!"
"Let's hear everyone cheer!"
"OK, everyone. Right now, I'm going to scout today's fourth contest idol!"
"And that lucky someone is..."
"May, get up here onstage with us!"
"Now that all the great contest idols are here onstage..."
"Let's start the performance!"
"That was such an amazing Contest Spectacular!"
"I made the right choice, scouting you for this contest, didn't I?"
"She did?"
"Wow, that's amazing! Come to think of it, you and Latias really were in sync onstage!"
"If that's the case, May..."
"How about being a contest idol back in Hoenn?"
"How about it? Your performance was wonderful, and you've really got good instincts!"
"Yaaaay! Another successful scouting!"
"Did you hear that, everyone? Today, a new contest idol is born!"
Story Event - Gather Up! Dream Duo!
  • Lisia's Dream
"Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming to my new year's live show!"
"If you couldn't make it to the venue, I hope you still tuned into the live stream!"
"I'm super happy that so many people are watching!"
"Sure! Let's all do it together!"
"Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying!"
"Hehe! This live show is so fun, it's like a dream!"
"Oh, I forgot! I'm not alone today!"
"Let me introduce someone! This is my friend who formed an idol unit with me..."
"Hey, Uncle Wall! I had a dream where I did a new year's live show!"
"It was so exciting, it would be a waste for it to stay just a dream."
"That's why I want to make this dream a reality!"
"Right?! If I were to name it..."
"How about "Let's Have Fun Together! An Exhilarating New Year's Show!"?"
"Thank you, Uncle Wall!"
"Oh yeah! I'd love to have a special outfit for this rare occasion!"
"OK! I'll visit Valerie!"
"(In my dream, I formed an idol unit with someone...)"
"(I didn't mention it to Uncle Wall, but...)"
"(It would be sooo wonderful if someone like that really is out there!)"
  • Let's Be Idols!
"I am! I'm in the middle of preparing for it."
"So I came here to ask Valerie for a favor!"
"I'd like her to make the outfits for my live show!"
"Oh, I guess that makes sense..."
"Valerie is a very famous designer, after all..."
"Who, Dashie? Of course I can!"
"You're right! I got Dashie from my fans since I've been on Pasio."
"I only found out later that it's a rare color, because I didn't know much about Rapidash from Galar!"
"You'd do that?!"
"So... I'm gonna form an idol unit with Dawn?"
"Yeah! That's just so marvelous!"
"What do you think, Dawn?"
"Yay! Let's do it!"
"Hehe, it's getting exciting!"
"I'll name it "An Idol Duo Is Born!""
  • Rapidash and the Elitist
"That was a great lesson, Dawn! Your sense of rhythm was perfect!"
"Oh really? I think the fruits of your training are definitely showing!"
"Everyone! I know this is sudden, but we're gonna have a new year's live show soon!"
"It's definitely, DEFINITELY gonna be a fun one, and I'd be happy if everyone came!"
"Oh, really? We'll see about that! I've been training for Pokémon battles, too!"
"I know! I'll introduce my partner Pokémon!"
"This is Dashie, the Rapidash!"
"My fans from Galar gave me Dashie as a gift!"
"My fans were the ones who named him, too!"
"I'm gonna live up to their expectations and work hard for my next show!"
""Unique"? He said I'm one of a kind!"
"Thanks! Make sure to come to the live show!"
  • Outfit Delivery!
"Thank you, Uncle Wall!"
"But I'm kinda worried, since the outfits haven't arrived yet..."
"That's right! Kali said she'd do her best as well!"
"Yeah… It can't be helped–the outfits won't change what we're gonna do!"
"We can just wear the outfits at our next show!"
  • Wearing her New Year's outfit
"Oh, wow! This outfit's design matches Dashie!"
"Alright! Let's get out there and shine bright!"
  • New Year, New Show
"Sorry for the wait, everyone!"
"Thank you for coming to our live show today!"
"Today is the first live show with the two of us!"
"Once again, I present to you a special member of our unit...Dawn!"
"(Being in a unit is so much fun!)"
"(What I dreamed is coming true!)"
"Oh, nothing!"
"All right! Let's do this!"
"Sure thing! Let's all do it together, everyone!"
"Dazzling! Dizzying!"
"Thank you for coming, everyone!"
Story Event - Galar's Poké Ball Enthusiast
  • Official Mascot Aspirations
"Thanks for coming today, all!"
"Dazzling, dizzying!"
"Ohhh, what is it?"
"How marvelous! Thank you, Ball Guy!"
Story Event - Who's the Best Singer?
  • Different Types of Musicality
"Ahhh... I'd love to, but..."
"I'm gonna be filming for a TV show about Pokémon battles with Steven and <player> that day..."
"Thanks! I will!"
Neo Champions - A Touching Sepia-Toned Song
  • A Heart-Touching Performance?
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Oh, there they are!"
  • How Rosa and Meloetta Express Themselves
  • Off-screen, as Lisia
"I heard it has a beautiful singing voice!"
  • On-screen
"*chuckle* You must really love Meloetta, Rosa!"
"Yeah! And that song just now really painted a picture of how you feel about Unova!"
"I think you could express all that in your own words, Rosa!"
"Heh, we won't lose!"
"I know! If I were to give this competition a title, it'd be..."
""Who's the Next Neo Champion?! A Heart-touching Performance Competition!""
Story Event - Rising New Year's Resolutions
  • The Key to Success?
"Uncle Wall! I heard that you'll be hosting a New Year's event!"
"If it's an event Uncle Wall is organizing..."
"it's bound to be wonderful, elegant, AND glorious!"
"Am I right, Uncle Wall?"
"Oh, are you having problems dealing with your new partner?"
  • Artist from Another World
  • Wearing her New Year's outfit
"You totally get how Blacephalon feels, don't you, Uncle Wall?"
"So THAT'S why you two became a sync pair! How wonderful!"
"And yet!"
"By the way, Uncle Wall..."
"Did you figure out what Sabrina meant by that "large, white, and long" thing she told you about?"
"Yep! Uncle Wall and Blacephalon are ready!"
  • Beat the Rain Clouds!
"D-don't get sad! OK?"
"Hey, look! It's Blacephalon and Drampa!"
Story Event - The Electrifying Influencer
  • Pasio #2: It's Full of Famous People?!
"These special outfits are made for us by a designer here on Pasio!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Lisia
"Hiiiiii, people of Pasio!"
"I'm Lisia! I came here all the way from Hoenn with my Altaria, Ali, to have a good time!"
"Now, without further ado, let's get this show on the road!"
"Hi there! You wouldn't happen to be interested in contests, would you?"
"Oh! <player>!"
"I'm sorry! I was so focused on scouting that I didn't even notice you there!"
"But that I think about it, you may be just the sync pair I've been searching for."
"Let's get right to it, then! Lisia's...Miraculous...Contest Scouting!"
Contest what?/Sorry, what kind of scouting?: "Oh, that's right! I guess there are a lot of people here on Pasio who don't know about contests!"
"There's so much more to Pokémon than just battles! The Pokémon Contest Spectacular is a chance to show off the real appeal of your Pokémon!"
"How about it? Have I got you interested? Do you think you'd like to try your hand in a contest?"
Yeah!: "I knew you'd say that!"
I don't know!: "An honest answer! I'll take it! Don't you worry—I'll win you over! Just you wait!"
"I'm actually rehearsing right now for a program that's going to be aired here on Pasio."
"We're doing it to try to get the word out to the people here about the contests of Hoenn."
"I'd love it if I could find some new contest idols here, too."
"And of course, I'd love to come up with a contest to hold here for all the people I scout to participate in!"
"There are so many wonderful people here on Pasio, though. I just can't decide who to scout."
Why not just scout everyone?: "Whoa! That's a really bold idea! But I think it might just be a good one!"
There ARE lots of great people here.: "Right? Maybe I should just scout everyone here! Haha. Just kidding! Unless..."
"Ah, but since I've come all the way here to Pasio, I feel like I might as well try my best to win the PML, too!"
"Ali and I worked hard to make our way to the top in contests."
"With our teamwork, I'm sure we can work our way to the top in Pokémon battles, too!"
Do you not really like battles?: "I just don't have the same confidence in battles as I do in contests..."
"I can't focus on winning during battles. I always end up getting distracted by just how cute the Pokémon are."
"But I think that's exactly why trying my best in the PML will help me during contests as well."
Isn't it a lot of work to do both?: "Don't worry about me. I'm good at working hard! I didn't know the first thing about contests when I first started them, either."
"But I did a bunch of superhard training with Ali, and now look at us! We're contest idols!"
"Contests used to be the only thing I was interested in."
"But I found out that doing a bunch of other stuff with my Pokémon is a good way to bring out their appeal, too!"
"Working on my Pokédex, challenging Gym Leaders... It all helps!"
"This one Trainer I met a while back taught me that, and I've been working hard at everything I do ever since!"
That makes sense!: "Yeah! I'm glad you understand!"
That's great!: "Hehehe. Thank you!"
"So I consider you both a friend and a rival, you know!"
""Sprint Toward Your Dreams! Dream Challenger!""
"We're both aiming to win the tournament, but let's stay friends all the way to the top!"
Pokémon Center
  • During sync background preview
"This chapter should be titled... "A Sudden Encounter! Miraculous Contest Scouting!" That's what I'd call it!"
  • During sync background preview (New Year's 2023)
"Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming to my new year's live show!"
  • Random conversation
"We contest idols get to wear tons of different styles of clothes. Some are chic and cool, others are cute—there are just so many!"
"It's so hard to discover a new you if you always just wear the same style!"
"Becoming my best self is hard, and sometimes I get really discouraged, but the trick is to just give it your best shot and never give up!"
"But I know you're already super well aware of that!"
  • Random conversation
"Have I ever told you how wonderful it is to be a contest idol?"
"I bet you could become an amazing star yourself!"
"You should come to Hoenn sometime to make your contest debut!"
""A Fated Encounter! Miraculous Contest Scouting!""
"Let's make it a promise, OK? I'm excited to see how you do!"
  • Random conversation
"Who do you think would make a better contest idol—someone super cute or someone super cool?"
"It was a trick question! Anyone can become a contest idol!"
""You Can Do It! Your Possibilities Are Endless!""
"Let's all be contest stars together!"
  • Random conversation
"There's no need to fear! ♪ We're here to bring the cheer! ♪ The exciting Passion of Pasio! ♪"
"Hmmm. I'm trying to come up with a song and dance number to perform onstage based on this wonderful island, Pasio..."
"but I'm worried that if I include every little thing I want to include, it'll just end up a chaotic mess!"
"OK! No more thinking! I'm just gonna dance and sing to my heart's content to show everyone the passion of Pasio!"
  • Random conversation
"Is there anyone you look up to as a role model, <player>?"
"Seeing my uncle compete in contests is what made me decide to try them out."
"He's also my mentor, and I always dreamed of surpassing him! But one day, I realized something."
"I don't have to surpass him at all! He has his good points, and I have mine! We can both shine in our own unique ways!"
"It's kinda like how all the stars in the night sky shine differently, but they're all equally important!"
  • Random conversation
"I think the people here on Pasio are finally beginning to get a feel for what contests are all about!"
"Thanks for helping me spread the word!"
"I want to get a bunch of contest fans together here on Pasio and have a mini contest! We could call it..."
""Encounter on Pasio! A Special Fan Meet-Up!""
  • If spoken to again
"I hope one of the people I meet on Pasio becomes a new contest star."
"It would be so awesome to take the stage alongside them!"
"I'd love to get up on the contest stage in Hoenn together with you one day!"
  • Random conversation
"I just had a super-great idea! I mean really fantastic!"
"Let's have the sygna suit designer make a contest outfit for you!"
"We could have him make an outfit for me, too, and hold a Pasio sygna suit performance together! Wouldn't that be cool?"
""Wait for It! The Amazing Sygna Suit of Your Dreams!" Yeah, we really have to make this a reality!"
  • If spoken to again
"I keep having all these great ideas! I'm living the Pasio dream!"
"There are so many interesting people here on Pasio that it's almost hard NOT to be inspired all the time!"
"I hope I can inspire you to do something great, too."
"Inspiring each other and growing together—that's what friends are for, isn't it?"
  • Random conversation (New Year's 2023)
"Gordie and I were thinking about how to entertain our fans the other day!"
"I want my fans to always be smiling!"
  • Random conversation (New Year's 2023)
"I'm turning over a new leaf! Hey, can I tell you my goal?"
"I wanna be a Trainer that's as charming as Dashie and Ali!"
"In order to bring out my Pokémon's charm, I have to be a charming Trainer, too!"
  • Random conversation (New Year's 2023)
"I wanna be cool like Roxie and Piers sometimes!"
"It'll be like, "Let's Show It Off! A Bright New World!""
  • Random conversation (New Year's 2023)
"I often imagine who I'd like to team up with as an idol unit."
"Skyla would share her energy with everyone, or Whitney could bring smiles to the performance..."
"Or maybe Serena, who's fashionable and shines in a different way than me?"
  • Random conversation (New Year's 2023)
"I've got some fans who call me by the nickname Lissi!"
"If you don't mind, could you call me Lissi, too, <player>?"
  • Random conversation (New Year's 2023)
"Hey, look at this outfit! It looks like kimono from Johto! It's so cute, right?"
"I've been to other regions for work, but this is the first time I've worn an outfit like this!"
"It's so glorious and wonderful!"
  • If spoken to again
"I wanna do loads more work wearing different kinds of outfits!"
"I'm an idol! I love cute things!"
  • Random conversation (New Year's 2023)
"Do you know about the traditional way of singing that's been around Johto for a long time?"
"It's a very powerful way to sing. Once you hear it, you'll want to mimic it!"
  • If spoken to again
"The song I listened to was something like, "I'll Be at the Olivine Pier! Waiting Forever for You!""
"The lyrics are about a sad farewell, but it's also about moving forward towards the future with hope."
"I just feel like humming it sometimes! Do you wanna sing it together?"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hiiiiii, <player>! Lisia here! Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying!"
"I can see you're just brimming with energy! Keep it up, and you'll be ready to shine in no time!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (New Year's 2023)
"Heya, <player>! I was waiting for you to come!"
""Our New Story Is Beginning!""
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"It's a new day and the start of a new story! Today, your story's called..."Is This a Dream? Am I a Future Contest Star?" Ahhh, I love it!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Hiiiiii! Your favorite contest idol is ready to have some serious fun on Pasio today!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"Heyyy, contest stars aren't allowed to stay up late! Come on, it's bedtime...unless you wanna be a sleepyhead tomorrow morning."
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (New Year's 2023)
"Hey, guess what! This morning, I dreamed I became the number-one Trainer on Pasio! It felt wonderful!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (New Year's 2023)
"As both an idol and a Pokémon Trainer, I'm always looking to take on new challenges!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (New Year's 2023)
"I've got some idol work to do tomorrow morning, so I'd better sleep soon! I hope we both have sweet dreams!"
  • Special gift conversation
"Oh, right! I have something for you!"
"I hope you can put it to good use!"
  • After giving out item
"That's one of my favorite items! It would make me really happy if you'd use it!"
  • Special gift conversation (New Year's 2023)
"Hey, got a second? I have something I want to give to you!"
  • After giving out item
"I hope you like it!"
  • Special Dazzling Dizzying Battle Stage story event blurb
"I have to work even harder!"
  • Special Dazzling Dizzying Battle Stage story event conversation
"I really want to get better at Pokémon battles!"
"Could you help me and Ali with our training? Pretty please?"
  • Special Team Hoenn Unite solo event conversation with Wallace and Steven
"You two were amazing!"
"You were so dazzling and dizzying, I think you'd be able to show off your skills even more if you two were in a contest together!"
"Aw, shucks..."
"I wonder what it would look like if all three of us joined forces in a contest!"
"That's a great idea! I think I'll call it..."
""Splendid! A Heart-Pounding Battle with My Princes!""
  • Special Type Team-Up Daily Type Rotation event blurb
"I'm gonna do my best with Ali!"
  • Special Type Team-Up Daily Type Rotation event conversation with Lance and Iris
"I wonder what the Village of Dragons and Blackthorn City are like."
"I'm so jealous of how cool and put together you always look, Elesa!"
"So that you don't take the focus away from the clothes? Wow... Modeling sounds really tough!"
"I love fashion, so part of me has always wanted to try modeling at least once..."
"But I dunno if I could keep myself from smiling while wearing such pretty clothes! I'd probably be grinning ear to ear!"
  • Special Gather Up! Dream Duo! story event blurb (wearing her New Year's outfit)
"I'm so excited for the new year's live show!"
  • Special Gather Up! Dream Duo! story event conversation with Dawn (New Year's 2023) (wearing her New Year's outfit)
"In my dream, it was like my heart and my fans' hearts were one and the same!"
"Let's make this the best live show, Dawn!"